JAMES HUDGENS SR (1743 -1814)

JAMES2 HUDGENS (ROBERT1) was born 1743 in Cumberland Co.Va., and died 20 Dec 1814 in Robertson Co.TN.

He married (1) PHOEBE _________  She was born Abt. 1750

He married (2) SUSANNA MILES in Cumberland Co.Va..  She was born Abt. 1772 in Va, and died Abt. 1846 in Robertson Co.TN..


Susannah was the second wife of James Hudgens Sr. and the mother of Sarah and Rebecca. The other children had a mother named Phoebe LNU. Elizabeth was an adult when she moved to TN and already married to Thomas Miles.

Move from Virginia to Tennessee

mkater11added this on 4 Sep 2011

James Hudgens, Sr. moved with his whole family to Robertson County, TN in 1809 or 1811. He brought with him his second wife, Susannah, and their two young daughters, plus the adult children from his first wife, Phoebe, and their families. His son Edward Hudgens arranged the purchase of a 1,000 acre land grant from John Nichols, and James, Sr. purchased 500 acres of that grant. He sold a 100 acre plot to Thomas John Miles, husband of his daughter Elizabeth Hudgens, and other parcels were sold to his other sons who had accompanied him. The deeds are recorded in the Robertson County courthouse in Springfield, TN.

More on James Hudgens

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Children of JAMES HUDGENS and PHOEBE are:

i.         EDWARD G HUDGENS, b. 1770, Cumberland Co.Va.; d. 1841, Robertson Co.TN..

ii.        JAMES3 HUDGENS, b. Abt. 1773, Cumberland Co.Va.; d. 1858, Cheatham Co.TN..

iii.      GABRIEL HUDGENS, b. 1780, Cumberland Co.Va.; d. 1839, Robertson Co.TN.

iv.      HOLLOWAY HUDGENS, b. Abt. 1786, Cumberland Co.Va.; d. 30 Apr 1853, Robertson Co.TN..

v.       ELIZABETH HUDGENS, b. Abt. 1785, Cumberland Co.Va.; d. Aft. 1860, NC..

vi.      WILLIAM HUDGENS, b. Abt. 1788, Cumberland Co.Va.; d. Abt. 1863, Cheatham Co.TN..


vii.      SARAH HUDGENS, b. Abt. 1804, Cumberland Co.Va.; d. NC..

viii.     REBECCA HUDGENS, b. Abt. 1803, Cumberland Co.Va.; d. Aft. 1850, NC..

13 Responses to JAMES HUDGENS SR (1743 -1814)

  1. Kathy Maxwell Russell says:

    Tony, I have encountered many of your records on Ancestry.com and appreciated all your extensive genealogical work on the Hudgens. I am a descendent from James Sr, through James, Jr. , Daniel, Winfield Sylvester, and his daughter Ada Eldora. My mother (deceased) and I did research for several decades prior to the advent of Ancestry.com through libraries, court houses, etc. As per our family’s oral history, we showed that James Sr. came to TN in 1809 or 1811 with all his family from Cumberland County, VA. They settled in Robertson, County, part of which later became Cheatham County. The five sons and his adult daughter Elizabeth (1785-1860) with their spouses and families accompanied him and his second wife, Susannah with her two young daughters Sarah and Rebecca. James Sr. purchased 500 acres of a 1,000 acre land grant and sold 100 acres to Elizabeth’s husband Thomas Miles, and other portions to sons for their new homesteads. The deeds are recorded in the Robertson county courthouse. Sometime after James, Sr.’s death, Susannah relinguished guardianship of her daughters to her deceased husband’s eldest son, Edward (1770-1841). She may have had financial difficulties or been in ill health. Of course, today there are many Hudgens in Cheatham County. There are two Hudgens cemeteries in the county. One is small, and ours is large and still being used. It has the graves of Daniel Hudgens, his wife, and many members of the subsequent generations in it. We do not know where James Sr. or James Jr. are buried although I have been shown an area on a farm outside Ashland City where I was told there were some old, unmarked Hudgens graves. Hope all this is helpful.
    Kathy Maxwell Russell

    • John D. SInks says:

      Buckingham County Personal Property Tax Lists provide evidence of the male children of James Hudgens and their years of birth. A James Hudgens first appears in 1787 on List A, but is charged with no free tithables over 21. (Robert Hudgens appears on the same list with the notation that he is “Exempt,” suggesting that James was under 21 rather than aged or infirm.) A second James Hudgens appears in 1788 and is charged with both himself and another James Hudgens. This James Hudgens as some point is charged will all four of the men identified above as sons of James Hudgens, Sr., as well as one other

      James Hudgens 1788-1792 charged to James (Sr.); charged with self 1793.
      Gabriel Hudgens 1791, 1792 charged to James (Sr.); charged with self 1793.
      Edward Hudgens 1793 charged to James (Sr.); 1794 List A missing; charged with self 1795.
      H. Hudgens 1797-1800 charged to James (Sr.); Holloway Hudgens charged with self 1801.
      William Hudgens 1807 charged with self; does not appear other years

      James Sr., James Jr., Edward, and Gabriel are all listed in 1809; no Hudgens are listed in Buckingham Co. in 1810.

      During this era free males above 21 were taxed unless declared exempt for age or infirmity by county courts. This provides evidence of years of birth that differ from years of birth from census records.

      I am very interested in evidence of women who may have been daughters of James Hudgens, Sr., including Phebe, who married James Maxey of Buckingham County on 8 Nov. 1787 and removed to Robertson County. James and Phebe Maxey named one of their sons Holloway Maxey.

      John D. Sinks
      Arlington, Va.

      • Tom van Cleve says:

        My apologies for using this site inappropriately, but trying to reach John D. Sinks who is descended from Alice Caroline Doley, Dora Hilda van Cleve. We are 2nd cousins in that Thomas van Cleve is my grandfather. It appears you are also involved in genealogy and I just wanted to touch base.

        Please respond to tomvcl@yahoo.com

        Sincerely, your cousin,
        Tom E. van Cleve III

      • Donna Pearce says:

        John, what are the birth and death dates of each of the James Hudgins were list in the first paragraph? I’m confused.

      • William Lee says:

        Hi, I have always wondered about this myself. Holloway Maxey was my fourth great grandfather

    • Tony, the above listing of the children of James Hudgens, Sr. and Phoebe MNU needs to be amended. Phebe Hudgens, b. abt 1865 VA; d, aft 1837 Robertson County, TN needs to be added. She and her husband, James Maxey, Sr., moved with the rest of the family to TN. Also, Edward Hudgens, the son of James Hudgens, Sr. did not have the middle initial G. The son of Gabriel Hudgens had the name Edward G. Hudgens. He was prominent as a local businessman and landholder in Robertson/Cheatham County both before and after the Civil War.

    • There are two Hudgens Cemeteries in Cheatham County. One is on Floyd Hudgens Rd and was established about 1880 by Daniel Hudgens. The earliest grave there is 1881. It has five generations of Hudgens graves, and most have engraved tombstones. It us still being used today. The other Hudgens Cemetery does not have a sign, but is located off of Poplar Ridge Rd. across a field. It is believed it was started by Thomas Hardridge Hudgens, a grandson of Gabriel Hudgens, and son of James H. Hudgens. It is not as large as the other cemetery, but has had some fairly recent graves added. The earliest grave there is 1896.

  2. John D. SInks says:

    In 1786 the law changed and free men 16-21 were also taxed. This corrects my earlier posting.

    John D. Sinks

  3. John D. SInks says:

    A strong case can be made that Phebe Hudgens, born about 1765, was a daughter of James Hudgens. She married James Maxey in Cumberland County on 8 Nov. 1787, although he resided in Buckingham County. James Maxey removed to Robertson Co., Tennessee, where he purchased land from Edward Hudgens and made three purchases from the estate of James Hudgens. James and Phebe named one their sons “Holloway,” which is not a Maxey family name. Evidence also eliminates other sons of Robert and John. From Cumberland County wills we know that Phebe was not the daughter of James (son of John), William (son of John), or Holloway (son of Robert). From the John M. Hudgens Bible record in the Library of Virginia we know she was not the daughter of Drury Hudgens (son of John). From the Green County, Kentucky law suit we know she was not the daughter of John (son of Robert) or Moses (son of Robert).

  4. Kathy Maxwell Russell says:

    Bud Hallums, deceased, former County Historian for Cheatham County, Tennessee felt there was a familial connection between the Maxeys and the Hudgens, but he did not know where the link was. I concur with John Sinks that all the circumstances and information we have point to Phebe Hudgens, wife of James Maxey, being the daughter of James Hudgens, son of Robert. She would have been the daughter of his first wife, who had the name Phebe also. Edward and James, his father, held the land originally in Tennessee that they then sold to family members who were relocating from Virginia. Since Edward sold land to James Maxey very early on, it seems likely he was a family member. Also, James Maxey was a witness to the original 1,000 acre land grant purchase of Edward from John Nichols which indicates he went to Tennessee with the first family members to arrive. Such a witness would likely be a family member, neighbor or close acquaintance. In this case, it appears he was most likely a brother-in-law of Edward Hudgens, and was relocating to Tennessee with the rest of the Hudgens family.

    • James Maxey and Phebe Hudgens were married by Rev. Rene Chastain, a prominent Baptist minister and pastor of Buckingham County Baptist Church for 53 years, on Nov. 8, 1787 as noted in his diary. Shown in the Virginia Genealogical Society Quarterly, Vol. 30, No. 4, p2. This is the proof that we have sought to support all the other circumstantial evidence that James Maxey,Sr. was indeed a son-in-law of James Hudgens, Sr. by his marriage to Phebe Hudgens.

  5. Rebecca says:


    At the top of this page:

    You state that Hannah Hudgens, the wife of Boaz Ford died in 1780 and then proceed to list a batch of children born after 1780.

    ii. SAMUEL FORD, b. 30 Oct 1790; d. 02 Apr 1846.
    iii. LUKE FORD.
    v. AMBROSE FORD, d. 1814, Buckingham County VA.
    vii. WILLIAM FORD.
    viii. BOAZ FORD.
    ix. MARIE FORD, b. 23 May 1797, Buckingham County VA; d. 1846; m. JOHN AYERS.

    That is a pretty significant error. Which is correct: did Hannah die after her last child was b. 1797 in Buckingham or were these the children of someone else?

    I’m a descendant of Samuel Ford and would also like to know where you got his DOD, as I think he may have survived until after 1860.

    Thank for your efforts,

  6. Donna Pearce says:

    Tony, are we talking about Robert Hudgins (1705–I have 1710/1778) married to Martha Parker as the parents of James (1743/1814)?

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