MARTHA ANN3 HUDGENS (WILLIAM2, JAMES1) was born 1829 in Robertson Co.TN, and died 04 Dec 1882 in Robertson Co.TN..

She married WILLIAM WILLIS STERRY 20 Apr 1848.  He was born 1818 in N.Y., and died 1894 in Robertson Co.TN.


i.       WILLIAM WILLISTON JR.4 STERRY, b. 22 Nov 1851, Tennessee; d. 19 Dec 1902, Joelton, TN..

ii.      MARTHA ANN ELIZABETH STERRY, b. 25 May 1853, Robertson Co.TN.

iii.     THOMAS EDWARD STERRY, b. 22 Jan 1855, Robertson Co.TN; d. 13 Nov 1876.

iv.      CHARLES WASHINGTON STERRY, b. 17 Apr 1857, Cheatham Co.TN; d. 13 Mar 1927.

v.       THEODORE ASHLEY STERRY, b. 27 Jan 1860; d. 13 Dec 1882; m. ANNA E. LEIGH, 30 Dec 1880.

vi.      NANCY ALLEN STERRY, b. 11 Nov 1861.

vii.     SARAH JANE STERRY, b. 19 Jan 1864, Cheatham Co.TN..

viii.    HENRY ROBERTSON STERRY, b. 01 Feb 1867, Cheatham Co TN; d. 14 Aug 1912, Cheatham Co.TN..

ix.      GEORGE CHANNING STERRY, b. 05 Jan 1871; d. 17 Jul 1872.

x.        HUGH LAWSON STERRY, b. 02 Apr 1873, Cheatham Co.TN.; d. 21 Mar 1946, Cheatham Co.TN..

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