Moses Hudgens(1738-1811)

MOSE2 HUDGENS (ROBERT1) was born 1738 in Caroline County Virginia, and died 1811 in Wayne County KY.

He married KIDDYAN.


The Source For This Material By Ran Raider

Moses Hudgens, 1738-41 at Caroline County, Virginia, 1811 at Wayne County, Kentucky

Robert Hudgens grantor to Moses Hudgens, five shillings, 400 acres by patent dated 5 September 1746, adj. William Holidays, a branch of Bear Creek, Robert Hughes, John Allen. 25 June 1759, Cumberland County, Virginia, Deed Book 2, pp. 490.

Moses Hudgens served during the Revolutionary War as a private in the 1st Regt. of Light Dragoons, Continental Army. On 17 May 1783, he received a Land Office Military Warrant No. 593 for 100 acres for his 3 years service in the Virginia Continental Line. This land was located in Kentucky.

Moses sold land to Arthur Allen on 26 August 1782 (Cumberland County, Virginia Deed Book 5, pg. 278). Kiddyan is not listed on the deed and may have died before 1784.

March 8, 1810

“I, Moses Hudgens of Wayne County, Kentucky, in consideration to me moving but more especially to prevent litigation and future disturbance and full compliance with the intention of the will of John Hudgens, my brother, who bequeathed to his natural daughter, Sarah Cumminger, all of his real and personal estate. I relinquish any claims for myself. Signed Moses Hudgens, Wit: Thomas Gibson, Joseph Hudgens. July 23, 1811: Deed of relinquishment proven and recorded in Wayne County, Kentucky

Wayne County, Kentucky Court Notes and Deed Book 1, 1811:

18 March 1811 Daniel Hudgeons and Anne Hudgeons, appointed adminsitrators of Moses Hudgeons, deceased. Bond: Anne Hudgeons, Edward Gibson, North East, Archibald E. Mills.

Spouse: Kiddyan _____

Marriage Date:

Moses and Kiddyan Hudgens sold land to Mathew Sims on September 28, 1767. Kiddyan is identified as Moses’ wife on the deed. (Cumberland County, Virginia Deed Book 4, pg. 196).


i.    DANIEL3 HUDGENS, b. 1764, Cumberland County Virginia; d. 1836, Ray County MO.

ii.    JAMES HUDGENS, b. 1787 Kentucky d. 1847 White County Tennessee

4 Responses to Moses Hudgens(1738-1811)

  1. Carole Medeiros says:

    I’d be interested as to evidence for placing James Hudgens on this line. I also believe my ancestor John Hudgens (b. 1783) sp. Talitha Turpin, belongs here along with another brother, Joseph, who apparently died in War of 1812, possibly in the Battle for New Orleans but I cannot find primary records to confirm this. Circumstantial evidence has Moses in Wayne Co, KY in close proximity to John at the time of his death abt 1811.

    • David Striley says:


      I believe Moses presence in Wayne Co. “abt. 1811” is more than circumstantial. He is listed on the 1810 Fed. Cen. in Wayne Co. as “Moses Huggans”. This detail is also reflected in the online D.A.R. records for Moses as part of the evidence for accepting him as a Revolutionary War veteran.

      David Striley

      • Carole Medeiros says:

        Thanks so much, David. I had not previously done a detailed search of the 1810 KY Federal census and so had not seen this record, given the bad spelling :). My direct ancestor, John Hudgens, is reported directly below Moses and the known ages of his family: wife, Talitha Turpin Hudgens, 22 in 1810 and daughter, Katherine (Kitty) Hudgens, born 1809, fit this family well. I still am not completely sure if John was Moses’ son or grandson. Who do you list as the children of Moses? This is the first I’ve heard of a son, James. John was born 16 Dec 1783. I place Joseph as a brother to John because of a 1815 probate record I have naming John as administrator of Joseph’s estate. Are you a descendant of James? I would like to hear more about the evidence connecting James to Moses as it might help cement my linkage of John. Best email address for me is Thanks much.

  2. I am working on a DAR application for a prospective member who descends from Moses, his son Daniel, & his daughter Elizabeth who married William l. Jackson. Do you have any suggestions of what documents connect Daniel to Elizabeth? Perhaps there might be a family bible.

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