Robert Hudgens (1705-1778)

ROBERT1 HUDGENS was born 1705 in England, and died 1778 in Cumberland County Virginia.

He married MARTHA PARKER in Caroline/Amelia County Virginia.  She was born 1705.


The Source For This Material By Ran Raider

Robert Hudgens (ca. 1705-1778) “of Caroline County” or “St. Margaret’s Parish” or Amelia County

Robert Hudgens, b.est. 1705, d.bef. 1778 at Cumberland County, Virginia

Robert, Ambrose, Philip, William Sr. and John Hudgens can all be found in Cumberland County between the years 1738 and 1755. Robert Hudgens owned the largest amount of land than any of the others. I have not yet found proof of the true relationships between the Hudgens of Cumberland County. William Hudgens, Jr.? may have moved to North Carolina. Philip Hudgens may have moved to Georgia. This is during the period of 1750-60 when they disappear from records in Cumberland County and those names begin to appear in records in those locations.

Most of the land Robert received as patents for importing settlers was located on Horn Quarter Creek and Bear Creek. These creeks are located off of Willis River in the middle western part of Cumberland County, Virginia. I can only speculate this, but Robert may have imported his brothers Ambrose, Philip, John, and William to Virginia.

I have not had any success in finding early evidence of land records for the Hudgens family in Caroline County where they had numerous court cases. A Mary Hugens appears in a 1702 road order for Caroline County. Robert and John Hudgens are referred to in a few deeds as “Of Caroline County.” The most interesting of these court cases involves Drury Hudgens. Robert Hudgens represented Drury in claim for money owed to his father John Hudgens in Caroline County. John Colquit was also there as a representative.

Sometimes you will see other researchers showing a middle initial for Robert Hudgens as a “R”. This was actually his mark as it appears on deeds.

Robert Hudgens, living in Cumberland County, advertises two mares taken up by him in the Virginia Gazette, 11 July and 17 July 1755.

Deed Book 1, Amelia County, Virginia, pg. 223. William Evans, Blacksmith, of Caroline County, Virginia to Robert Hudgins, Planter. Dated 21 March 1739. Consideration 15 pounds. Wit: Henry Anderson, Samuel Scott, and Jesse Scott. 300 acres, being whole tract patent by said William Evans on 13 October 1736, bounded in part by William Gates’ lower cor. next Pruits Creek near a small rocky branch, William Austin’s line, line of William Fuqua, alias Bentley, and lines of William Hendrick and William Gates. Deed ackn by William Evans and ordered recorded at Court held 25 March 1739. From: Gibson Jefferson McConnaughey. Deed Book 1, Amelia County, Virginia Deeds 1735-1743 Bonds 1735-1741. Amelia: Mid-South Publishing Co., 1981

Robert Hudgens was named as administrator of William Hendrick’s estate. Robert Hudgens married Martha Hendrick (nee Parker), the widow of William Hendrick. “Robert Hudgens and Martha, his wife, late relict of William Hendrick dec’d, granted administration of said Hendrick’s estate, James Collins and John Hudgens, Security, Richard Eckhols, Samuel Bentley, Edward Osborn, and Benjamin Hubbard, or any three, to appraise said estate.” 28 January 1739, Amelia County, Virginia, Court Order Book 1.

Deed Book 2, Amelia County, Virginia, pg. 303. Robert (X) Hudgins to John Drinkwater. Dated 18 April 1746 Consideration 30 pounds. Wit: None. 200 acres B/S Fort Branch of Mayes Branch of Flatt Creek, being patented to William Sizemore on 9 February 1737, and bounded as by sd. patent. Possession obtained by John Drinkwater on 18 April 1746. Deed ackn. by Robert Hudgins on 18 April 1746 and ordered recorded after Martha, HIS WIFE relinquished her right of dower. From: Gibson Jefferson McConnaughey. Deed Book 2, Amelia County, Virginia Deeds 1742-1747. Amelia: Mid-South Publishing Co., 1982

He first appears in the records for Ameila County, Virginia in 1736. He appears in a large amount of Grand Juries from 1739 to 1744 (and maybe further). Generally, those choosen for grand juries are older (21 or above) and established citizens, landowners, in the community.

Robert Hudgens, along with John Colquit, was the executor of John Hudgens estate. This was in Caroline County, Virginia. Robert Hudgens was also appointed as guardian for John Hudgens’ daughter Mary Hudgens who married Francis Flippen. Most people show John Hudgens, husband of Martha Holloway (?), death date as 23 October 1758, but he was at least dead by 13 June 1755 as based on court record: “Action of Debt. Robert Hudgens and c. executors of John Hudgens against James Martin. The defendant says he cannot deny he owes 10.4 pounds current money. It’s considered by the Court the plaintiffs recover 10.4 pounds.” Caroline County, Virginia Court Order Book.

Robert Hudgens and John Colquit ran an “ordinary” at Robert’s house in 1754.

Robert Hudgens children based on Deeds (notice that each of them only paid 5 shillings for their properties, most likely deeds of gift):

Robert Hudgens grantor to Moses Hudgens, five shillings, 400 acres by patent dated 5 September 1746, adj. William Holidays, a branch of Bear Creek, Robert Hughes, John Allen. 25 June 1759, Cumberland County, Virginia, Deed Book 2, pp. 490.

Robert Hudgens grantor to Ambrose Hudgens, five shillings, 200 acres adj. Buckingham Road, to a ridge, to a flatt rock on the west side of Willis River, 23 July 1764, Cumberland County, Virginia, Deed Book 3, pp. 494

Robert Hudgens grantor to James Hudgens, five shillings, 175 acres, adj. Horn Quarter Creek, Witness: Moses Hudgens, Maurice Langhorne, Joseph Caldland, 27 February 1771, Cumberland County, Virginia Deed Book 4, pp. 457

Robert Hudgens grantor to Holloway Hudgens, five shillings, 115 acres, “Being part of the said plantation whereon I (Robert) now live,” adj. Horn Quarter Run, Morris Langhorne, Alexander Trent. Witness: Moses Hudgens, John Hudgens, Kiddyan Hudgens, Boaz Ford, 3 August 1772, Cumberland County, Virginia, Deed Book 5, pp. 142

Robert Hudgens grantor to John Hudgens, five shillings, 110 acres, adj. Alexander Trent, Horn Quarter Run, Witness: Moses Hudgens, Holloway Hudgens, Boaz Ford, Kiddyan Hudgens, 3 August 1772, Cumberland County, Virginia, Deed Book 5, pp. 143.

Horn Quarter Creek is located near Trents Mill in present day Cumberland County, Virginia.

Robert Hudgens death date estimated from the will of Jonas Meador: “Jehu Meador, administrator paid: Holloway Hudgens for account of Robert Hudgens…In obedience to order of Court account was dated 23 November 1778.” Cumberland County, Will Book 2, pg. 257. A Robert Hudgens also appears on the tax list for Cumberland County, Virginia in 1787. If Robert was still alive in 1787 he would have been a very old man.

Spouse: Martha Parker, 1700-10 at Essex County, Virginia

Martha is the daughter of Robert Parker of Essex County, Virginia. Robert Parker may be the son of Thomas Parker of Essex County, Virginia. A Robert Parker was sheriff of Essex County. This Robert Parker was also a lawyer.

18 June 1736, bill of sale for a slave: Thomas Waring, of Essex County, to William Hendrick and his wife Martha, daughter of Robert Parker, late of Essex County, deceased, for 100 pounds, two Negroes, York and Frank… Witness: Joseph Munday, John Wood. Essex County Deed Book 21, page 11

20 September 1737, Martha Hendrick, widow, heir apparent of Robert Parker, deceased, of St. Anne Parish, Essex County, to Thomas Waring, of Essex County, for 90 pounds, an indefeazable Estate of Inheritance in fee simple, being 200 acres in Essex County, including a grist mill called Pleas Mills, adjoining said Waring; Robert Baggs, orphan of Edmond Baggs; John Tayloe; and the Mill Pond…being the land whereon John Parker formerly lived, and now in the tenure and occupation of Thomas Waring… signed Martha Hendrick. Witness: H. Robinson, Francis Waring, W. Beverly. Amelia County, Will Book 1, page 7a, in February 1739/40

Spouse: 1: James Merrit, 1734? at Essex County, Virginia

James and Martha Parker Merritt had no issue from their marriage. From Bob Baird: “For instance, the 23 August 1742 accounting of his estate by Robert Hudgens included payments to John and Francis Merrit and Mary Cox for their part of their brother James Merrit’s estate which came into the hands and possession of William Hendrick. Other accounting by Robert Hudgens identify James Merrit as the first husband of Martha (Hendrick) Hudgens. Robert Hudgens and his wife Martha were also involved in the final settlement of Merritt’s estate. The inventory and appraisal of Merritt’s estate was made in January 1734 in Caroline and Essex counties and was recorded in Essex County on 21 July 1736.”

Spouse: 2: William Hendrick, 1736/37 at Amelia County, Virginia

Amelia County, Will Bk. 1, pg. 7A: William Hendrick INV. Total valuation L48-.8 including two negroes valued at L41. By: Samuel Bentley, Richard Osborn. Sundrys valued in Essex County by Thomas Waring L2.174; Robert Hudgens Administrator February 1739 Returned. William Hendrick was the son of Adolphus Hendrick and grandson of Hance (Hans) Hendrick of Essex County.

Amelia County, Virginia: Will Book 1, pg. 1; L500 bond, Robert Hudgens and Martha Hudgens, administrators for William Hendrick, dec’d; with James Collins and John Hudgens, security. 18 January 1739.

Issue of William Hendrick and Martha Parker Hendrick:


Elizabeth Hendrick, b. 15 May 1732 at King William County, Virginia(?), d. 1 January 1809 at Oglethorpe, Georgia, buried at the Colquitt Family Cemetery, Oglethorpe, Georgia

Spouse: John Colquit, Jr., b. 3 February 1726/27, at Essex, Virginia, d. 1 January 1809 at Oglethorpe, Georgia, buried at the Colquitt Family Cemetery, Oglethorpe, Georgia

Marriage Date: 29 May 1753 at Cumberland County, Virgnia

John Colquit, Sr. and Robert Hudgens operated a Ordinary in Cumberland County, Virgnia:

Robert Hudgens: Cumberland County, Virginia, 25 March 1754. On the motion of Robert Hudgens leave is granted him to keep an ordinary at his house in this county for the space of one year from this time with John Colquit his security entered. Fretwell, Shela S. Abstracts of the Cumberland County, Virginia Court Order Books from June 1749 to May 1756. priv. pub. 1987, pg. 137.

The above information on William Hendrick and John Colquitt came from “Family Search”,

See also Bob Baird’s excellent web site on the Hendricks: Hance Hendrick

Bob Baird shared his research on the Hendrick’s family and provided me the information on Martha Hendrick’s maiden name as Parker.

Martha had at least one daughter with William Hendricks, Elizabeth. On 21 April 1749 a deed of gift was made between Robert Hudgens and Elizabeth Hendricks. “Deed of Gift, Robert Hudgens to Elizabeth Hendrick ordered recorded.” Amelia County, Virginia Court Order Book 2. Robert and Martha were granted administration, 29 January 1739, in Amelia County for the estate of William Hendrick. John Hudgens posted security. What is also unusual is that Robert Hudgens and John Colquitt were named executors of John Hudgens estate. John Colquitt married Elizabeth Hendricks, Martha’s daughter with William Hendrick. John Hudgens was a neighbor, ca. 1739, of Hans Hendrick, the grandfather of William Hendrick.

Martha’s birth date is based on the Deed of Gift of Robert Hudgens to Elizabeth Hendrick, when she reached age, 21.

Married: ca. 1738/39


i.        MOSE2 HUDGENS, b. 1738, Caroline County Virginia; d. 1811, Wayne County KY.

ii.       AMBROSE HUDGENS, b. 1743.


iv.      REBEKAH HUDGENS, d. Amelia County VA.

v.       JAMES HUDGENS, b. 1743, Cumberland Co.Va.; d. 20 Dec 1814, Robertson Co.TN.

vi.      HANNAH HUDGENS, b. 1750, Cumberland County Virginia; d. 1780.

vii.     HOLLOWAY HUDGENS, b. 1751, Cumberland County Virginia; d. 1821.

viii.    JOHN HUDGENS, b. 1752, Cumberland County Virginia; d. 08 Oct 1781, Green County KY.

9 Responses to Robert Hudgens (1705-1778)

  1. Kathy Maxwell Russell says:

    Tony, We show James Hudgens, Sr. (1750,Cumberland, VA-20 Dec 1814, Robertson, TN) as the son of John Hudgens and Martha Holloway. John’s will appoints William Hix as John’s guardian and Robert Hudgens as the guardian of Mary and of William. Probably Robert was John’s brother and James’s uncle, rather than father. It is logical then that one of James, Sr’s sons would be named Holloway after his mother, a common practice of the time.
    Kathy Maxwell Russell

    • John D. SInks says:

      Robert Hudgens sold James Hudgens 175 acres on Horn Creek for the nominal sum of 5 shllings on 27 Feb. 1771 (Cumberland Deed Bk 4, p. 457. On 16 July 1810, “I, James Hudgens, for diverse reasons… and more especially to prevent litigation and future compliance with the intention of the will of John Hudgens, my brother…relinquish and renounce for myself and heirs all claim and claims to any part & parcel of the said Estate Bequeathed by the said John Hudgens to Sarah Comminger.” (Davidson TN Deed Bk. H, p. 31). This deed is mentioned in Wm. Gibson v Alexander Carson et al, Green Co. KY Circuit Court Case #5850, in which fraud was alleged in Carson’s acquision of land left by John Hudgens to Sally Cumminger. Also named as siblings of John Hudgens, according to an abstract of this case, were Moses Hudgens (who signed a similar deed of relinquishment in Wayne Co., KY 23 July 1811), Holloway Hudgens, Rebekah wife of Joseph Fuqua, Hannah (decd) wife of Boaz Ford, Deliah, and wife of William Gibson. (Green Co. Review, Vo. 19 (Fall 1993) pp. 5-7).
      John D. Sinks
      Arlington, Va

  2. John D. SInks says:

    The accounting of the estate of Jonas Meador (Cumberland Will Bk. 2, pp. 257-258 contains the following entry under the year 1776: “To pd Holloway Hudgens per act Robt Hudgens 0.13.0”. There is a similar entry in 1774: “To pd Wm C. Hill for Act. Drury Hudgens 3.6.6.” Neither of these entries says that Drury or James is deceased, in contrast to an entry for 1778: “To pd Thos Sugth Hill for accot Jos Alexander deced.”

    Robert is found on the following subsequent records.
    1. Petition to the General Assembly received 7 January 1780 to prohibit the preaching of the Gospel and practice of the professions of law and physic by those not taking the oath of allegiance
    2. 1787 Buckingham Personal Property Tax List (listed as exempt)
    3. 1788 Buckingham Personal Property Tax List (listed as exempt)
    Courts had the authority to exempt individuals from the personal property tax for age or infirmity. In addition, The Cumberland court ordered any three of four men, including “James Hudgens (son of Robert) to view a road where Horn Quarter Road runs into the county (Cumberland Order Bk. 1786-1788, p. 208). James owned land on Horn Quarter Creek conveyed to him by Robert for the nominal sum of 5 shillings. (Cumberland Deed Bk 4, p. 457).

  3. Judy Willoughby says:

    I am confused. So James Hudgens Sr, father of my Gabriel, is NOT the son of John Hudgens and Martha Holloway? But is the son of Robert Hudgens and Martha Parker? So how does John Hudgens married to Martha Holloway figure into the family? Thanks for the info.

    • Donna Pearce says:

      Judy, I’m confused, too. The same names are used over and over. I don’t know the birth/death dates of your Gabriel, but I have Gabriel (1726/1770), who is the son (questionable) of John Ambrose Hudgins (1705/1784) and Mary Perrin (1704/1753). Then, I have that Gabriel has a son William (11756/1791), who has a son named Gabriel (1785/1844). Like I said, I don’t know if any of this is correct. Do you recognize any of these dates?

    • John Hudgens married to Martha Holloway was the BROTHER of Robert Hudgens married to Martha Parker. The two brothers BOTH had sons named James Hudgens, hence, the reason for a lot of the confusion. John died with minor children and named his brother Robert as the Guardian of his daughter Mary. The James Hudgens who removed to Robertson County, TN was the son of Robert Hudgens and married first to Phebe Hudgens, then to Susannah Hudgens. In 1794, this James Hudgens sold the land purchased years earlier for the nominal sum of 5 shillings from Robert Hudgens (his father). His wife, Phebe Hudgens, had to waive her dower rights to this land in court for the sale to take place. The sale of that land and the naming of Phebe as his wife links the James Hudgens of Robertson County, TN to Robert Hudgens as his father.

  4. John D. Sinks says:

    John Hudgens, who died in 1753 and was the father of Drury, James, William and Mary, left his slaves in the care of his brother Robert according to a Cumberland County Chancery suit [Drury Hudgens v Executors of John Hudgens]
    Only two men named James Hudgens appear on Cumberland County tax lists. James Hudgens, son of John, is designated as “junior” on some lists. He was roughly five to seven years younger than James Hudgens, son of Robert. The latter purchased land from his father on the Horn Quarter Creek in Cumberland County in 1771. He is designated as “Sr. on the 1787 personal property tax list of Cumberland. That year the court ordered James, “son of Robert,” to view a road to Horn Quarter Road, the area where James owned land. Only one James Hudgens owned land in this area. In 1788 James removed to Buckingham County.

  5. Rebecca says:

    If you click Rebekah in the tree above, it shows her as Rebekah Gibson, the daughter of Delilah and granddaughter of Robert.

  6. Donna Pearce says:

    From what I’ve found, they used the same given names in every generation and every sibling all the way down the line. In John Hudgins’ (son of Robert and Martha Parker) will, his siblings are listed to include: Moses, Holloway, Rebekah (wife of Joseph Fuqua), Delilah (wife of William Gibson) and Hannah, dec’d wife of Boaz Ford. As families were prone to do then, it makes sense that Delilah would name one of her daughters, Rebekah, after her sister. It’s really confusing with the same names used multiple times in every generation.

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