JOHN BELL5 HUDGENS (ZACHARIAH4, JOHN THOMAS3, JAMES2, JAMES1) was born 26 Apr 1861 in Williamson Co.IL, and died 03 Jan 1944 in Goreville Johnson Co.IL.

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Photos Of JB Hudgens Family

Genealogy Of J B Hudgens

He married (1) ANNA L. “EMMARANDA” MCINTURFF, daughter of ADAM MCINTURFF and HARRIETT GOODALL.  She was born 23 Jun 1862 in Williamson Co IL, and died 07 Aug 1893 in Williamson Co IL.

He married (2) BERTIE FLY 1894, daughter of JESSE FLY and EMMARANDA MCINTOSH.  She was born 14 Mar 1876 in Wayne Co Illinois, and died 02 Sep 1960.


i.    EARL GROVER CLEVELAND6 HUDGENS, b. 22 Aug 1884, Hudgens, Williamson Co.IL; d. 07 Apr 1944, Fountain Cemetary, Williamson Co., Illinois.

ii.    GUY BELL HUDGENS, b. 17 Sep 1886, Pulley’s Mill IL; d. 13 Jul 1922, Fountain Cemetary, Williamson Co., Illinois.

iii.    DEWITT ADAM HUDGENS, b. 11 Feb 1889, Pulley’s Mill IL; d. 13 Nov 1890.

Burial: Fountain Cemetary Williamson Co.IL

iv.    MARY RUBY HUDGENS, b. 23 Feb 1893, Pulley’s Mill IL; d. 12 Mar 1979, Salem, marion Co., IL.

Children of JOHN HUDGENS and BERTIE FLY are:

v.  ARBA FLY6 HUDGENS, b. 20 Aug 1896; d. Sep 1972, Salem Marion County Illinois.

vi.    VAL JEAN HUDGENS, b. 15 Dec 1898, Pulley’s Mill IL; d. 23 May 1973, San Leandro CA.

vii.    WILHELMA HUDGENS, b. 07 Dec 1902, Goreville Johnson Co.IL.

viii.    EMMA MAXINE HUDGENS, b. 18 Jan 1906, Goreville Johnson Co.IL; d. 06 Apr 1985, Marion  Williamson Co.IL.

ix.    JOHN JACKSON HUDGENS, b. 16 Dec 1909, Goreville Johnson Co.IL; d. 13 Jul 1962, Marion  Williamson Co.IL.

x.    KAY BERTON HUDGENS, b. 21 Dec 1918; d. 26 Feb 2002, Bourbonnais, Kankakee, IL.

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