Descendants of Ephriam John Cooksey


2. EPHRIAM JOHN COOKSEY (JOHN1) was born 10 Mar 1821 in Smith Co TN., and died 15 Jan 1890 in Parker City, Johnson, Illinois.

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Elizabeth (Phillips) Cooksey

He married 30 Oct 1841 in Tennessee,(1) ELIZABETH PHILLIPS  daughter of THOMAS PHILLIPS and ELIZABETH TURNER She was born 1823 in VA., and died 1891 in Williamson Co.IL.

He married (2) LUVICA RUMMAGE MAY 18 May 1866 in Williamson County Illnois.  She was born 1838 in Kentucky


Burial: Crab Orchard Cemetary Williamson Co.IL

Residence: 1880, Grassy, Williamson, Illinois,


Residence: 1880, Grassy, Williamson, Illinois,

Johnson County Illinois 1900


3.                i.    MARY JANE3 COOKSEY, b. 24 Apr 1842, Smith, Tennessee; d. 19 Nov 1888, Williamson, Illinois.

4.               ii.    SARAH ELIZABETH COOKSEY, b. 27 Apr 1843, Smith, Tennessee; d. 25 Apr 1926, Dade, Florida.

5.              iii.    JOHN H COOKSEY, b. 09 Jun 1844, Smith Co.TN.; d. 18 Nov 1931, Marion, Illinois,


Samuel Marshall Cooksey & His Brother John Cooksey 1926

6.              iv.    WILLIAM T. COOKSEY, b. Jun 1846, Smith, Tennessee,

                  v.    MARTHA A. COOKSEY, b. 1848, Williamson Co.IL.

                vii.    ADELIA J. COOKSEY, b. 1849, Williamson Co.IL; d. Nov 1875, Williamson Co.IL.

8.             vii.    EPHRIAM W COOKSEY, b. 14 Mar 1854, Williamson, Illinois,  d. 08 Feb 1905, Williamson, Illinois.

9.            viii.    SAMUEL MARSHALL COOKSEY, b. 24 Jan 1856, Williamson, Illinois; d. 12 Jan 1930, Williamson, Illinois.


Burial: Crab Orchard Cemetary Williamson Co.IL

Generation No. 3

3. MARY JANE3 COOKSEY (EPHRIAM J.2, JOHN1) was born 24 Apr 1842 in Smith Co.TN., and died 19 Nov 1888 in Williamson Co.IL.

She married ZACHARIAH HUDGENS 1858 in Williamson Co.IL, son of JOHN HUDGENS and NANCY DURHAM.  He was born 03 Apr 1833 in Robertson Co.TN, and died 20 Sep 1902 in Williamson Co.IL.

Burial: Fountain Cemetary Williamson Co.IL


i.      EMMARANDA LUVENIA4 HUDGENS, b. 01 Nov 1859, Williamson Co.IL; d. 05 Aug 1886, Williamson Co.IL.

ii.     JOHN BELL HUDGENS, b. 26 Apr 1861, Williamson Co.IL; d. 03 Jan 1944, Goreville Johnson Co.IL.

iii.    MARY ELIZABETH HUDGENS, b. 19 Oct 1862, Williamson Co.IL; d. 15 May 1942, Carlyle Clinton Co.IL.

iv.    NANCY PARLEE HUDGENS, b. 28 Aug 1864, Williamson Co.IL; d. 01 Sep 1952, Williamson Co.IL.

v.      ROBERT LEE HUDGENS, b. 24 Feb 1866, Williamson Co.IL; d. 09 May 1939, Williamson Co.IL.

vi.     HIRAM ALEXANDER HUDGENS, b. 15 Jan 1868, Williamson Co.IL; d. 01 Sep 1952, Williamson Co.IL.

vii.    ALICE NORA HUDGENS, b. 20 Feb 1870, Williamson Co.IL; d. 19 Feb 1934, Williamson Co.IL.

viii.   JOSHUA ISHAM HUDGENS, b. 24 Jan 1872, Williamson Co.IL; d. 30 May 1916, Williamson Co.IL.

ix.      ZACHARIAH II HUDGENS, b. 23 Feb 1874, Williamson Co.IL; d. 20 Sep 1955, Fountain Cemetery Williamson Co.IL.

x.       HERMAN HUDGENS, b. 16 Jan 1876, Williamson Co.IL; d. 08 Sep 1950, Williamson Co.IL.

xi.      EGBERT THEODORE HUDGENS, b. 27 Jun 1878, Williamson Co.IL; d. 16 Jun 1966, Williamson Co.IL.

xii.     HUGH HUDGENS, b. 29 Jan 1882, Williamson Co.IL; d. 04 May 1969, Ross CA.

xiii.    LEROY CLEVELAND HUDGENS, b. 19 Dec 1885, Williamson Co.IL; d. 21 Dec 1950, Williamson Co.IL.

xiv.    ARTHUR FRANKLIN HUDGENS, b. 27 Jun 1888, Williamson Co.IL; d. 08 Apr 1972, Williamson Co.IL.

John & Sarah Cooksey Chamness

4. SARAH ELIZABETH3 COOKSEY (EPHRIAM J.2, JOHN1) was born 27 Apr 1843 in Smith, Tennessee, and died 25 Apr 1926 in Miami, Dade County, Florida.

She married JOHN MCCREARY CHAMNESS28 Nov 1861 in Williamson County Illnois.  He was born 20 Feb 1840 in Williamson County IL, and died 12 May 1901 in Williamson, Illinois,


Residence: 1880, Bainbridge, Williamson, Illinois



                    i.    SARAH4 CHAMNESS, b. 1866.

24.             ii.    JULIA ANN CHAMNESS, b. 1868, Williamson, Illinois, United States; d. 08 Oct 1938, Williamson, Illinois

25.            iii.    LYDIA LOURETTA CHAMNESS, b. 16 May 1869, Williamson, Illinois d. 03 Apr 1957,

                  iv.    ALMEDIA CHAMNESS, b. 22 Dec 1869, Williamson, Illinois; d. 1925 Peoria Illinois.

                   v.    MECKY CHAMNESS, b. 1871, Illinois.


Residence: 1880, Bainbridge, Williamson, Illinois,

                 vi.    LAREBY CHAMNESS, b. 1871, Illinois


Residence: 1880, Bainbridge, Williamson, Illinois,

26.           vii.    COLUMBUS MCMARY CHAMNESS, b. 1872, Williamson County IL; d. 1952, Jacksonville, Florida,

               viii.    MINNIE MARTHA CHAMNESS, b. 31 Dec 1873, Carbondale, IL; d. 10 Aug 1939, 300 S. Van Buren, Marion, IL; m. A.J.STARRICK, Marion Ill.

Cornelia Chamness

ix.    CORNELIA “NELIA” CHAMNESS, b. 18 Feb 1878; d. 12 Jul 1943, Williamson, Illinois, USA; m. SIMMONS, Miami FL.

27.             x.    CORDELIA “DELLA” CHAMNESS, b. 26 Nov 1880, Marion, Williamson, Illinois,  d. 20 Jan 1924, Creal Springs, Williamson, Illinois,

                  xi.    E M CHAMNESS, m. IDUNNO, Miami FL.

5. JOHN H.3 COOKSEY (EPHRIAM J.2, JOHN1) was born 09 Jun 1844 in Smith Co.TN., and died 18 Nov 1931 in Williamson Co.IL.

He married AMANDA A MCINTOSH 1863 in Williamson County Illnois, daughter of BENJAMIN MCINTOSH and ELIZABETH MASON.  She was born 17 Sep 1844 in Illinois, United States, and died 02 Dec 1926 in Marion, Williamson, Illinois,



i.      JOANNA BURNS4 COOKSEY, b. 1866; d. 1938.

ii.     LUCY COOKSEY, b. 1864.

iii.    MINSY COOKSEY, b. 1869.

iv.    MOLLIE COOKSEY, b. 1875.

v.     JOHNIE COOKSEY, b. 1883.

vi.    EVA COOKSEY, b. 1885.

vii.   MARY COOKSEY, b. 1889, Illinois

6.  WILLIAM T.3 COOKSEY (EPHRAIM JOHN2, JOHN1)56 was born Jun 1846 in Smith, Tennessee.

He married MARTHA C GULLEDGE.  23 Feb 1865 in Williamson County, Illinois She was born 1850, and died 1870.


           i.  PHOEBE ELIZABETH4 COOKSEY, b. 1870, Illinois, d. 1940, Yukon, Canadian, Oklahoma,  m. JACOB BURRELL GRANT JENKINS; b. 1865; d. 1941.

            ii. MARY COOKSEY

            iii JOSIAH COOKSEY

6.5    Martha A. Cooksey ( Ephraim J , John). Was born 1848

She married Michael Monroe Chamness on 19 Feb 1863 in Williamson County, Illinois.

More About Martha A. Cooksey and Michael Monroe Chamness:
Marriage: 19 Feb 1863, Williamson County, Illinois.

Children of Martha A. Cooksey and Michael Monroe Chamness are:

  1. Edward Wiley Chamness, b. 23 Dec 1869, d. 22 May 1927.

  2. John Bunyan Chamness.

  3. Leroy Chamness.

  4. Hugh Chamness.

  5. Katie Chamness.

  6. Nellie Chamness.

  7. Edna Chamness.

  8. Grace Chamness.

  9. Gertie Chamness, b. 18 Feb 1877, d. 06 Aug 1923.

  10. Bertie Chamness.

  11. Nora Chamness.

  12. Mary Ann Chamness.

7.  ADELIA J.3 COOKSEY (EPHRIAM J.2, JOHN1)was born 1849 in Williamson Co.IL, and died Nov 1875 in Williamson Co.IL.

She married WILLIAM THOMAS HUDGENS, son of JOHN HUDGENS and DELILAH FARMER.  He was born 16 Jan 1849 in Robertson Co.TN, and died Jun 1919 in Williamson Co.IL.


Burial: Fountain Cemetary Williamson Co.IL


i.      JULIA ANN4 HUDGENS, b. 10 Nov 1869, Williamson Co.IL; d. 11 Nov 1931, Williamson Co.IL.

ii.     DANIEL BOONE HUDGENS, b. 09 Aug 1872, Chamnesstown Cooksey Dist.Williamson Co.IL; d. 25 Aug 1962, Marion Williamson Co.IL.

iii.    SARAH ELIZABETH”NELL” HUDGENS, b. 29 Aug 1875, Williamson Co.IL; d. 27 Sep 1971, St.Louis, MO..

7. EPHRIAM W.3 COOKSEY (EPHRIAM J.2, JOHN1) was born 14 Mar 1854 in Williamson County IL, and died 08 Feb 1905 in Williamson County IL.

He married PARALEE ANGELINE LIGHTNER 27 Jul 1876 in Williamson County Illnois.  She was born 1853, and died 1905. Williamson County Illinois


           i.  HENRY A4 COOKSEY, b. 1879, Southern Township, Williamson, Illinois,; d. 1938, Nettleton, Craighead, Arkansas.

          ii.  ROBERT LEE COOKSEY, b. 1882, Williamson, Illinois,

         iii.  EPHRAIM JOEL COOKSEY, b. 1892, Williamson, Illinois,


Residence: 1900, Pulley’s Mill, Williamson, Illinois

Samuel Marshall Cooksey 1926

9.  SAMUEL MARSHALL3 COOKSEY (EPHRAIM JOHN2, JOHN1) was born 24 Jan 1856 in Williamson, Illinois, and died 12 Jan 1930 in Williamson, Illinois

He married MARY PAMELA FREY 1879.  She was born Mar 1859 in Illinois, and died 1927.


Burial: Crab Orchard Cemetary Williamson Co.IL

Residence: 1920, West Marion, Williamson, Illinois

More About MARY P FREY:

Residence: 1920, West Marion, Williamson, Illinois

Children of SAMUEL COOKSEY and MARY FREY are:

           i.  ALVA4 COOKSEY, b. Feb 1880, Illinois

          ii.  ERVA COOKSEY, b. Jul 1882, Williamson County Illinois died 27 May 1968 Wmson Co IL

         iii.  IVA COOKSEY, (1886-1916) Williamson County Illinois married                    Oscar Lightner STEPHENS (1877-1946)

         iv.  AVA COOKSEY , (1891-1983) Bainbridge, Williamson County Illinois


Generation No. 4   

Julia Chamness Suratt

 JULIA ANN4 CHAMNESS (SARAH ELIZABETH3 COOKSEY, EPHRAIM JOHN2, JOHN1)was born 1868 in Williamson, Illinois, and died 08 Oct 1938 in Williamson, Illinois,

She married ALLEN SYLVESTER  SURATT  1887 in Chamness IL.  He was born 07 Feb 1863 in Jerseyville, Jersey, Illinois, and died 14 Mar 1935 in Marion, Illinois

Allen and Julia Surratt grave marker


           i.  ROZELLA5 SURRAT, b. May 1887, Marion, Williamson, Illinois; d. 06 Aug 1972, Marion, Williamson, Illinois,

          ii.  CLORETTA SURRAT, b. 10 Oct 1888, Marion, Williamson, Illinois, d. 03 Mar 1906, Marion, Williamson, Illinois,

         iii.  GERTRUDE MAY SURRATT, b. Oct 1890, Illinois, United States; d. 12 Feb 1978, Carterville, Williamson, Illinois,.

         iv.  LEONARD ALLEN SURRATTb. 28 Apr 1897, Marion, Williamson, Illinois; d. 23 Sep 1899, Marion, Williamson, Illinois, United States.

          v.  NELIA TOTT SURRAT b. 21 Jul 1900, Marion, Williamson, Illinois,  d. 28 Jul 1900, Williamson, Illinois,

         vi.  LAWRENCE MCNARY SURRATT b. 28 Jul 1901, Marion, Williamson, Illinois, d. 05 Jul 1925, Marion, Williamson, Illinois,

        vii.  BEULAH ANN SURRATT, b. 1905, Illinois, d. May 1967, Carterville, Williamson, Illinois,

       viii.  SENIA B SMAT, b. 1905.

         ix.  WILLIAM SURRATT b. 1907, Illinois, United States; d. Jul 1970, Sterling, Whiteside, Illinois,

Lydia Chamness

  LYDIA LOURETTA4 CHAMNESS (SARAH ELIZABETH3 COOKSEY, EPHRAIM JOHN2, JOHN1) was born 16 May 1869 in Williamson, Illinois, and died 03 Apr 1957 in Williamson, Illinois, USA.

She married JOEL NORRIS 06 May 1890 in Crab Orchard, Williamson Co, IL, He was born 03 Nov 1865 in Marion, Williamson Co, IL, and died 18 Dec 1939 in Marion, Williamson Co, IL,

Mrs. Lydia Norris 1609 W. Main St. dies Wednesday at 12:25 a. m. in Marion Memorial Hospital at the age of 88 years. She was a native of Williamson County, born May 16, 1868, the daughter of John and Elizabeth Cooksey Chamness. Mrs. Norris was married in Crab Orchard in 1889 to Joel Norris who died December 18, 1939. She is survived by three daughters, Mrs. T. L. (Wavy) Klinge, of Detroit, Mich., Mrs. John W. (Ethel) Tinker, Philadelphia, Penn., and E. S.
(Gladys) Barnett, of Marion, four sons, Leo, O. L., and Joy of Marion Rt. 5 and John L. Norris, Exalted Ruler of the Marion Elks. There were ten grandchildren and eight great grandchildren. Deceased was a member of the Second Baptist Church and the T. E. L. Women’s Bible Class. Funeral services will be held Friday at 2 p. m. at the Wilson-Frick 
Funeral Home with pastor, Rev. John C. Corbitt in charge. Burial will be in Rose Hill Cemetery.




           i.     OEL NORRIS  b. 1892-1975, Illinois.

                Wife Rachel E Norris (1902 – 1951)

Maxine E Norris Short (1924 – 1974)*

                  CLYDE NORRIS   b. Sept 1894 d. 10 Oct 1895

          ii.    HARRY H NORRIS, b. 1896.

         iii.    WAVY JANE NORRIS b. 1896-1978 , Illinois. Married Tobias Louis Klinge (1884 – 1940)

         iv.    GLADNESS NORRIS, b. 1897.

          v.     INA NORRIS, b. 27 Apr 1901, Williamson Co IL died 7 Apr 1922

                                                                 One Daughter : Bernadine Elaine NORRIS (1919-1922)

         vi.     ETHEL NORRIS b. 1909, Illinois.

Almedia Chamness

ALMEDIA JOSEPHINE7 CHAMNESS (SARAH ELIZABETH6 COOKSEY, EPHRAIM JOHN5, JOHN4, JOHN3, THOMAS2, PHILLIP1)was born 22 Dec 1869 in Williamson, Illinois, and died 06 Dec 1925 in Peoria County Illinois.

She married JOSHUA BOLES 11 Sep 1888 in Williamson, Illinois, son of JAMES BOLES and MARY LANTZ.  He was born 14 Jul 1865, and died 26 Mar 1939.

Josh Almedia Boles

Josh Almedia Boles

Marion Daily Republican, Monday December 7, 1925
Mrs. Josh Boles Died at Peoria
Body of Former Marion Resident Returned to Marion for Burial

Mrs, Josh Boles of Peoria, passed away at her home in that city following an illness extending over October and November on December 6, 1925. The deceased was formerly a resident of Marion and moved to Peoria about six years ago.
She is the daughter of Jonathan Chamness and was formerly Media Josephine Chamness. She has a large number of brothers and sisters, two of these residing in Marion, Mrs. Minnie Staricks of east Marion street and Mrs. Joe Norris of Carbon street another sister Mrs. Allen Surat lives at Chamnesstown, southwest of Marion.

The deceased was the mother of a large family, one son Wiley Ted Boles living at 1200 North Logan street and another son Jessie Boles residing here. Two daughters Mrs. Raymond O’Neal and Mrs. Nettie Baker resided in West Frankfort, one son Harvey Boles lives in Texas a daughter Mrs. Ray Newlin lives in Detroit Mich. and a son Albert Boles resides in Peoria. Two daughters Maggie and Anna reside in Peoria.

The body is expected to arrive in Marion on Monday evening or Tuesday morning and will be removed to the home of her son, Wiley Boles at 1200 North Logan street where it will remain in state until the time of the funeral.
The deceased has a large host of friends in Marion and vicinity.


              i.   ALICE8 BOLES, b. 1889, Williamson County Illinois; d. 1913, Williamson County Illinois; m. HARRY L CALVERT; b. 1887; d. 1963.

             ii.   HARVEY JOSHUA BOLES, b. 1892, Williamson County Illinois; d. 1972, Ft Worth Texas.

            iii.   WILEY BERRY “TED” BOLES, b. 1893, Williamson County Illinois; d. 1952; m. FLOSSIE HASTINGS.

            iv.   JESSE JAMES BOLES, b. 1895, Williamson County Illinois; d. 1931, Cook County Illinois; m. IRVA JERUSHA GROVES; b. 1899, Williamson County Illinois; d. 1956, Williamson County Illinois.

             v.   MAE BOLES, (1897-1978), Williamson County Illinois; m. RAY NEWLIN.

            vi.   MATTIE ORA BOLES, b. 1898, Williamson County Illinois; d. 1943, Perry County Illinois; m. RUFUS FRANK COX; b. 1896; d. 1987.

           vii.   BERTHA ANGELINE BOLES, b. 1900, Williamson County Illinois; d. 1981; m. THOMAS RAYMOND O’NEIL; b. 1900.

          viii.   ANNA JULIA BOLES, b. 1902, Williamson County Illinois; d. 1940, Peoria County Illinois; m. JOHN ALEXANDER PATTERSON; b. 1903, Spring Valley, Bureau Co., IL; d. 1967, Bremerton, Kitsap Co., WA.

            ix.   ALBERT J BOLES, (1903-1966), Williamson County Illinois; d. 1966; m. SARAH JANE CREBO; b. 1905; d. 1995.

             x.   MARGARET DALENA BOLES, (1906-1986), Williamson County Illinois; d. 1986; m. THOMAS CREBO; b. 1904; d. 1969.


26.  COLUMBUS MCMARY4 CHAMNESS (SARAH ELIZABETH3 COOKSEY, EPHRAIM JOHN2, JOHN1) was born 1872 in Williamson County IL and died 1952 in Jacksonville, Duval, Florida,

He married LAURA ALICE SAMUEL 06 Sep 1893 in Williamson, Illinois.  She was born 1884 in Kentucky,


Residence: 1880, Bainbridge, Williamson, Illinois,


           i.  EARL O5 CHAMNESS, b. 1901, Illinois,

          ii.  LILLIAN CHAMNESSb. 1904, Illinois,

         iii.  VIVIAN CHAMNESS b. 1905, Illinois,

         iv.  BEATRICE CHAMNESS b. 1908, Illinois,


25.  MINNIE MARTHA CHAMNESS (SARAH ELIZABETH3 COOKSEY, EPHRAIM JOHN2, JOHN1) was born 30 Dec 1873 in Carbondale, Illinois, and died 10 Aug 1939 in Marion, Illinois,

She married Andrew J STARRICK 06 May 1890 in Crab Orchard, Williamson Co, IL, He was born 11 Jul 1869 in Marion, Williamson Co, IL, and died 2 Jun 1931 in Marion, Williamson Co, IL,

Minnie Chamness Starrick

Andrew & Minnie

The A.J. Starrick Family

Children of MINNIE CHAMNESS and A J  STARRICK are:

           i.  WILEY S STARRICK b. 1892, d 1893 Illinois

          ii.  CATHERINE M STARRICK, b. & d 1904.

         iii.  WILLIAM C STARRICK d. 1909, Illinois.


27.  CORDELIA “DELLA”4 CHAMNESS (SARAH ELIZABETH3 COOKSEY, EPHRAIM JOHN2, JOHN1) was born 26 Nov 1880 in Marion, Williamson, Illinois and died 20 Jan 1924 in Creal Springs, Williamson, Illinois, .

She married ALBERT SIMMONS 26 Mar 1898 in Illinois.  He was born 1878, and died 1944.


           i.  LIVING5 SIMMONS

          ii.  LIVING SIMMONS

         iii.  JOE SIMMONS, b. Abt. 1903, Illinois.

         iv.  ABE SIMMONS b. Abt. 1905, Illinois.

          v.  FRED AVERS SIMMONS, b. Abt. 1910, Illinois.

         vi.  ED SIMMONS, b. Abt. 1910, Illinois.

Joanna Cooksey with family

6. JOANNA BURNS4 COOKSEY (JOHN A.3, EPHRIAM J.2, JOHN1) was born 16 May 1866 in Chamness Town, Illinois, and died 26 Jun 1938 in Chamness Town.

She married (1) GEORGE CHAMNESS273,274.  He was born in Illinois, United States.

She married (2) FRED HENRY BARTH 25 Sep 1888 in Williamson, Illinois.  He was born 1861 in Kansas City, Wyandotte, Kansas, and died 1941 in Chamness Williamson County Illinois

She  married (1) GEORGE CHAMNESS.

She married (2) FRED HENRY BARTH 25 Sep 1888.  He was  born 1861, and died 1941.


i.      HARVEY HIRAM5 COOKSEY, b. 21 Mar 1885; d. 1941.

Children of JOANNA COOKSEY and FRED BARTH are:

ii.     GUSSIE MAE5 BARTH, b. 1891; d. 1979.

iii.    JOHN FRED BARTH, b. 1895; d. 1968.

iv.    CLAY CEASAR BARTH, b. 1897; d. 1974.

Generation 5

HENRY A7 COOKSEY (EPHRIAM W6, EPHRAIM JOHN5, JOHN4, JOHN3, THOMAS2, PHILLIP1) was born 1879 in Southern Township, Williamson, Illinois, and died 1938 in Nettleton, Craighead, Arkansas

He married ELLA JANET HEARREN 1904 in Roxie, Butler, Missouri.  She was born 1887, and died 1969 in Jonesboro, Craighead, Arkansas.


Residence: 1880, Southern, Williamson, Illinois


               i. MARY ANGELINE8 COOKSEY, b. 1906, Poplar Bluff, Butler; d. 1906, Poplar Bluff, Butler, Missouri.

             ii.   GERTIE ERMAL COOKSEY, b. 1907, Poplar Bluff, Butler; d. 1990, in Jonesboro, Craighead, Arkansas.

            iii.   FRED MARVIN COOKSEY, b. 1909, Poplar Bluff, Butler; d. 1980, in Jonesboro, Craighead, Arkansas

            iv.   LEE DALE COOKSEY, b. 1911, Poplar Bluff, Butler; d. 1942, Aleutian Islands, Pacific Ocean.

             v.   LETTIA CLEO BELLE COOKSEY, b. 1913, Poplar Bluff, Butler; d. 1993, Pomona, Los Angeles, California.


7. HARVEY HIRAM5 COOKSEY (JOANNA BURNS4, JOHN A.3, EPHRIAM J.2, JOHN1)was born 21 Mar 1885, and died 1941.  He married BESSIE LEE COCKE.  She was born 1887, and died 1977.

Harvey and Bessie Cooksey Gravestone


i.    BENJAMIN HARVEY6 COOKSEY, b. 31 Jan 1912, Williamson, Illinois, USA; d. 09 Jul 1967, Marion, Williamson, Illinois,

Joanna Ethelwyn Cooksey

ii.     JOANNA “DOLLY”ETHELWYN COOKSEY, b. 1909, Williamson, Illinois; d. 1967, Grand Junction, Mesa, Colorado; m. JOHN CLIFTON FELTS; b. 1906; d. 1967.

iii.    JOSEPH PAUL COOKSEY, b. 1914, Williamson, Illinois; d. 1967, Grand Junction, Mesa, Colorado, m. BRADLEY.

iv.     LACEENA LORRAINE COOKSEY, b. 1922, Williamson, Illinois; d. 1980, Williamson, Illinois,  m. KERWIN.


8. BENJAMIN HARVEY6 COOKSEY (HARVEY HIRAM5, JOANNA BURNS4, JOHN A.3, EPHRIAM J.2, JOHN1) was born 31 Jan 1912 in Williamson, Illinois, and died 09 Jul 1967 in Marion, Williamson, Illinois.

He married ELIZABETH EMILEY KELLER.  She was born 1913, and died 1988.


i.    LINDA LOU7 COOKSEY, b. 27 Oct 1940; m. JACK RICHEY, 09 Aug 1959; b. 05 Dec 1934, Zeigler, Williamson Co., Illinois.

ERVA L COOKSEY ( Samuel Marshall, Ephraim J )

Was born July 1882 in Williamson County Illinois, died 27 May 1968 Williamson County Illinois

He married Hattie Jackson.

Children of Erva Cooksey and Hattie Jackson are:

  1. Ella Cooksey.
  2. Nellie Cooksey.
  3. Troy Cooksey, b. 29 Jan 1910, Williamson County, Illinois, d. May 1982, Williamson County, Illinois.
  4. Opal Cooksey.
  5. Robert Cooksey, b. 05 Jun 1919, Williamson County, Illinois, d. Jun 1978.
  6. Doris Cooksey.

IVA COOKSEY ( Samuel Marshall, Ephraim J )

Was born 9 Sept 1886 in Williamson County Illinois, died 24 Jan 1916 Williamson County Illinois

was born 09 Sep 1886 in Williamson County, Illinois, and died 24 Jan 1916 in Williamson County, Illinois. She married Oscar Lightner Stephens on 10 Oct 1903 in Williamson County, Illinois.

More About Iva Cooksey and Oscar Lightner Stephens:
Marriage: 10 Oct 1903, Williamson County, Illinois.

Children of Iva Cooksey and Oscar Lightner Stephens are:

  1. Martin T. Stephens, b. 03 Aug 1907, Williamson County, Illinois, d. 1997

AVA COOKSEY ( Samuel Marshall, Ephraim J )

Was born 19 April 1890 in Williamson County Illinois, died 23 May 1983 Williamson County Illinois

Married 1911 Williamson County Illinois to James Lester CANNEDY 

They had one son: Lester L CANNEDY (1915-1999) who married Nellie                              WHITE  (1916-2003)

                            Issue: 1. Samuel CANNEDY 

                                        2. Earl CANNEDY

                                        3. Gerald CANNEDY (1942-2016)

                                        4. Vickie Lee CANNEDY

She married (2) Francis Thornton on 03 Feb 1934.

16 Responses to COOKSEY FAMILY

  1. Betty Jo Cooksey Eason says:

    Joseph Paul Cooksey is my biological father. I have a picture of my Dad, Mother and me on my grandmother’s porch. Her name was Bessie. I have a Bible she sent me for Christmas in 1957. Her address was 103 E. Young. possibly E. DeYoung in Marion, Ill. I spoke with Aunt Dolly(Ethelwyn) a few times over the years. My Dad phoned only occasionally. I spoke with him last, over the phone, at Redlands Construction Co. #. I have a sister, I believe her name is Jodean, whom I have never seen. My mother, Hezzie Spencer Jones, had two little girls , Betty Jo and Paula Faye, by Joseph Paul Cooksey. He was driving a truck when he met my mother. He did not marry her. Perhaps he wasn’t free to marry. I do not know the circumstances. My mother loved him until the day she died in Oct. 1990. I am overwhelmed to find my ancestors.

    • Martha Sue Herrin says:

      My name is Martha Sue (Cooksey) Herrin. I live in Carterville, IL, near Marion, IL. I am your first cousin. My dad, Benjamin Harvey Cooksey was your dad’s only brother. Yes, you do have a half-sister, JoDean (Cooksey) Fowler Lopez. JoDean and I grew up practically like sisters. We are the same age and were in the same grade in school. I am 74, so Jo is 75 now as her birthday is in May. She is a wonderful, sweet person. She lives in Colorado and has 5 children, although the oldest child, a son, is deceased. The rest of her children also live in Colorado. I did know Uncle Joe had children in Arkansas, but that is about all I knew. It was quite a surprise when my brother in Houston, TX called me about your response to the Cooksey Family item. If you would like to email me, my address is:

      • Karin Watkins-Bulger says:

        Martha, do you know anything about Mary A. Stevens, (nee Cooksey)? She married Wilford Elijah Stevens and their last known address was in Carterville, IL in 1910 living with their children; Martha, Nellie (Johns), Robert Bryan, William Earl and Amer Louis. My grandfather was Amer Louis who died at the age of 30. He is last seen in a 1920 census living with his foster parents; James and Mary Wadkins (Watkins). I’m trying to find out what happened to his parents. My grandfather was born in Marion, IL and moved to Lansing, MI to work in the car factories. He changed his name to Amer L. Watkins.

  2. My father was Joel Ray Cooksey (1956-1981), son of Robert Lee Cooksey and Isabelle (maiden Henderson) Cooksey. We have family in Marion, IL, though my father’s generation were from Chicago.

    My father’s father died when he was just a boy. Does anyone know anything about Robert Lee Cooksey? He would passed away some time in the mid to late 1960s I believe.

  3. edwardsklar says:

    i am looking for some info on a Betty Jo Cooksey dob 2/7/1922 or so i think she was in mid state tn but now sure, last i knew she was in Fla any help would be good.

  4. Karin Watkins-Bulger says:

    Hello, I am looking for the parents of Mary A. Cooksey (married Wilford Elijah Stevens on 9/22/1887 in Johnson County, Illinois) and had six children: W. Fred; Martha E; Robert Bryan; William Earl and Amer Louis. My grandfather is Amer Louis. Amer Louis is found in a 1920 census living with his foster parents; James and Mary Wadkins (Watkins). He changed his name to Amer Louis Watkins at the age of 18. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  5. Karin Watkins-Bulger says:

    I ordered the above Marriage record from Johnson County and it states that Mary A. Cooksey’s father was W.T. Cooksey and her mother was M. Gulledge and a witness to the marriage was G.W. Moke. If Martha Gulledge died at the age of 20 in 1870 then who is Martha Moak found in a 1880 U.S. Census married to Washing Moak and living with three Cooksey children: Mary A. Cooksey, Phebe E. Cooksey and Josiah F. Cooksey.

    • Marcy Lovick says:

      Hi Karin, I am a descendant of Phoebe Elizabeth Cooksey, who is the Phebe you find listed in the household of Martha Gulledge Cooksey Moak on the 1880 Census. Martha Gulledge was married first to William J. Cooksey. When he died she married George Washington Moake. There were two girls of about the same age living in Williamson County, IL named Martha Gulledge. One was the Martha who married William Cooksey – that Martha was the daughter of Frederick Gulledge. The second Martha Gulledge was Frederick Gulledge’s granddaughter, the daughter of Frederick’s son William Gulledge and his wife Phoebe Dorris. good luck with your research, Marcy

      • Karin Watkins-Bulger says:

        Thank you Marcy for the information! I actually got in touch with a man named Donald Gulledge who seems to know his stuff. He told me the same thing. Phoebe, Mary and Josiah’s mother was Martha Gulledge, daughter of Frederick and she did not die in 1870 because she is remarried to George Washington Moake in 1880. So many people get them mixed up. Would you happen to have any pictures and any more information, such as death dates, burial…anything? I don’t know where or how Mary died and her youngest son, Amer was placed in a foster home at age 15, changed his last name from Stevens to Watkins and then moved to Lansing, MI to work in the car factories. He died at the age of 30 and we never knew him or his family history. Someday, I’d like to take a trip to Southern Illinois and find some family. You can reach me at littlegemini65@yahoo. Karin Watkins

  6. Judith Starrick Mente says:

    Thank you for posting all of this. I am the granddaughter of Minnie Chamness and Andrew Starrick. I am also a DAR always looking for documentation about this family. I do not have documentation that Elizabeth Phillips’ was married to Thomas. I would really appreciate a contact from you so that I can access that documentation. Thank you. Judith Starrick Mente

  7. Marcy Lovick says:

    Like Judith, I’m a member of DAR also and would love to be able to document the maiden name of Elizabeth, mother of Elizabeth Phillips Cooksey [I’m a descendant of William J. Cooksey and martha Gulledge.] If anyone has any source information that would lead us to her maiden name and marriage, I would really appreciate the info!

  8. Sue Hardwig says:

    My great grandfather was Michael Monroe Chamness and Minerva Jane Huffstutler Crain, Michael’s 2nd wife. The children listed for Martha Cooksey also include the children from Michael’s 2nd marriage. I would be glad to share the correct information. Sue Grisham Hardwig,

  9. Vicki Cooley says:

    Ava Cooksey Cannedy/Thornton from southern Illinois was my grandmother. Would love to know more information about her and family.

  10. Michael D. Cooksey says:

    My Grandfather was Fred Marvin Cooksey. My Dad was Floyd Fred Cooksey who married Mary Jo Somers. Children: Freda May Cooksey, Lonnie Gene Cooksey, Judy Gay Cooksey, Tonnie Ray Cooksey, Ricky Dale Cooksey (Stillborn) Michael Dewayne, Cooksey, Stephen Allen Cooksey

  11. Michael D. Cooksey says:

    Fred Marvin Cooksey was my Grandfather. My Dad was Floyd Fred Cooksey. Dad’s Mom was Ida Adams.

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