1. where would the hudgens be from mathew’s county/virginia be??????????that is the line i am from……some came to ontario/canada…….

    • caleb hudgens says:

      I’m Caleb Hudgens father Daniel hudgens mother Kim nix and my fathers parents deamus and Reba hudgens would like more info if available I am from northgnorthgeorgia and south Tennessee (chatt area) father is from ft.Walton beach Floridian

    • Mary Russell says:

      I know of that group of Hudgens and many of the same given names appear among them as they do among our branch. I suspect that there is a connection somewhere, but I have never been able to find it. Our branch goes back to a Robert Hudgens (1705-1780) who married Martha Parker. He lived in Cumberland and Buckingham Counties of Virginia, and may have been born in England rather than the colonies. It is unknown.

  2. yes i am from those hardy souls that ventured to canada….at that time it was referred to upper canada….they first travelled to new brunswick, and then on to what is now ontario…..then finally settling in prince edward county!!!!!!!

  3. Donna says:

    Hello, I am interested in getting in touch with a family member of Viola Fay (Hudgens) Crosby or her daughter, Patricia Lee Crosby. I understand both ladies have since passed. Patricia Crosby posted a translation of the Conrey bible in a Jacksonville, Florida 6/1/1978 newsletter. I seek the new owner of this bible.

    • John Crosby says:

      Did you ever get anybody who replied to this query? I do not recall who has Pat’s possessions but she was my Aunt. I can ask a few relatives.

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