Robert M Hinchcliff

Robert Marion HINCHCLIFF (William HINCHCLIFF1) was born 1847 in IL, and died AFT Jun 1880.

He married Josephine DUNAWAY 18 Dec 1867 in , Williamson, IL, daughter of Samuel DUNAWAY and Julia Ann TARPLEY. She was born ABT Mar 1850 in IL, and died AFT Jul 1870. He married Louisa CLUCK 23 Feb 1876 in , Jackson, IL.

He married Chloe MITCHELL 24 May 1883 in , Williamson, IL.

Children of Robert Marion HINCHCLIFF and Josephine DUNAWAY are:

               i.      Edward Albert HINCHCLIFF was born Feb 1869 in IL, and died AFT Jun 1900.

              ii.     Ernest A. HINCHCLIFF was born 29 Jan 1871 in IL, and died 18 Mar 1925 in Murphysboro, Jackson, IL . He married Nellie VINYARD 28 Sep 1899 in , Jackson, IL , daughter of Henry VINYARD and Minerva E.. She was born Aug 1880 in IL, and died AFT Jan 1920.

             iii.     Mary HINCHCLIFF was born ABT 1875 in IL, and died AFT Jun 1880.

Child of Robert Marion HINCHCLIFF and Louisa CLUCK is:

               i.     Samuel Vincent HINCHCLIFF was born 16 Apr 1877 in , Jackson, IL, and died 4 Apr 1955.

Descendant Register, Generation No. 2

Edward Hinchcliff

2.Edward Albert HINCHCLIFF (Robert Marion HINCHCLIFF2, William HINCHCLIFF1) was born Feb 1869 in IL, and died AFT Jun 1900.

He married Lula STONE 18 Dec 1890 in , Williamson, IL. She was born Sep 1872 in IL , and died 1941. Lula was the daughter of John A Stone

Lula Stone Hinchcliff(1872-1941)

John A Stone

John A Stone

Children of Edgar Albert HINCHCLIFF and Lula STONE are:

              i.       Bessie HINCHCLIFF was born Jul 1890 in IL .

             ii.       Lloyd HINCHCLIFF was born Aug 1893 in IL .

            iii.       Harry HINCHCLIFF was born 29 Mar 1895 in IL . died Sept 1969 Maricopa AZ

                                     His Son Albert Hinchcliff (1928-2000)Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona

Robert Hinchcliff 1904

                iv.       Robert HINCHCLIFF was born Mar 1898 in IL .

                 v.       Josephine HINCHCLIFF was born May 1900 in IL .

                           She married Arthur Simpson

1905 Roberta & Josephine Hinchcliff

                     v.        Roberta  HINCHCLIFF was born 24 Dec 1902 and died 18 Dec 1968 married 1921 to Walter Roscoe Hudgens (1903-1977)

Roberta & Lula Stone Hinchcliff


  1. Zachary Hinchcliff says:

    I’m Harry Hinchcliff’s grandson! And Albert Hinchcliff’s son! -Zachary Hinchcliff.

  2. thudgee says:

    Zachery Hinchcliff, thank you for visting the website, maybe you would help me to fill in some info? My grandmother was Harry’s younger sister Roberta Hinchcliff Hudgens, i did visit her younger sister Josephine Hinchcliff Simpson in 1981, she gave me some of the pictures i posted. Do you know of any of the history? Do you have any pics? As you see, my material is very limited.

    Tony Hudgens
    Jacksonville, Florida

    • Mary Santiago says:

      Tony, I’m Mary Santiago, I was the fourth wife of Albert Hinchcliff. There are not many pictures because I was told there was a flood in the mid 1930s and most stuff including pictures were lost. I haven’t had contact with the Hinchcliff family since Albert’s death in 2000. What I do know is Harry Hinchcliff (died 1969) married Alice Opal Myers (died 1972). Children of Harry and Alice are: Albert born Aug 6 1928 (died Jan 9 2000), Margaret (Peggy) born about 1930, James Robert (Bob) born about 1932(died Feb 1995) and Cathy born about 1945.

      Albert married Juliann in Cartersville Il, no children. They divorced and he married Rilla Mae (Jackie) children of Jackie and Albert are: Phillip born May 1956, (adopted Apache Indian), Starr born Apr 1959 (Starr married Bruce Urbatch and have a son Deagan born Sep 1992) and Alan born Nov 1962. They divorced and Albert married Linda (died Sep 2003) child of Linda and Albert is Natalie born Nov 1977. They divorced and he married me, Mary (Carberry)our children are: Carissa born Aug 1982 (Carissa’s children are Trinity born Aug 1999 and Brooklynn born Jul 2006) and Zachary born Sep 1991.

      Peggy married Howard Wease (died about 2007). Children of Peggy and Howard are: Steve (died about 2008) Steve married Lois no children and Cynthia (Cynthia married Mark and their children are Katie, Zachary, Andrew, Joanthan and Destiney)

      Bob married Dorthory McCrey (died Jul 1999) child of Bob and Dorthory is Roberta (Bobbie), adopted. Bobbie married John, they has a daughter Christy born about the late 1970s.

      Cathy married Jim Copen. Children of Cathy and Jim are Greg born 1972 and Bruce born 1976.

      Also Robert Hinchcliff born 1898 died in the mid to late 1980s, he has a daughter Nanci.
      That is about all the info I have.

  3. Samantha Howerton Dennee says:

    Wow, so thrilled to have run across this page. I stumbled onto this site after googling my great-grandmothers name (Lula Stone). I am the grandaughter of Josephine Hinchcliff Simpson, Roberta’s sister.

    Josie married Arthur Simpson, so now you have that bit of info to fill in your blank:). I have seen many of these pictures, and some I have never seen, so I’m pretty excited about that. Please let me know if I can be of any help on the Hincliff side of your page. I could probably help you piece much of that together.

    I always remember my Grandma talking about Roberta and Roscoe! She had many fond memories of all of her siblings. Perhaps I vaguley remember your visit in the early 80’s? I am Linda Simpson Howerton’s daughter.

  4. Cynthia Wease-Cebuhar says:

    Here is a family tree for the family:


  5. Patricia Jabo says:

    I am not related, but this is information I have for Robert Marion Hinchcliff and Josephine Dunaway.
    HINCHCLIFF, MARION DUNAWAY, JOSEPHINE 1867-12-18 B 249 WILLIAMSON (Illinois Statewide Marriage Index, 1763-1900)

    Robert Marion Hinchcliff vs. Josephine Hinchcliff filed 1880. Robert says on 18 Dec 1867 he married Josephine Dunaway. He says he was a good husband but on 10 Aug 1879 Josephine committed adultery with John W. Cundiff and on 6 Oct 1879 committed adultery with Albert K. Elles. Robert asks the marriage be dissolved. He says there have been four children born to them, all now living with him. Albert Edgar aged 11 years, Ernest Augustus aged nine, Esther May aged five years, Samuel Vincent aged three years. He ask for custody of the children. (Williamson County, Illinois Divorces)

    MOREY, H HINCHCLIFF, JOSEPHINE (MRS) 1883-02-25 E 355 WILLIAMSON (Illinois Statewide Marriage Index, 1763-1900)

    Witness: Allie Hinchcliff & Chas. H. Dunaway
    No original return-Marriage Record 1 only. License states Moy; marriage certificate states Mory; Marriage Record states May. He was listed as age 25 and she as 30. It was a first marriage for him and hers isn’t listed. It is at least two for her. (Marriage Books from Wmson County, IL Historical Society)

  6. Carissa Patterson says:

    I know it been a few years, but I am the daughter of Albert Hinchcliff, brother of Zachary Hinchcliff and daughter of Mary Santiago. It’s been so great to come across this page and see pictures of my family.

    • cathy copen says:

      Carissa hi im your aunt cathy contact us if you would like. we all have wondered how you all have been I have done family research on the family if u are interested.

  7. John Howerton says:

    Hi cousins ..I remember alot of you …born 1961
    So I remember aunt Roberta ..fact i was with grandmaw
    When she collapsed..at Roscoe s an her trailer ..
    They had just moved it there not long before ..
    I look for history in So’il..and watch over Hinchcliff cemetery
    Still just where it was ..across the street from family store
    I sure wish I had found this two years ago ..✌ and live cousin

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