HOLLOWAY2 HUDGENS (ROBERT1) was born 1751 in Cumberland County Virginia, and died 1821.

He married NANCY BERRYMAN.  She was born 1765, and died 1842.


i.      JENNY3 HUDGENS, b. 1788; d. 1822; m. DANIEL ROWTON BRADLEY, 20 Jan 1808, Cumberland Co VA; b. 1785; d. Sumner Co TN.

ii.     NANCY HUDGENS, m. LOWERY, 01 Jan 1817, Cumberland Co VA.

iii.    CHRISTOPHER HUDGENS, b. 1792.

iv.    MARTHA HUDGENS, b. 1794; m. JOSEPH SHORES BRADLEY, 08 Jan 1815, Cumberland Co VA; b. 1778, Cumberland County Virginia.

v.      ASA HUDGENS, b. 1800, Cumberland County Virginia; d. 1840, Cumberland County Virginia. married Delilah BRADLEY

2 Responses to HOLLOWAY HUDGENS (1751-1821)

  1. John D. SInks says:

    The Rev.; Rene’ Chastain, a Baptist minister who resided in Buckingham Co., Va, married Holloway Hudgens and Nancy Beryman on 9 Feb. 1787 (Virginia Magazine of Genealogy, Vol. 30 #4 (Nov. 1992), p. 249. The original document is in the Kentucky Historical Society.

    On 8 Nov. 1787 The Rev. Chastain wed James Maxey and Phebe Hudgens. They removed to Robertson Co., TN.

    John D. Sinks
    Arlington Va

  2. Judy E Willoughby says:

    I am seeing some trees with Holloway being married 2 times. Nancy Ann Berryman and Lizzie Woodson. Have you found any source for this?
    Also some are showing the name as being William Holloway Hudgens.

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