Winfield Sylvester Hudgens Late 1870s

WINFIELD SYLVESTER4 HUDGENS (DANIEL3, JAMES2, JAMES1) was born 26 Jan 1852 in Robertson Co.TN, and died 24 Feb 1911 in Cheatham Co.TN..


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Winfield died one month and 2 days after his 16 year old son Joseph had died from a case of the measles given to him purposefully by a friend’s family as a joke! The family did not tell Joseph that his friend had the dreaded, often fatal illness and allowed him to visit all afternoon in a closed, hot room with the sick friend.

He married MARY HOUSTON BOYD 19 Feb 1882 in Cheatham Co.TN..  She was born 12 Sep 1861, and died 15 Jul 1962 in Cheatham Co.TN.. She was the daughter of Matthew Houston Boyd (1826-1896) and his wife Eliza Jane Casey (1828-1904)


Burial: Hudgens Cemetary Cheatham Co.TN.

BackRow: Henry H, Joseph,Ada Eldora & Edgar Front Row: Winfield, Percy, Mary H & Floyd Hudgens 1905


i.     ADA ELDORA5 HUDGENS, b. 21 Nov 1883, Cheatham Co.TN.; d. 06 Feb 1945, Cheatham Co.TN.; m. (1) CLARENCE HUGHES; b. 1877; d. 17 Nov 1912; m. (2) ALBERT GREEN; b. 11 Feb 1872; d. 12 Jul 1935, Cheatham Co.TN..

ii.     HERBERT HOUSTON HUDGENS, b. 16 May 1886, Cheatham Co.TN.; d. Dec 1886, Cheatham Co.TN.

Death of Twins

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Herbert Houston and Jesse Hamilton were twins born in May, 1886. On a cold day in December of 1886, their family moved to a different farm house. That night the two boys, aged seven months, died of the croup. This story was told to me by my mother, Mary Frances Hughes Maxwell, grand daughter of Mary Houston Boyd Hudgens, the mother of the twins.

iii.    JESSE HAMILTON HUDGENS, b. 16 May 1886, Cheatham Co.TN.; d. Dec 1886, Cheatham Co.TN..

iv.     MARY FRANCIS HUDGENS, b. 12 Jun 1888, Cheatham Co.TN.; d. 1890, Cheatham Co.TN..

v.      EDGAR WINFIELD HUDGENS, b. 25 May 1890, Cheatham Co.TN.; d. 22 Nov 1968, Nashville Davidson Co.TN; m. CORA LILLIAN MAYO, Dec 1915; b. 29 Aug 1887; d. 25 Nov 1937.

vi.     EARL BOYD HUDGENS, b. 03 Jun 1892, Cheatham Co.TN.; d. 13 Jul 1899, Cheatham Co.TN..


vii.    JOSEPH MILTON HUDGENS, b. 27 Aug 1894, Cheatham Co.TN.; d. 22 Jan 1911, Cheatham Co.TN..


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Joe had a sick friend in the county that winter and went to visit the boy while he was confined. The family of the sick boy did not tell Joe that his friend had the measles, thinking it would be humorous if Joe unwittingly caught the measles. The two boys spent the afternoon visiting in the close, hot bedroom, and later Joe did indeed develop the measles. But it was not humorous after all as Joe died of the measles!



PercyFloydHermanHudgens July 1979 Nashville

viii.    HENRY HERMAN HUDGENS, b. 27 Sep 1897, Cheatham Co.TN.; d. 1980, Cheatham Co.TN.; m. ILA.

ix.      FLOYD JACKSON HUDGENS, b. 02 Aug 1899, Cheatham Co.TN.; d. 03 Mar 1980, Cheatham Co.TN.; m.  ATLANTA”LANT” IRENE HUDGENS, 20 Oct 1920; b. 08 Feb 1900, Tennessee; d. 13 Jan 1973, Nashville Davidson Co TN.


x.       PERCY GRAHAM HUDGENS, b. 22 Jun 1901, Cheatham Co.TN.; d. 29 May 1993 Brentwood Davidson Co.TN. married Elva MITCHELL born 1902

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  1. Kathy Maxwell Russell says:

    In the photo above of the three young men and their mother, Mary Houston Boyd Hudgens, the correct order of names (left to right) is Percy, FLOYD, Herman, Mary. Actually, they are standing in the exact same order in the photo immediately below of them in old age. Interesting contrast.

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