Descendants of John Churchill Golding Readding Blount

Generation No. 1

1.  JOHN CHURCHILL GOLDING READDING1 BLOUNT was born 12 Mar 1791 in Augusta, Columbia, Georgia, United States, and died 22 Feb 1879 in Bartow Polk County Florida.


           Here is an interesting site on the BLOUNT Family

He married ELIZABETH VARN.  She was born 1796 in Beauford, South Carolina, United States, and died 1861 in Tampa Florida.


2.                i.    NATHAN SNOW2 BLOUNT, b. 29 Dec 1832, Beaufort South Carolina; d. 20 Oct 1880, Bartow Polk County Florida.

                  ii.    RILEY READING BLOUNT, b. 1824; d. 1887; m. JANE VARN; b. 1824; d. 1878.

Daughters and stepdaughter of Riley Readding Blount Left to right: Mary Elizabeth (Blount) Oeland, Sarah Louisa (Blount) Parker, Ada Ula (Blount) Toennies, Martha A. C. (Knight) Blount

                 iii.    OWEN READING BLOUNT, b. 1830; d. 1902; m. HENRIETTA E BRONSON; b. 1833; d. 1896.

                 iv.    MARY EVE BLOUNT, b. 1834; d. 1916; m. STREATY PARKER; b. 1823; d. 1884.

                  v.    JOHN BLOUNT, b. 1838.

                 vi.    JEHU JACOB BLOUNT, b. 1839; d. 1921.

                vii.    JULIA BLOUNT, b. 1848.

               viii.    WILLIAM BLOUNT, b. 1849.

Generation No. 2

2.  NATHAN SNOW2 BLOUNT (JOHN CHURCHILL GOLDING READDING1) was born 29 Dec 1832 in Beaufort South Carolina, and died 20 Oct 1880 in Bartow Polk County Florida.

He married MARTHA A C KNIGHT.  She was born 1842 in Hamilton, Florida, United States, and died 1913 in Punta Gorda, Charlotte, Florida, United States.


3.                i.    JAMES JEREMIAH3 BLOUNT, b. 22 Sep 1858, Bartow Polk County Florida; d. 04 Jul 1932, Sarasota FL.

                  ii.    AARON KNIGHT BLOUNT, b. 1860, Polk City, Polk, Florida, United States; d. 1863.

                 iii.    MARTHA ELIZABETH BLOUNT, b. 1863, Polk City, Polk, Florida, United States; d. 1889, Bartow, Polk, Florida, United States; m. ENOCH EVERETT SKIPPER; b. 1856; d. 1920.


E E Skipper at right, his daughter-in-law, Ruth Knight Skipper, at the right-hand steering wheel and three of their friends (according to newspaper caption). The woman behind EE Skipper is his daughter, Blanche Skipper Douglas, identified by Martha Camm. The date of the photo may be incorrect, or Ruth Knight Skipper would not have been married yet. The other 2 women are unidentified. This photo was found in an old newspaper clipping and was supposedly taken in 1909. However, Ruth Knight did not marry Milton Skipper, Jr. until 1916. Perhaps the date is correct and Ruth Knight was not yet married.

4.              iv.    BRAXTON BRAGG BLOUNT, b. 1864, Polk City, Polk, Florida, United States; d. 1944, Punta Gorda, Charlotte, Florida, United States.

                  v.    NATHAN SNOW JR BLOUNT, b. 1869, Polk City, Polk, Florida, United States; d. 1869.

                 vi.    FRANK R BLOUNT, b. 1870, Polk City, Polk, Florida, United States; d. 1939, Charlotte, Florida, United States; m. EMILY DARROW; b. 1877.

                vii.    REDDING CHESTER BLOUNT, b. 1875, Polk City, Polk, Florida, United States; d. 1926, Fulton, Georgia.


3.     JEHU JACOB8 BLOUNT (JOHN CHURCHILL GOLDING READDING7, JAMES6, JACOB5, JOHN4, THOMAS3, THOMAS2, JAMES1)was born May 3, 1839 in Columbia County, Florida, and died February 11, 1921 in Ft Myers, Fla..

He married MARY JANE HENDRYJanuary 16, 1862 in Polk County, Florida.  She was born January 7, 1845 in Thomas County, Georgia, and died March 18, 1930 in Ft Myers, Fla..


Mary Jane Hendry, daughter of James Edward and Lydia (Carlton) Hendry.

Children of JEHU BLOUNT and MARY HENDRY are:

93.         i.   MARY ELLA9 BLOUNT, b. November 15, 1863, Polk County, Florida; d. Bef. 1921.

94.        ii.   IDA BEULAH BLOUNT, b. June 24, 1866, Polk County, Florida; d. December 10, 1948, Alva, Florida.

            iii.   LYDIA ELIZABETH BLOUNT327, b. January 8, 1868, Polk County, Florida; d. January 14, 1868, Polk County, Florida.

95.       iv.   EDGAR JEHU BLOUNT, b. January 4, 1869, Polk County, Florida; d. 1946, Ft Myers, Fla..

96.        v.   OSCAR B BLOUNT, b. March 8, 1871, Polk County, Florida; d. May 2, 1961, Fort Myers, Flaorida.

            vi.   EULA ANNA BLOUNT327, b. May 6, 1873; d. November 24, 1878.

           vii.   JACK CHURCHILL BLOUNT328,329, b. May 11, 1876, Ft Myers, Fla.; d. 1943; m. NANCY OTTS330, April 16, 1908, Lee County, Florida; b. 1872; d. 1946.


Jack Churchill Blount, “Family Record of Lydia Moody” gives his full name as Fred Churchill Blount.

97.     viii.   NATHAN SNOW BLOUNT, b. March 21, 1880, Ft Myers, Fla.; d. April 25, 1960, Tice, Florida.

            ix.   WILLIAM PERRY BLOUNT330, b. May 14, 1884, Ft Myers, Fla.; d. November 27, 1898.

Generation No. 3


3.  JAMES JEREMIAH3 BLOUNT (NATHAN SNOW2, JOHN CHURCHILL GOLDING READDING1)was born 22 Sep 1858 in Bartow Polk County Florida, and died 04 Jul 1932 in Sarasota FL.

EdnaBlount, PerlenaJaneNobleBlount, JamesJeremiahBlount

EdnaBlount, PerlenaJaneNobleBlount, JamesJeremiahBlount


He married PERLENA JANE NOBLE.  She was born 1870, and died 1955.


                   i.    JAMES ALONZO4 BLOUNT, b. 02 Jan 1892, Ft Myers FL; d. 1948, Sarasota FL; m. IDA L MIMS; b. 1907; d. 1993.

5.               ii.    MINNE BLOUNT, b. 1894; d. 1964.

                 iii.    IRVING CHESTER BLOUNT, b. 1898.

6.              iv.    HENRY LAWTON BLOUNT, b. 25 Jul 1901, Florida; d. 02 Jun 1976, Nocatee DeSoto Co FL.

7.               v.    WILBUR DORIS BLOUNT, b. 08 Aug 1906, Ft Myers, Lee, Florida, United States; d. 29 Dec 1968, Bradenton, Manatee, Florida, United States of America.

JJBlount Family

JJBlount Family

                 vi.    TUIN BLOUNT, b. 1906.

                vii.    DORIS BLOUNT, b. 1907.

               viii.    EDNA MAE BLOUNT, b. 1909.

8.              ix.    OWEN REDDING BLOUNT, b. 09 Sep 1910, Ft Myers FL; d. 06 Apr 1965, Sarasota FL.

                  x.    HOLLIE V BLOUNT, b. 28 Feb 1913, Florida; d. 16 Oct 2002, Labelle Henry Co FL; m. CLAUDIUS BARNEY MANNING; b. 1908; d. 1987, Arcadia, De Soto, Florida, United States of America.

4.  BRAXTON BRAGG3 BLOUNT (NATHAN SNOW2, JOHN CHURCHILL GOLDING READDING1) was born 1864 in Polk City, Polk, Florida, United States, and died 1944 in Punta Gorda, Charlotte, Florida, United States.

He married AMELIA E.  She was born 1864.

Children of BRAXTON BLOUNT and AMELIA E are:

                   i.    BRAXTON B4 BLOUNT, b. 1891.

                  ii.    JUSTUS N BLOUNT, b. 1904; d. 1942.

Generation No. 4


She married OLIVER MAYO THORNTON.  He was born 1885, and died 1952.


                   i.    JAMES WARREN5 THORNTON, b. 1913; d. 1915.

                  ii.    JOHN HENRY THORNTON, b. 1921; d. 2003.

                 iii.    EDSEL BLOUNT THORNTON, b. 1924; d. 2002.

                 iv.    PEGGY ODELL THORNTON, b. 1926; d. 2000.


6.  HENRY LAWTON4 BLOUNT (JAMES JEREMIAH3, NATHAN SNOW2, JOHN CHURCHILL GOLDING READDING1) was born 25 Jul 1901 in Florida, and died 02 Jun 1976 in Nocatee DeSoto Co FL.

Back Billy, Pearl Thelma, Alma, Mary June Middle Henry Lawton & Mary Front Paul Eva & Althea

He married MARY KATHERINE ROGERSON.  She was born 1907.


                   i.    PEARLINE A5 BLOUNT, b. 1926, Sarasota FL; d. 2003, Live Oak, Holmes, Florida, United States.

7.  WILBUR DORIS4 BLOUNT (JAMES JEREMIAH3, NATHAN SNOW2, JOHN CHURCHILL GOLDING READDING1) was born 08 Aug 1906 in Ft Myers, Lee, Florida, United States, and died 29 Dec 1968 in Bradenton, Manatee, Florida, United States of America.

He married ULA CLEO ELIZABETH GILL, daughter of OLIVER GILL and GRACIE CORBITT.  She was born 21 Dec 1914 in Oak Knoll, Manatee, Florida, United States, and died 23 Jan 1947 in Sarasota, Sarasota, Florida, United States.

Children of WILBUR BLOUNT and ULA GILL are:


i.    CLEO EILEEN5 BLOUNT, b. 29 Jul 1938, Sarasota FL; d. 29 Dec 1968, Bradenton, Manatee, Florida, United States of America.


ii.    JULIA BLOUNT, b. 1939; d. 29 Dec 1968, Bradenton FL.

10.            iii.    WILMA DORIS BLOUNT, b. 15 Jan 1935, Sarasota FL; d. 02 Apr 1995, Bradenton FL.

11.            iv.    LIVING BLOUNT, b. 1937.

                 v.     CHARLES EUGENE BLOUNT

8.  OWEN REDDING4 BLOUNT (JAMES JEREMIAH3, NATHAN SNOW2, JOHN CHURCHILL GOLDING READDING1) was born 09 Sep 1910 in Ft Myers FL, and died 06 Apr 1965 in Sarasota FL.

He married JEWELL DARCY NALLEY.  She was born 1911, and died 1979.

Jewell Owen Blount Lettie Myers 1944 FishEatCreek

Generation No. 5

9.  CLEO EILEEN5 BLOUNT (WILBUR DORIS4, JAMES JEREMIAH3, NATHAN SNOW2, JOHN CHURCHILL GOLDING READDING1) was born 29 Jul 1938 in Sarasota FL, and died 29 Dec 1968 in Bradenton, Manatee, Florida, United States of America.

Davette Eilene Tyvan 1965

She married LIVING ANDERSON, son of ERIC ANDERSON and RUBY PEEL.  He was born 23 Apr 1936.



12.              i.    TERESA DAVETTE6 ANDERSON, b. 15 Dec 1963, Bradenton FL.

                  ii.    LIVING ANDERSON, b. 12 Dec 1964, Bradenton FL.

10.  WILMA DORIS5 BLOUNT (WILBUR DORIS4, JAMES JEREMIAH3, NATHAN SNOW2, JOHN CHURCHILL GOLDING READDING1) was born 15 Jan 1935 in Sarasota FL, and died 02 Apr 1995 in Bradenton FL.

She married BROWARD WALTER WHITE.  He was born 1926, and died 1967.


She married BERT MCKINNEY.

Generation No. 6


She married TONY ALLEN HUDGENS 22 Jul 1992 in Jax.Duval Co.FL, son of ROSCOE HUDGENS and PATRICIA GOLDEN.  He was born 20 Mar 1956 in Rantoul Champaign Co.IL.

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  1. Warner Squire says:

    Dear Jacksonville Assembly Representative:

    I am the Webmaster for the City of Bartow (FL), and I am writing to respectfully request permission to continue using your photo to enhance our website:

    a. Readding Blount Plaque

    b. Readding Blount Marker

    ( )

    Please reply at your earliest convenience, informing me whether we may use it free of charge, whether royalties would be involved or whether permission will be denied.

    Please consider this request as a compliment. Have a pleasant day.


    Warner Squire
    Webmaster, City of Bartow
    180 E. Church St
    Bartow, FL 33831
    (863) 519-8313 office

  2. Minnie Young says:

    My name is Minnie Barrett Young. Daughter of Jean Thornton Barrett McNeil. She is the 8th child of Minnie Blount and Oliver Mayo Thornton. Descendants of John Churchill Golding Readding Blount. I would like to share more info with you as well as updates to this web page.

  3. Jean T. McNeil says:

    My grandfather was James J. Blount.
    My mother was Minnie Blount Thornton
    My name is Jean Thornton McNeil. I am the eighth child of Oliver Mayo Thornton and Minnie Blount Thornton.
    I would like to share information with you. I also have the same picture you show of J.J.Blount
    family under the big tree. The picture was taken in 1921

    • My name is Wilma White Thornton. I married William (Wink) James Thornton in 1997.
      Wink is the grandson of Oliver Mayo Thornton (Jack).
      If anyone has a photo of Jack – we would love a copy.

  4. Donna Smith says:

    I am Donna Smith , daughter of Cleo Eileen Anderson…Eileen was first married to Roy E Peel. She had 4 children with Roy E Peel. Cecil B Peel , Kathleen C Peel , Lena L Peel & Donna R Peel. She then married Eric L Anderson (Lawton). and they had 2 children Teresa Davette Anderson & Tyvan Lamar Anderson. We were all living together in Bradenton on 18th ave E when she , her sister and her father died tragically in an automobile accident.

    • Donna says:

      Wilbur Doris Blount and his 2 daughters Cleo Eileen Blount Peel Anderson & Julia Blount did not die in Bradenton they were killed in an automobile accident in Punta Gorda Fl.

  5. Perlena Jane Blount Bryant says:

    I am the Great Granddaughter of Perlena Jane and Jame J Blount. Alot of the info on here is not correct. I am the Granddaughter of Henry Lawton and Mary K. Blount my Father is William Lawton Blount. My name is Perlena Jane Blount Bryant. Henry and Mary had more than one child. There were 2 boys and 7 girls One died at Birth. .

  6. Kathy Stansberry Imler says:

    I am the granddaughter of Martha Delores Alford. She is the daughter of Martha Johanetta Blount and Henry N Alford. Martha Johanetta is the daughter of Braxton Bragg Blount Sr. I have several birth and death certificates with this documentation on it.

    • EVA KENNER says:

      Hi, I work at Charlotte Harbor Cemetery and am trying to find where BBBlount Sr and wife Amelia E are buried. There are two plots that they owned, but I am not sure who is where. Did BBB Sr. and BBB Jr. pass on the same day?
      my email is 8/15/2019

  7. Minnie Barrett Young says:

    Wilma, I have a photo of Oliver Mayo Thornton, packed somewhere. But I also have a copy of it on my phone that I can send to you if you cal me at 770-893-7670.
    Kathy, hey cuz, where do you live? The family of James Jeremiah Blount hadn’t had any contact with any of his siblings off springs. I am in Steinhatchee, Fl and would like to make contact with you. Call me at 770-893-7670

  8. Vivian Morley says:

    I am the great-granddaughter of James J. Blount. My name is Vivian Morley and my mother was Grace Christine Blount Morley. She was the first born child of Ula Cleo Elizabeth Corbitt-Gill who married Wilbur Doris Blount.



  10. E J Starling says:

    We are looking for Elly A Blount. Married to Ida Mae Brackin 1932. in Frostproof Fl

    • Jean McNeil says:

      If I am correct I think you are talking about my uncle Lonnie. His name was Alonso ( not sure of the spelling.) He was a fisherman. He had a fish house on Bay Island near Sarasota,Fl. He made the best smoked mullet. He made his own smokehouse. He was my mothers brother. He died in 1941 from TB.Aunt Idas maiden name was Mims. I have never heard of a Ella Blount. In case you do not know who I am, I am Minnie Youngs mother,Jean. You have talked with Minnie severly times I am told.

  11. Victoria Cornette says:

    I am the grand daughter of Robert Lee Blount 1908, son of Jehu Robert Blount 1867 and son of Vola,Viollie Lee Smith 1887. I am having trouble location her parents Barry Smith and unk Crews.
    Any information would be greatly appreciated.

  12. Troy Moore says:

    Hi I’m Troy Moore born Troy Thomas Edwards. Son of Roy Edwards, Who was son of James Edwards. Who’s wife was Iva Lucky of which I learned was the great grand daughter of Jehu J. Blount. I’m new to learning the family history, here are some links I have found.

    Click to access Blunt%20Family.pdf

    He was chairman of a meeting at the school house on Second and Lee Streets in Ft. Myers which resulted in its incorporation, August 12, 1885. He was among the ten founding fathers among whom were Mayor H.A. Parker, Clerk C.H. Stebbins, Marshal C.L. Oliver, and the Town Council: F.A. Hendry, N.L. Langford, J.T. Haskew, William M. Hendry,John J. Blount,W.A. Roberts,J.O. Braman.

    MARY JANE HENDRY (1845-1930)

    Mary Jane Hendry was bornin Thomas County, Georgia, Jan. 7, 1845, daughter of James Edward Hendry and Lydia Carlton Hendry. She moved with her family as a young girl to Hillsborough County, Florida. Readding Blount and Elizabeth Varn Blount were early settlers whose son was Jehu Jacob Blount, born May 3, 1839, in Columbia County, Flor-ida. Mary Jane and Jehu were married Jan. 16, 1862, in newly established Polk County.
    Jehu served as a private in Capt. Leroy G. Lesley’s company in the Third Seminole War,in which a brother-in-law, Streaty Parker was 1st lieutenant and a future brother-in-law, Francis A. Hendry, was 2nd lieutenant. His brothers Riley, Nathan and Owen Blount served with him. Jehu was elected Clerk of the Circuit Court of Polk County, created Feb. 8, 1861, from Hillsborough.Jehu served in the Confederate Army as a private in the company commanded by Capt. Francis A. Hendry, Co. A, 1st Battalion, Florida Special Cavalry.
    While living nearFt. Meade, Jehu was a cattleman. He moved to Ft. Myers in 1873, selling his cattle to Capt. Hendry.He opened a general merchandise store at First and Hendry streets.He served gratis as the first postmaster of “Myers” in 1875. He was on the first Ft. Myers City Council in 1885. He and his wife were among the founders of the First Methodist Church of Ft. Myers and Jehu served many years on the Board of Trustees.
    He engaged in fruit growing, produce, shipping and phosphate mining. In this latter venture, he lost the greater part of his fortune. Mary Jane Hendry Blount was active in charities and her church. She was converted to the Christian faith and baptized when ten years old by the Rev. J.M. Hayman of Bartow, Florida.
    The Blounts had their home in Ft. Myers at the corner of First and Hough streets. Jehu J. Blount died Feb. 11, 1921, in Ft. Myers. Mary Jane died at the home of her daughter, Ida English, March 18, 1930, in Alva, Florida.
    1. Mary Ella Blount, born Nov. 15, 1863. She married Irvin S. Singleterry, May 3, 1888.
    2. Ida Beulah Blount, born June 24, 1866, in Polk County. She married Charles Hyde Stebbins, Sept. 22, 1886. He died in 1888, and was the first person buried in the Fort Myers Cemetery. Ida married (2) John Cornelius English, Jan. 12, 1892. He was born March 5, 1855, in Gadsden County, Florida,and died May 31, 1944, in Alva, Lee County,Florida. The English family had moved to Florida from Berrien County, Georgia, and were devout Methodists. Five children.
    3. Lydia Elizabeth Blount, born Jan. 9, 1868, and died Jan. 14, 1968.
    4. Edgar Jehu Blount, born Jan. 4, 1869, in Polk County. He served as Lee County Tax Collector, was a merchant. He married Fannie Wheeler, April 8, 1889.He died in 1946 in Ft. Myers. Five children.
    5. Oscar Benjamin Blount, born March 8, 1871. He married Madeline Dean, Feb. 1, 1893, who died in 1923. He married (2) Mattie Barnett.
    Oscar was a cattle rancher, a citrus grower and a grove manager.He died May 2, 1961, in Ft. Myers.Five children of his first marriage.
    6. Eula Anna Blount, born May 6, 1873, and died
    Nov. 24, 1878.
    7. Fred Churchill Blount, born May 11, 1876. He
    married Nan Ott. No child.He died in 1943.
    8. Nathan Blount, born March 21, 1880, and died
    in 1960.He married (1) Annie Porter and (2) Pearl Jones. Five children.
    9. William Perry Blount, born May 14, 1882, and
    Died Nov. 27, 1898.,Lydia2.html

    Click to access C54-00007.pdf

    my email is

  13. Alecia J. says:

    Hi am the great granddaughter of Sarah Louisa Blount Parker. She’s the woman standing with the other 3 women who are sitting in the photo from the 1880’s. Can anyone tell me about this photo? I have a book on the history of the Blount family in Florida. I have the same photo and a few others from this post in the book!

  14. Alecia J. says:

    Sorry I meant to say the photo of the 4 women at the top must be from 1800’s. I don’t know the year.

  15. Troy Moore says:

    Hi Tammy

    Thank you, I have made great progress in my tree. It’s been a lot of fun and insightful.

    This link will be very helpful.

    Take care Troy

  16. beverley Luckey-Short says:

    I am the greatgreatgranddaughter of Owen R. Blount and Henrietta Bronson and I am interested in finding photos of them. I have had my DNA done by Ancestry in hopes I can connect with distant family members

    • allagingblog says:

      Hi I am a descendant of Owen Blount’s older brother Riley Readding Blount. I have a book with information on the Parker and Blount families. There was a school house, the first at Fort Blount, in Florida. The teacher was Dr. Daniel Waldron (1858). Here is the link to see image (drawing) of the school. We have a relative that attended the very same school! I have a framed copy of this school at my house. (Read below).

      Owen R. Blount’s wife Henrietta E. C. Bronson (daughter of James Bronson) was a student at the school. My geneaology book says this:

      page 269, of Parker and Blount in Florida, published in 1983

      “Henrietta Blount is listed as one of the original students in Dr. Daniel Waldron’s school at Ft. Blount in 1858, under her nickname of Nettie Blount”. If you go to the link I sent you, you will see her name on the LEFT!

      • allagingblog says:

        Hi I went back and did my math. Nettie Blount had to have been a student in her early 20’s. Why would she have the married name of Blount as a student? Ok I am confused now. Would she be there taking lessons at the school as a young adult? If the teacher had a Dr. Degree, maybe he could teach beyond elementary school?

    • Minnie Young says:

      My name is Minnie Barrett Young. I am the great great granddaughter of Nathan Snow Blount. The great granddaughter of James Jeremiah Blount. Granddaughter of Minnie Adeline Blount and daughter of Jean Thornton I have no pictures to share. My great great grandfather and yours were brothers. So hey cousin. I live in Arcadia, Florida, DeSoto County. Would love to get together with you and talk of our memories of the family.

      • allagingblog says:

        Hi my name is Alecia and I am a descendant of Riley Blount (the oldest brother). My grandfather Thomas Gordon Brown was born in Arcadia. I visited the old family home in Arcadia as a young child. I wonder if it still there? Maybe I can get you an address and you could send me a photo! It was an old wood house and a great-aunt lived right next door. She is no longer living.
        I am a descendant of the Parker & Blount side and have a geneaology book called Parker and Blount in Florida (that follows our particular wing, but has some basic info on each of the children, such as brother Riley, Owen, Nathan etc.).
        Nice to meet you. We are in S. C.

  17. Minnie says:

    Yes please Alecia, send me the address and I will check it out and if the home looks to be the same one I will take a picture and add it on here. Or I would be happy to receive emails from any descendants of the of John Churchill Golding Readding Blount.

    • allagingblog says:

      Hi my great grandmother lived at:
      4015 South East County Road #760
      (There should be a very old white wood house)
      No one in our family owns it now.
      Arcadia, FL
      Google says it is still there. It maybe right beside #760.

  18. I am a decent of the Blount family. How can I get a copy of this book, I have been looking for it for about 2 years.
    Thanks Victoria Cornette

    • allagingblog says:

      Hi it is 375 pages too difficult to copy…
      Maybe try to see if your library can special order a copy in from another location?
      We are in SC where do you live?

      • I have checked the libraries here with no luck. I live in Odessa Fl. northwest of Tampa.
        I have been trying to find Jehu Robert Blounts wife Vollie Smiths parents and was hoping to find a clue in this book. Thank you for replying and I will just keep looking, maybe I will check with the libraries again.

    • Julie Wertz says:

      Victoria, I am a descendant of Rosa Lee “Smith” Blount who was the sister of Vollie Blount. I have some information on the family in I was able to rummage through a ton of newspapers to find Vollie’s obituary which lists her brother and sisters. I am still skimming the top of the info because Rosa Lee “Smith” Blount was married as such and then claimed the maiden name of Rhoden in her official documents but there was no record of her being married prior to marrying my GGGF Marion Henry Blount. In Vollie Blounts familysearch page I have added her obituary in the “memories” section.

      • victoria S cornette says:

        Thank you so much. I can’t find her parents, brothers or sisters. Her death certificate names her father as Berry Smith and mother as ? Crews. I will check out family search. Thank you again. Victoria

  19. allagingblog says:

    Hi maybe I can help. John Churchill Golding Readding Blount had a number if children (different wives). Maybe I can find what you are looking for in the book but I have to start with the child of his. I don’t think the book covers all. I think only the descendants from his FIRST wife.
    First wife he had:
    Riley (the one I am descendant of)
    Jehu Jacob

    2nd wife he had:

    3rd wife:

    Let me know more.

    • allagingblog says:

      Hi See if this is your family member:

      Jehu Robert “John” born ca. 1871, Manatee Co, FL.
      First marriage Lilla O. Noble October 26, 1895. In Lee Co Fl.
      Second marriage Vola Smith, June 10, 1906, Lee Co FL.

      You must be speaking of Vola Smith. It does not mention her parents. But now you have the correct spelling of her name and wedding date, you should find her parents online.

      Jehu Robert Blount was a descendant from the son Owen R. Blount. He was born Dec. 30, 1830 in SC.
      OWEN was born to the first wife (see my list in the previous entry).

      • allagingblog says:

        So we are related, because I am a descendant from Riley and you are a descendant from his younger brother Owen. I see no photos of your side in the book.

    • Minnie Young says:

      Hey, my great great grandfather was Nathan Snow Blount. Father of James Jeremiah Blount. James is not listed in a lot of the recordings of children of Nathan Snow. The stories that have been handed down is that James Jeremiah was a half breed, whose mother was a Seminole Indian maid. He was raised by a slave woman of Nathan Snow Blounts because his mother could not take him to her tribe. He would not have lived because of the war with the white men. Nobody knows the name of the Indian maid so no information can be found.
      Minnie Young

    • Thank you for your reply

      John Churchill Golding Readding Blount (1791 – 1879) great-grandfather Owen Reading Blount (1830 – 1902) son of John Churchill Golding Readding Blount Jehu Robert Blount (1867 – 1939) son of Owen Reading Blount Lee Robert Blount You are the son of Jehu Robert Blount and Vola Smith

  20. allagingblog says:

    I will look at the Parker and Blount book later and see if it can tell you anything. Was James your relative?

  21. allagingblog says:

    Hi I read a few pages from the book Parker and Blount, describing Nathan Snow Blount. There is not a child listed that is James Jeremiah Blount. Sorry, but the book does say that Nathan was a pupil in the log school house at F. Blount as a young man in 1858. This link has the school house listed on page (11). The first student at the top/left is “N S Blount”, probably Nathan Snow. I only know about this school drawing, because my relative (Sarah) is a student too. Here is the link. Hope you can get it to work.–4X9c&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwilx8Lym_TPAhXJSyYKHQpXCgIQ6AEIJDAB#v=onepage&q=image%20school%201858%20Dr.%20Waldron%20Ft.%20Blount&f=false

  22. allagingblog says:

    On page 13 of this link, you will see 4 women. The one at the top, standing, is Sarah Louisa Parker- is my relative.

  23. I saw a copy of James Jeremiah Blounts death cert. and it states Nathan Blount as his father and mothers maiden name unknown. James Jeremiah was my grand fathers 1st cousin.

  24. allagingblog says:

    Very interesting. That was your grandfather’s first cousin (Jeremiah). Was your grandfather a descendant of the Blounts too? That must have been a very old certificate!

  25. Minnie Young says:

    Yes, my great grandfather was James Jeremiah Blount. I have his death certificate stating his father was Nathan Snow Blount and mother unknown. I also have my great grandmothers ( Perlena Jane Noble Blount ) death certificate.

  26. allagingblog says:

    Cool that’s interesting. I know a long time ago birth and death records were kep at churches (baptism records too). I wonder if there is any record with more info that way. I know you’d love to know the name of the Indian mother but it’s unlikely you will find it:(

  27. allagingblog says:

    Have you seen the few pages entry on Nathan S Blount from the book Parker and Blount? If not I can mail you a copy. But like I mentioned it doesn’t mention James Jer. name….. I just need your mailing address.

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