INDIA ANNE4 HUDGENS (JOHN THOMAS3, JAMES2, JAMES1) was born 05 Jan 1836 in Robertson Co.TN, and died 24 Sep 1906 in Williamson Co.IL.

She married THOMAS BENTON NORRIS Feb 1856 in Williamson Co.IL, son of JOEL NORRIS and LUCY.  He was born 16 Feb 1832 in Illinois, and died 13 Apr 1893 in Williamson Co.IL.


i.         WILLIAM B NORRIS, b.1857

ii.       JOHN CLINTON NORRIS, b. 8 Oct 1858 Jefferson County Illinois d.21 Sept 1925 in Williamson Co, Illinois m. 12 Jan 1890 in Johnson County Illinois   KISSANNE PRITCHETT.

iii.      HAZEL QUEEN NORRIS, b.1865 d. 02 Nov 1941; m. MARTIN HALL.

iv.      ZACHARIAH DOVE NORRIS. b. 1860 d.1954

v.       ELLA NORRIS, b. 1860, Williamson Co.IL; d. 01 Jan 1918, Illinois; m. THEODORE HUDSON; b. 12 Aug 1850, TN.; d. 01 Sep 1931, Fountain C Williamson Co Ill;

vi.      JOSEPH “JOEL” NORRIS, born 1868 Jefferson County Illinois died 27 Apr 1927 in St. Louis, Missouri,m. PEARL BARTH.

vii.     CHARLIE L NORRIS, b. 30 Mar 1871 in Williamson Co, IL d. 8 Sept 1927 in Williamson Co, IL m. ADDIE RIDENHAUR.

viii.    MAYME NORRIS, b. 1875; d. 1953; m. LEVI A “LEE” HALL; b. 1869; d. 1920.

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