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My Family History Findings

After the death of my step father in 1979, I became interested tracing his family history. I found a distant cousin of his, Thomas Maxwell Hudgens, a great grandson of Zachariah Hudgens(1833-1902) who was the oldest brother of William Thomas Hudgens(1849-1919) who was the great grandfather of my dad. Since then, I have accumilated gobs of info, as is my custom to do, anything I put my hands to, I go hog wild about, so I will attempt to share my findings. The purpose of building this site is not necessarily to prove the authenticity of the information I have accumilated, but to get it to the people who are interested in doing that. Most all of the info and pictures I have posted here came from a trunk I have here at my house, can you imagine how many of these old boxes got discarded after the researcher passed away?

Please, If I have anything wrong or info needs to be updated, leave a comment on that post, I would appreciate it. Also, any photos and or stories that can be shared would be great! Thank you very much.

Tony A Hudgens February 8, 2011

Jacksonville, Florida

From the autograph book of Harriot Claire (Jones) Hudgens wife of William Henry Hudgens (1857-1897) son of John Zachariah Hudgens (1832-1917)

Williamson Johnson Counties Illinois ca 1900

Hudgens Reunion 1962

38 Responses to Home Hudgens Virginia to Southern Illinois

  1. Jill Miller says:

    Hey this is great Tony, you have done a lot of work…thanks :0)

    • Gayla Escue says:

      Thank you for this. My Grandma Escue (Vivan Hudgens-Escue just passed away and today was her funeral-5/20/11. She was 94 years old. Here is the obituary:


      I had an idea that the Hudgens came from England and started out in Virginia, from family member sources and internet information. But this is nice to see old pictures of the Hudgens today after seeing some of them years after this picture at the funeral.

      Thank you!!!

      Gayla Escue
      Marion, IL Hudgens Group

  2. Janet McKenney says:

    My Aunt Molly MENEES was the daughter of James Marshall HUDGENS. She and Uncle Edgar either raised or help raise two of one of her brother’s children – Robert Lee and Mary Lou. Do you know which HUDGENS brother was the father of Robert Lee and Mary Lou? Do you have any additional information on Robert Lee or Mary Lou? Thanks, Janet

    • Greg Hudgens says:

      Mollie Meneese was also my aunt. I am the son of James O Hudgens the brother of Robert Lee and Mary Lou. Their father was Tine, brother of Mollie. My father was raised by his maternal grandparents Omer and Ollie Evans. Which sibling was your parent.

      James G Hudgens

  3. Greetings Tony

    Congratuations on a fine blog. I am very interested in comparing the STERRY information you have on your blog. I have been researching the STERRYs from Tennessee for some time now and working in particular with Anne Henges and Carolyn Magruder on their STERRY connections. It would be very useful to compare the information we both have as you have some that we don’t have and vice versa. There are also some variations in the dates of the births, marriages and deaths that would be good to sort out. I’m also hoping that you’ve got information about some of the sources of the information that we don’t have. Looking forward to sharing family information
    Robert Sterry

  4. Mary Lou Brascia says:

    Thanks for all your research, Tony. I have not been able to do much research lately, so I really appreciate receiving this. I have taken the liberty of sending this on to other Hudgens’ researchers who are related to us. Hopefully they will subscribe, too
    Mary Lou Brascia email vfbrascia@yahoo.com
    Great grandaughter of Malvina Moulton Hudgens and John Thomas Hudgens

    PS If anyone has any information, prior to 1890, on my grandmother, Emma Augusta (Gusta) Hudgens Greenway b. aprox. 1873 in either Tn , I would appreciate it.

  5. Tony,
    Someone asked if I had a copy of Robert Hudgens’s will, which I do not, so I googled it and ended up at your site. You have added a lot since the last time I visited. This site is amazing. It is easy to navigate and provides so much information! If I ever find an opportunity to nominate you for best geneological website, I will do that. Thank you for sharing your work and for sending me Mom’s documents and G-Grandma Harriot’s autograph book. We plan to visit the Fountain Church Cemetery September 10 or 11 on our way home from Tunica. If you are ever in Illinois, I hope you will contact me.
    Best regards to you and your family.
    Barbara Fromme Charlton, daughter of Claire Hudgens Fromme

  6. Greetins Tony

    Thanks for a great website.

    I’m hoping someone can supply some information on what happened to J William Hudgins [born abt 1863 Tennessee] and Sarah Jane Sterry [born 1864 Pleasant Valley, Tennessee]. Your site states they had three children: Lola or Rhea born 1885, Larry or Lonny born 1890 and Lizzie born 1897. I cannot locate them in the 1900 US census or indeed any later census living in Tennessee or anywhere else.

    Many thanks

  7. Mary Boone says:

    Great job on all the information you have collected. It’s amazing how our family history plays out. I love constantly digging up new things. Good luck on what new things you come up with.

    Your friend Mary

  8. Venus Correa Mynatt says:

    I happened upon your blog while looking for the phone number of my cousin. Jacintho Farias is my maternal Grandfather. He was married to Annie Silva. My mother (their daughter) is Mary Farias Correa. We reside in Kailua, HI. What a wonderful site you’ve created with a wealth of information. I haven’t done too much genealogical research on this side of my family yet so it was a nice surprise to find this site. Please feel free to email me at any time. It’s such a small world. I just moved back to Kailua from Chicago about five years ago. Here I had relatives in IL that I didn’t know about. I sure do hope you’re not related to my husband…LOL…Aloha and mahalo for the research you’ve done. God Bless!

  9. John Hudgens says:

    Hi I am John Edward Hudgens, son of Victor Randall Hudgens and Gertrude Hudgens, dad was the son of Helen Hudgens, who moved to California after divorcing her Husbund. dad met mom in southern Calif. her maiden name was Green. I have two kids, Lydia Ann Hudgens, and Ross Edward Hudgens, Lydia currently is in New York City, Ross is in Seattle Washington. Johnhudgens@comcast.net

  10. John Hudgens says:

    Helen Hudgens was divorced from Earl Grover Clevland Hudgens in Illinois, and then moved to California, Where she raised my Dad, Victor Randall Hudgens.

    • Brenda (Hudgens) Loew says:

      I just discovered this site, and I am delighted to see your post John Hudgens. Your grandfather, Earl Grover Cleveland Hudgens, was my grandfather, Arba Fly Hudgens, half-brother. My father, Val Jean Hudgens, passed away on Aug. 5, 2014, two days after his 88th birthday. I am now the oldest member of my Hudgens line.

      • John Edward Hudgens says:

        Val Hudgens that I knew about had a cabin here up in snow country, I went there as a child, 5-6? Not sure if its the same Val Hudgens. No one left here to ask. My mom and dad died in 1980 and 1981. Sister, etc. Is all deceased.

      • John Edward Hudgens says:

        IT might have been arba hudgens with the cabin, all so long ago! I’m 61 now so I was at that cabin 55 years ago! Very few hudgens here in California. I grew up mostly surrouned by my moms 3 sisters, brothers aunt and uncles, Greens, my moms maiden name, all in california. One day when I get to finally quit work I want to visit where it all began There in illinois.

      • Brenda (Hudgens) Loew says:

        The Val Jean Hudgens that you referred to was our grandfathers’ brother, and Arba L. Hudgens was his son. According to what I have always heard, my grandfather Arba Fly Hudgens and his brother Val Jean had a pact to name their first sons after each other. Granddad did exactly that, but Uncle Val varied from that a bit naming his son Arba Lee. Arba Lee Hudgens compiled an extensive history of the Hudgens family before his death in 2009. It was available online at one time, but I’m not sure if it is still there. If I can find the link, I will post it here. Growing up I never gave any thought to how fortunate I was to have the opportunity to know my dad’s aunts, uncles, and cousins, but comments such as yours, John, remind me that not all of us had that opportunity. If you would like to contact me, I would love tell you what I remember and hopefully help you connect to this part of your family. You can email me at bjloew1950@sbcglobal.net.

  11. vernaleon2006 says:

    hello there….i am a direct descendent of the hudgins that came from virginia and settled in ontario canada…….

    • thudgee says:

      Thank you for your comment. I am familiar to your line, though have not found a link to your Mathews Virginia Hudgins branch. Which Hudgin do you descend from?

      William Hudgin (1758-1842) son of Lewis Hudgins (1706-1799)
      Married 1775 Wife Francis MORGAN
      1.) William Jr        b. 1786                Meredyth L.Devin(11/01)
      2.) Daniel        (1788-1871)
      Victor Jonathan Vaughn RR#1 Woodville Ont.Can.
      3.) Lewis        1797
      New Brunswick Canada
      4.) David        1800
      New Brunswick Canada
      5.) Nelson        1802
      New Brunswick Canada
      6.) Ezekial        1803
      New Brunswick Canada
      7.) Amos        1804
      New Brunswick Canada
      8.) Moses        1807
      New Brunswick Canada
      9.) Hannah(NIXON)        1807                New Brunswick Canada
      Fredricksburg NB CANADA-Stirling Hastings ONT

      • vernaleon2006 says:

        hello there…..yes i am a direct descendent of william hudgin jr.!!!!!!! he was born in 1788…he had a son moses that was bornm in 1818….he had a son lewis born at south bay,southmarysburgh, in prince edward county/ontario…..he married a eliza genier and they had my grandmother augusta may hudgin….she was born april 11 /1891….she married ken mcconnell and had a son jimmy……he married ruth mitchell and had ME………very nice to meet u……would u have any info or pictures to share??????? laverna…….

  12. Childers says:

    Could you please tell me if Donald Hudgens, “Cubby” Hudgens, Marty Hudgens, or Bill Hudgens are in this anywhere? Bill Hudgens was my grandpa. His first name was William. He died December of 2011. I never got to meet him. I wish I could find anyone to just tell me how he was! So please, do you have any idea? They said he lived in Frisbee, Mo most of his life.

    • Mary Brascia says:

      Will Hudgens was my cousin. He is in this line. THe last time I had contact with him was in Nov.
      2011 when I sent him the genealogy history of the Hudgen’s family. He said he would send it on
      to his nephew who lives in Mountain Home, Ark. Will was the grandson of
      my grandmother’s brother, who was also named Will. I live in Caifornia now, but I lived in Frisbee
      until I was 12 years old. Glad to make contact with a family member. You can reach me at
      vfbrascia@yahoo.com. I’m going to try to forward your message to another cousin, Lisa Hudgens
      Richardson. She is the daughter of L V Hudgens, your grandfather’s cousin. I do not know a lot
      about Will or Bill. I moved from Frisbee before he was born. I’ve been in touch with him because
      I was tracing the Hudgen’s line. He had moved to Kennett, Mo. He lived alone, but had been married a couple of times. He was suffering with breathing problems (a long time smoker, he said). He loved to go to McCormicks to eat and he loved listening to a police scanner. He thought
      both were great fun. His neighbors kind of looked after him, since he was alone. That’s all I know.
      Mary Lou Pritchard Brascia

    • Mary Lou Brascia says:

      I believe I have replied to you before. Bill was my third or fourth cousin.  I only knew him thru phone calls. I am forwarding your email to another cousin, who knew him a lot better than I did.  Mary Lou Brascia

    • thudgee says:

      Yes i remember you
      We have corresponded back in the pen paper mail days

  13. Marc Golden says:

    In the Golden family section, there is a daughter of CC Golden and Nora O. Self Golden listed as Audrey. It is actually Audley Christopher Golden. And obviously not in the photo.

  14. dardenne jean says:

    ik ben de broer van rosa dardenne enschoonbroer van nelson hudgens ze waren getroud in belgium na de tweede wereld oor log en zijn dan hun twee dochterjes terug naar de verenigdestaten vertrokken mijn man zou graag met he in kontact treden nog vele groetjes van ons beide jean jean dardenne en zijn vrouw emmy

    I am the brother of rosa Dardenne enschoonbroer of nelson hudgens they were getroud in belgium after the second world ear log and than their two dochterjes back to the united states left my husband would like to he in kontact occurred many greetings from us both jean jean Dardenne and his wife Emmy

  15. Johnnie Hudgens jr says:

    My name is Johnnie Hudgens jr im looking for relativos of Toby & Maddie Hudgens they are my kinfolks Toby Hudgens is my great grandfather on my dads side of the family my 903-493-0236

  16. Tim Chandler says:

    Thanks Tony, I learned a lot just finding this site. I connect to the Hudgens by my XXX grand mother was Lucy Ann Hudgens who married Benjamin Franklin Menees.

    Mary Menees b. ca 1844 married Andrew King 24 Jan 1860. She was the daugther of Benjamin Franklin Menees and Lucy Ann Hudgens. Benjamin Franklin Menees was born 22 Sept 1812 and died c 1853 in Illinois. Lucy Ann Hudgens died ca 1845 in Williamson county Illinois. Benjamin then married Elizabeth Kelley 4 Mar 1847 in Williamson County Illinois. After her husband’s death Elizabeth Kelley Menees married her husband’s cousin, John Menees. Mary Menees’ half sister Julia Menees married Thomas King 31 Aug 1866 in Williamson County Illinois.

    Benjamin Franklin Menees and Lucy Ann Hudgens had James William, Mary Ann, Sara Jane.
    Benjamin Franklin Menees and Elizabeth Kelley had Thomas Griffith, Julia A., and Hortense Thursana.

    Benjamin Franklin Menees was the son of James W. Menees (1790-1877) and Ann Griffith

  17. Hope Pollard says:

    I see where there may be a connection by way of the Jonathan M. Burgess.
    Are you related to them as well ? I would love to know more about that family
    if at all possible. Thank you

  18. patricia says:

    Hi, I am the granddaughter of Egbert Hudgins. He was married to Arbie Bell Lemons. Grandpa was from Blytheville Ark. My grandparents moved to wildwood Florida around 55 years ago. His fathers name was Matthew Doss Hudgins and his father was Benjamin Franklin Hudgins. I was wondering if we are related? My email address is patricia63834@msn.com. I am trying to find out who the father of Benjamin Franklin Hudgins was. I was told it was Samuel Hudgins but not forsure. Thanks, any help would be appreciated. Patricia


      Pat, If your family originally settled in or around what is now Williamson County Illinois in the early 1800’s there is a possibility we are connected. I am 75 years old and the Mary Menees shown below is my XX grandmother. Lucy Ann Hudgens is my XXX grandmother. Lucy Ann Hudgens and Benjamin Menees were not married very long before she “Lucy Ann” died. I have never been able to connect Lucy Ann Hudgens to her parents but suspect the Hudgens who lived in Southern Precinct (Pulleys Mill) in 1850 were her family. This is based more on geography since there was a Hudgens who ran a business there, which was near the Menees farm. Below is about all I know of my Hudgens connection. Good Luck. Tim Chandler Saint Louis Mo.TIM’S NOTES:Mary Menees b. ca 1844 married Andrew King 24 Jan 1860. She was the daugther of Benjamin Franklin Menees and Lucy Ann Hudgens. Benjamin Franklin Menees was born 22 Sept 1812 and died c 1853 in Illinois. Lucy Ann Hudgens died ca 1845 in Williamson county Illinois. Benjamin then married Elizabeth Kelley 4 Mar 1847 in Williamson County Illinois. After her husband’s death Elizabeth Kelley Menees married her husband’s cousin, John Menees. Mary Menees’ half sister Julia Menees married Thomas King 31 Aug 1866 in Williamson County Illinois. Benjamin Franklin Menees married Lucy Ann Hudgens in March 1838 it what was then Franklin County Illinois. They had James William, {Mary Ann} and  Sara Jane. Benjamin Franklin Menees then married Elizabeth Kelley. They  had Thomas Griffith, Julia A., and Hortense Thursana. Benjamin Franklin Menees was the son of James W. Menees (1790-1877) and Ann Griffith

  19. Bill Hudgens says:


    Billy Wayne Hudgens here. Cheatham county TN. My line is James Arnold – James Odie – William Thomas – Thomas Hartridge – Gabriel. Gabriel moved to middle Tennessee from VA in the early 1800’s.

  20. Judy E Willoughby says:

    Hi. I am working on the Hudgens in Robertson and Cheatham county, Tn. My line through Gabriel Hudgens stayed in Tn while his brother James R Hudgens had some that went to Illinois. I was contacted back in the spring last year about being on Relative Race with a connection through John Thomas JACKY Hudgens. I know which team is the relative BUT cannot make the connection through the Hudgens line. It is interesting too since they only used my family trees and not DNA which I have not done yet. they could not get the team to Tn due to location/travel issues so I never got to meet the relative. I am trying to contact him to see what he knows but no luck so far. He is Joe Greer and the names I know of in his family are Degaleda, McLaney, Mims, Greathouse, He grew up in Michigan while his dad is from Alabama. HELP me make this connection please.
    me>John Edward Hudgens>John Samuel>John Morgan<Holder H< Gabriel< James Hudgens from Virginia
    Judy Hudgens willoughby

  21. Kelly S. Hudgens says:

    I am Kelly S. Hudgens. I am researching my ancestry but have hit a dead end. I am in search of information about William Hudgens, who would be my great great grandfather. I have no birth or death date for William. He was married to Francis Bullock in 1844, and she may have been from North Carolina. She might have also been married to someone named Wheat before she married William Hudgens. 1860 census records for Butler County Missouri show children in the household named both Wheat and Hudgens. A deed for 120 acres of Land at Poplar Bluff, Butler County, Missouri was issued to William Hudgens and was signed by President James Buchanan and was recorded in Missouri in 1849.
    William and Francis had children, one of whom was John S Hudgens b.1848 d.1934. John S Hudgens was married to Permelia Baily, and they resided on that same property and had children, Francis, Jesse, and Dewitt Austin Hudgens.
    Dewitt Austin Hudgens (b.1893 d.1967)married Lulla May Thurston. They lived on the same property and bore children, Allen Edward, Earl Thomas, Chester Dewitt, John Samuel, and Ruth Maybelle.
    John Samuel (b.1923 d.2000) is my father.
    The afore mentioned property contains a cemetery known as “Hudgens Cemetery”. Many of the above named people are buried there, but there is no record of William Hudgens being buried there. Ancestry .com and Family Search come up with no further information to follow. I know that my dad told me that the family roots originated in the Virginia Colony, but at this point that is hearsay. My father had very little contact with the Missouri family after he served in World War 2. He was 19 when he enlisted, and when discharged from the Army Air Corps he married and settled in Idaho, Utah, and Washington State. There is no surviving member of his generation to contact for further information, and people whom I have contacted know little more than I do.
    Finding this website and blog gives me some hope of, maybe, finding something further. I would appreciate any information that anyone can share with me that might help my search. I can supply further details about what I do know (names, dates, marriages, etc.) if it would be helpful. Thank You!
    I can be contacted at hudgek@msn.com

  22. Tim Gould says:

    Hi Tony and Hudgins descendants. My name is Timothy Gould..mother is Janis Hudgins, daughter of Claude and Oma Hudgins..Claude was the son of James lisco vanpaul Hudgins. Any relatives here?

  23. Donna Pearce says:

    Just found this blog. I’m in search of my Hudgins’ roots as well. What I know for sure is my grandmother was Blanche Mae Hudgins (1904/1981), the daughter of Charles Abraham Hudgins (1870 MO/1957 OK) and Minnie May Hightower (1883 AR/1955 OK). Charles was born in MO, the son of John Hudgins (1831 KY/1903 OK) and Mariah Kerns (1846 MO/1927 OK). John was born in KY and Mariah was born in MO. John moved with parents to MO. Then, he and Mariah and kids moved to Oklahoma Territory around 1892. They also lived in KS in between, I believe. I’m having trouble confirming who John’s parents were. Right now I have James Hudgins (1798-1802 VA/1865 MO?) and Mary F. Oldacre (1810 KY/1860 MO). Problem is there are so many Jameses and Johns in this family. Have any of you heard of my folks?
    Also, is there a Hudgins family group in America that meets yearly? Would love to know if there is.

  24. Noxulf says:

    My Great grand mother was Mertie Ethel Hudgens. I am Ned Durham grand daughter. I do know my great great grand mother Cynthia Foster Hudgens was a red haired women. I got my red hair from her..This is a very interesting history. Kind of seems the Hudgens and Durhams married among themselves a lot i would love to know more about the Durham’s as Ethel married Brad Durham son of Zachariah Durham. Ronda.rondavue66@yahoo.com

  25. Tamara Capodanno says:

    Hello. I am Tamara Capodanno. Daughter of Dale Capodanno whom is the son of Minnie Lilly Hudgens and Rocco Thomas Capodanno. We used to visit Illinois up until my Aunt Edith passed. I did get to see Lillian Hudgens in 2008 when I was passing through town. Zachariah Hudgens’ picture hangs in my dad’s home to this day. I never got the chance to meet many family members but I want to change that if possible. I am just getting into the family history, much of which I am very new too. I have been using Ancestry.com for. My email address is tamaracapodanno@hotmail.com

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