Descendants of Johannes McInterfeer

Generation No. 1

1. JOHANNES1 MCINTERFEER1 was born 29 Apr 1703 in Neckarau, Mannheim, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany, and died 1779 in Shenadoah, Page, Virginia.

He married VERONICA PHRONICK2. She was born 1705 in Neckarau, Mannheim, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany, and died 1742 in Pennsylvania, Somerset, Pennsylvania.


2.      i. JOHN2 MACANTURF, b. 1729, Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States; d. 25 Jun 1779, Shenandoah, Virginia.

Generation No. 2

2. JOHN2 MACANTURF (JOHANNES1 MCINTERFEER)was born 1729 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States, and died 25 Jun 1779 in Shenandoah, Virginia.

He married MARIA ROSINA KERN 23 Apr 1753 in Germantown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. She was born 1732 in Neckerau, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany, and died 1782 in Powells Fort, Shenandoah, Virginia, United States.


 i.      CHRISTOPHER3 MCINTURFF, b. 1754, Pennsylvania; d. Apr 1814, Carter, Tennessee.

 ii.     JOHN3 MACANTURF, b. 1740, Shanandoah, Virginia.

 iii.    FREDERICK MACANTURF, b. 1758, Shanandoah, Virginia, United States; d. Sep 1816, Powells Fort, Shenandoah, Virginia.

 iv.     DANIEL MACANTURFF, b. 1760, Powells Fort, Frederick, Virginia; d. 1805, Carter, Tennessee.

 v.      JASPER MACANTURF, b. 1760, Senandoah, Virginia; d. 1808, Alabama.

 vi.     MARY CLAREY MCINTURFF, b. 1765, Powells Fort, Frederick, Virginia; d. 1840, Carter, Tennessee.

 vii.    DAVID MCINTURFF, b. 1787, Washington, North Carolina, United States; d. 1860, Conway, Arkansas.

Generation No. 3

3. CHRISTOPHER3 MCINTURFF (JOHN2 MACANTURF, JOHANNES1 MCINTERFEER)was born 1754 in Pennsylvania, and died Apr 1814 in Carter, Tennessee.

He married CHRISTEN (?) in Frederick, Virginia. She was born 1755 in Shanandoah, Virginia, and died 1820 in Carter, Tennessee.


i.        AMANUEL4 MCINTURFF, b. Shenandoah Co VA.






vii.     ISRAEL MCINTURFF, b. 1776, Shenendoah Co, Virginia; d. 29 May 1851, Unicoi, Tennessee. (See Below)

viii.    JOHN MCINTURFF, b. 1782, Shenandoah Co VA; d. 01 Jul 1850, Tennessee. (See Below)

ix.       CHRISTOPHER MCINTURFF, b. 1782.

x.        REBECCA MCINTURFF, b. 1784, Washington Co TN.

xi.       DOROTHY MCINTURFF, b. 1790.

4. FREDERICK3 MACANTURF (JOHN2, JOHANNES1 MCINTERFEER)was born 1758 in Shanandoah, Virginia, and died Sep 1816 in Powells Fort, Shenandoah, Virginia.

He married SUSANNAH CARRIER 25 Feb 1783 in Powells Fort, Shenandoah, Virginia. She was born 1763 in Frederick, Virginia, and died 1824 in Powells Fort, Shenandoah, Virginia.


i.       HENRY4 MACANTURF, b. 30 Apr 1787, Powells Fort, Shenandoah, Virginia; d. 06 Oct 1846, Powells Fort, Shenandoah, Virginia.

ii.      DAVID MACANTURF, b. 15 Apr 1791, Powells Valley, Shenandoah, Virginia; d. 05 Mar 1856, Shenandoah, Virginia.

iii.     GEORGE W MACANTURF, b. 1794, Powells Valley, Shenandoah, Virginia; d. 24 Feb 1853, Powells Fort, Shenandoah, Virginia. (SEE BELOW)

iv.     JOHN MACANTURF, b. 03 Mar 1797, Powells Valley, Shenandoah, Virginia.

v.       ABRAHAM C MACANTURF, b. 08 Nov 1799, Powells Valley, Shenandoah, Virginia.

Generation No. 4

5. ISRAEL4 MCINTURFF (CHRISTOPHER3, JOHN2 MACANTURF, JOHANNES1 MCINTERFEER) was born 1776 in Shenendoah Co, Virginia, and died 29 May 1851 in Unicoi, Tennessee.

He married (1) MARY WHITSON 29 Nov 1844 in Washington, Tennessee. She was born 1776 in South Carolina, and died in Unicoi, Unicoi, Tennessee.

He married (2) ELIZABETH WEBB 16 Feb 1851 in Blount, Tennessee.


Israel McInturff, Sr.b. c 1776 d. 29 Mar 1861 Israel McInturff was born in Shenandoah County Virginia around the beginning of the Revolutionary War. He was the son of Christopher (1753-1814) and Christina McInturff (c1753-?). The McInturffs had lived in the Shenandoah Valley for a number of years, settling in the area that was known as Powell’s Fort Valley. Family History Johannes Meckendorfer, “The Immigrant” and first of Israel’s family in the colonies, had originally arrived in Philadelphia in 1729. He settled in PA, and the family remained there until the 1760s when John MacAnturf, Israel’s grandfather, moved his family south to VA. They were part of the group known as the “Shenandoah Deutsch” who had made the move from Germany to PA and had then started moving into the Shenandoah Valley in the 1730’s and years following. Israel was of strong German stock. His ancestors were Palatine refugees who came to the colonies during the terrible religious persecution that plagued Germany Israel was the fifth child and second son in a family of ten children.

Frontier Life

Life on the frontier was hard, but the McInturffs were engaged in community activities and projects such as road building in addition to the normal hardships of farm life. Israel’s father Christopher brought his family to Washington Co., NC sometime around the 1790’s. (Washington Co was later divided into several counties in both NC and TN.) Here life was also difficult, but the family survived and prospered. Their German work ethic held them in good stead. Just as they had moved from Germany to PA and from PA to VA, NC, and TN, many of the McInturff families seemed ready to “pick up and move” whenever others in the family felt the urge. Move they did, but in each move it seems that a portion of the family members remained at each major stop along the way whereas others remained for a time (perhaps a generation or so) and then continued the journey. Thus, McInturffs were (and are) sprinkled all along the pioneer trails.


i.        WILLIAM5 MCINTURFF b. 1797.

ii.      MARGARET ELIZABETH MCINTURFF b. 12 Jun 1797; d. 04 Aug 1874, Tennessee.

iii.     CHRISTOPHER JEFFERSON MCINTURFF, b. 06 Jan 1800; d. 04 Jan 1880.

iv.     GABRIEL MCINTURFF, b. 27 Nov 1802; d. 16 Oct 1852.

v.       JOHN JACKIE MCINTURFF, b. 1804, North Carolina; d. 1878

vi.      ISRAEL MCINTURFF, b. 1805; d. 1845.

vii.     SARAH MCINTURFF, b. 1807; d. 1836.

viii.    SARAH MCINTURFF, b. 1807; d. 1896.

ix.       URIAH MCINTURFF, b. 1808, Tennessee; d. 1870.

x.        GEORGE ALEXANDER MCINTURFF, b. 22 Oct 1830, Tennessee; d. 26 Jul 1903, Blount, Tennessee.

xi.      ALFORD CARTER MCINTURFF, b. 16 Dec 1832, Georgia; d. 05 Jul 1917, Blount, Tennessee.

6. JOHN4 MCINTURFF (CHRISTOPHER3, JOHN2 MACANTURF, JOHANNES1 MCINTERFEER)was born 1782 in Shenandoah Co VA, and died 01 Jul 1850 in Tennessee.

He married ANNA. She was born 1785 in NC.

Children of JOHN MCINTURFF and ANNA are:



iii.        DAVID MCINTURFF     b. 12 Jun 1812, Carter, Carter, Kentucky d. 01 Jan 1881, Williamson Co., IL

iv.        JOHN MCINTURFF, b. 1814, Tennessee; d. 15 Jan 1863, Tennessee; m. MARY ANN PRICE; b. 1815, Tennessee, United States; d. 1886.

v.         NANCY ANN MCINTURFF, b. 04 Oct 1816, Tennessee.

vi.        JAMES H MCINTURFF, b. 16 Jan 1819, Carter, Tennessee; d. 17 Feb 1898, Clifton, Clay, Kansas; m. CATHERINE ANN CLAPP, 23 Jul 1839, Knox County TN; b. 16 Jan 1816, Knox, Tennessee; d. 23 Jan 1897, Kansas City, Wyandotte, Kansas.

vii.      WILLIAM ADAM MCINTURFF, b. 07an 1821, Carter, Tennessee; d. 17 Feb 1908, Williamson, Illinois

viii.      ISAAC MCINTURFF, b. 1823, Tennessee; d. 07 Jun 1892, Birchwood, Meigs County, TN; m. NANCY CASEY; b. 1820, Birchwood, Meigs, Tennessee; d. 30 Sep 1846, Birchwood, Meigs, Tennessee.

ix.         ELIZABETH J. “BETTY” MCINTURFF, b. 1826.

7. GEORGE W4 MACANTURF (FREDERICK3, JOHN2, JOHANNES1 MCINTERFEER)was born 1794 in Powells Valley, Shenandoah, Virginia, United States, and died 24 Feb 1853 in Powells Fort, Shenandoah, Virginia, United States. He married SARAH ROSS63 1817. She was born 1798.


i.      MATILDA5 MCINTURFF, b. 29 Dec 1823; d. 17 Oct 1885.

ii.     LYDIA MCINTURFF, b. 1825.

iii.    AMOS R. MCINTURFF, b. 18 Jul 1829, Shenandoah, Virginia; d. 20 Mar 1913, Shenandoah, Virginia;

iv.     MARCUS MCINTURFF, b. 11 Jan 1836; d. 21 Jul 1861, Killed Manassas, Civil War.

14 Responses to McINTURFF FAMILY

  1. Christy McInturff says:

    My name is Christy McInturff. I think I fit into your family tree. My brother is Steven McInturff. Our father is Larry Wayne McInturff. Dad’s brother is Stanley McInturff. Brother of dad passed on now is John Wesley McInturff. Dad’s sister is Elizabeth. My Dad’s Dad was Sammuel Lazarus McInturff married to Mary Ruth Fisher. Sammuel Lazarus’s dad was John Wesley McInturff married to Artie Emmeline Denny. John Wesley’s dad was Sammuel H. McInturff married to Myra Adaline Robinson. Sammuel H.’s dad was John “Jackie” McInturff married to Mary Carter. I think John “Jackie”‘s dad was Isreal McInturff, but I’d have to check my resources at home to be sure

  2. David McInturff says:

    My name is David McInturff. Your Generation 5, #7, John “Jackie”, was my 3g grandfather. You have two errors in the list of his children related to my lineage. My 2g grandfather was Robert J. (Dec., 1840 – Aug, 24, 1901). You have Clayton Reeves listed with those same dates. Clayton’s dates are actually Sep. 26, 1835 – Mar. 17, 1916. If you make these corrections, they will have no impact on the Hudgens line, since that connection is through a different branch of my family.

    Would you allow me to post your McInturff photos on memorial pages on Findagrave?

  3. Scott Winn says:

    My Grandmother was a McInturff. Her name was Merle. I would have to check with my brother but I’m not sure where she was born or when. She married Elbert C Winn; Elber had two children, my dad – Max Elbert Winn and one daughter , Juanita Winn who married Charles Reynolds.

  4. Linda (Bower) Padfield says:

    John McInturff in 6. above. Thank you for this information. Elizabeth “Betty” McInturff married William J. Bower(s) about 1948. Based on H. Eugene McInturff’s family tree information, William and Elizabeth had four children: James C. Bower(s) my great grandfather, Mary J (Jones), Isaac T, and Orlena (Norman). Missouri Digital Heritage Death Index after 1910, provides the death certificate for James C. Bower, which states his parents were William J. Bower and Elizabeth McInturff. James and Harriet (spelled different ways) Bower(s) had six children most, if not all, were born in southwest Missouri: William E, Amanda O, Curtis G (my grandfather), Anna (Wolfe), Maude (Kelsey), and Elsie (Eggers?) I have more information on the descendents of Curtis if anyone is interested. I have yet to find where Elizabeth is buried, but it might be in Keller Cemetery in Illinois. Orlena is reported to be buried in Bethlehem Cemetery in Williamson, Il, but I cannot verify this. Mary is reported to be buried in Rose Hill Cemetery in Williamson, Il, but, again, I cannot verify this. If anyone knows where Curtis Bower is buried, I would appreciate having this information. To the H. Eugene McInturff family — I am sorry to have found that Mr. McInturff passed. Without his research, I would not have been able to find Elizabeth “Betty” McInturff. My father’s name was Eugene and can’t help but wonder about a connection.

    • Charla Schroeder Murphy says:

      Orlena Bower is buried in Bethlehem Cemetery in Williamson County, IL per her death record which gives her parent’s names and death date of 17 Nov 1929, buried 19 Nov 1929. The Rose Hill Cemetery in Marion, Williamson County, IL burial listings are on line. It will give block, lot and grave number but is not a death date, just the date of burial and sometimes they are all Jan 1 or whatever year it is. Use with caution 🙂

  5. Linda (Bower) Padfield says:

    There is an error in my posting. Elizabeth and William were married in 1848 and not 1948. They moved to Williamson County, Illinois, before the Civil War. It appears they had another son, George. I am wondering if their son Isaac T is not, in fact, Taylor Bower(s). Does anyone know if there was a rift in the family — the Confederates in Tennessee and the Union in Illinois?

  6. im a mcinturff. to be a mcinturff, you must be witty quick with an answer for anything and a real smart ass when needed..i am bold and not affraid of much. i will stand up right or wrong.loving and carring but always and always watching..i can be your best friend, or most certainly your worst enemy. i am greg mcinturff and my family is from tennessee. i now reside in indiana. please email any comments

    • says:

      ik weet niet of we familie zijn mijn man zijn zuster is overleden haar naam was rosa dardenne en ze was getrouwd met nelson hudgens na de 2de wereldoorlog en zijn dan hun twee meisjes naar de u s a gereisd mijn man zou graag iets vernemen van haar linderen en klein kin deren nog vele groeten van ons beiden Emmy en jean jean dardenne uit belgie

  7. Frank McInturff says:

    I am Frank McInturf III and was born in Independence, MO. I can trace my father’s family back to my father, grandfather and great grandfather (John McInturff b. Oct 28, 1856 TN – d. Mar 17, 1937 Jackson County, Independence, MO). John was married to Mary Jane McInturff b. Nov. 2, 1965 birthplace unknown d. Sep. 1, 1942 Independence, MO). John Mcinturff’s death certificate lists his birth place as TN and his father and mother as TN as well but no town or county names. John’s wife Mary Jane Mcinturff’s death certificate lists her father’s name as Jesse Hansley and her birthplace as TN. This much is documented. But when I try to research further I get stuck. I certainly find a lot of McInturffs listed in TN, particularly the area of Carter County as well as Unicoi. If anyone sees a connection between my great grandfather (John) I would be very grateful for any references or assistance.

  8. Herman J Vandekerkhoff says:

    I am putting a couple of photos from around 1900 with the names of: Frankie McInturff – D. Wright – Sara Jo Irvin & Lovillia Wright. One has Oklahoma on the front. I am hoping some relative finds these at it would be a shame if they would be discarded after I am gone.
    Herman Vande Kerkhoff

  9. Herman J Vandekerkhoff says:

    I forgot to mention you will find them on eBay under eBay ID – ilfp

  10. I am a McInturf, (McInturff/McEnturf/Meckendorfer…) and have been searching for information on my grandfather’s grandfather for years. His name was John Wesley McInturf of the Conway County, Arkansas area, (born abt 1870, Ark.) He was the son of Thomas W. McInturff (b. abt 1847, Ark.) and Dicie/Dicey Elizabeth Eoff (b.31Dec1853). John Wesley was also the Father of Andrew ‘Martin’ McInturf, (Ark.) – who is my great-grandfather. Obtaining evidential information on John Wesley McInturf (McInturff) has been most challenging. He died fairly young, but Conway County Arkansas has no death record of him – probably due to the courthouse fire many years ago that destroyed many birth/death documents. Would you have any insight on this branch of the family tree? -Very Best! Jamie (McInturf) Citerin

  11. Kristi King says:

    My mother was Carol McInturff, granddaughter of Irvin Eugene (Hamburger Gene) McInturff of Hutchinson, KS. Hamburger Gene was so named because he had one of the first hamburger wagons in the US. He was a pioneer in hamburger history, to be found online and in a few books, namely “Hamburger Heaven”. He is a descendant of the McInturffs of Powell’s Fort Virginia in the Shenandoah Valley. Irvin’s father, Andrew, was my great-great grandfather. He was the only one of 7 brothers to leave VA, go west looking for gold, then fought on the Union side as a Kansas “Jayhawker” while his brothers all fought for the Confederacy in Virginia. After the war he opened a photography studio and another of his sons, Austin, went to Hollywood to work in lighting for “moving pictures” in the early 1920’s. I’m proud of my adventurous, pioneering McInturff family!

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