JOHN MORGAN4 HUDGENS (HOLDEN H.3, GABRIEL2, JAMES1) was born 04 Aug 1867 in Graves, Kentucky, United States,, and died 12 Apr 1928 in Davidson Co.TN.

He married CORA CAROLINE GREEN 30 Jan 1887 in Robertson Co TN, daughter of SAMUEL GREEN and MARTHA DORRIS.  She was born Sep 1869 in Tennessee, and died 1961 in Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee

He married CORA GREEN.  She was born Sep 1869, and died 1961 in Cheatham Co.TN.

Children of JOHN HUDGENS and CORA GREEN are:

i.      THOMAS J.5 HUDGENS, b. 06 Dec 1887; d. 1969, TN.; m. ANNA BELL PERRY; b. 1899; d. 28 May 1988, Davidson Co.TN.

ii.     MAY HUDGENS, b. Aug 1889.

iii.    WADE ODELL HUDGENS, b. 08 Feb 1891; d. 09 Mar 1970, Cheatham Co.TN; m. FLOSSIE PERRY; b. 14 Jan 1898; d. 20 Nov 1997, Davidson Co.TN.

iv.     BEULAH HUDGENS, b. Nov 1893; d. 1970, Cheatham Co.TN. married Edward HOFER b.1887


Burial: Goodsprings Cem. Cheatham Co.TN

v.      MATTIE HUDGENS, b. Feb 1895. married Clifford BENNETT

vi.     FANNIE B HUDGENS, b. Feb 1898 married Dempsey HARRIS born 1900

vii.    FRANKLIN HUDGENS, b. Feb 1900.

viii.   EMILY HENRIETTA HUDGENS b.1902 d.1996

ix.      JOHN SAMUEL HUDGENS, b. 08 Jun 1904; d. 1993, Davidson Co.TN;

x.       HARDY GROVER HUDGENS, b. 1906. d. 1993 married Nellie Doris

xi.      ANNA HUDGENS, b.14 Jan 1908,TN d. 25 Jan 2001 Nashville TN married Russell RANDOLPH

xii.     WILLIAM WELDON HUDGENS, b. 30 Jan 1910 TN d.19 Jun 1989 Volusia Co FL married Onie Binkley

xiii.    SAMUEL G HUDGENS, b. 1905

xiv.    ICIE DORA HUDGENS, b. 23 Oct 1912 TN d.5 Nov 1996 TN

xv.     MAMIE HATTIE HUDGENS b 1908 TN married Lester Simmons

4 Responses to JOHN MORGAN HUDGENS (1867-1928 )

  1. Morgan Hudgens says:

    My father, Ralph Hudgens, was just elected State of Georgia Insurance Commissioner after 6 years as a senator. His father was James Hudgens. I would like to see where we fit in if at all. Most of our family comes from Laurens SC.

    • thudgee says:

      The Laurens SC line so far has net been connected to my Hudgens, your line starts with Ambrose Hudgens(1762-1844), my line has an Ambrose about the same time period, but no connection yet. I do have alot on your line I could share with you.
      I have a James Andrew Hudgens(1886-1976) whose son Ralph Hudgens born in 1927 Pickens Co SC Seems kinda old? To be “just” elected, but impossible, Is this you?
      If not, can you give me more info?
      Thanks – Tony Hudgens
      also, how did you find this site? I just stated it a few days ago, I still have alot to add.

      • Morgan Hudgens says:

        Thanks for the reply. You are correct. My line comes down from Ambrose Hudgens and the Ralph born in 1927 is not my father. My father was born in 1942. I would love to see what you have on my line, and I have an uncle in Laurens that has pretty extensive detail on our line. I will copy him and maybe we can find the connection between what you have and what he has.
        I found you because I have Google notifications set up so that anything posted on the web containing “Morgan Hudgens” is sent to me, so when you posted, I was notified. Great job on this by the way. I hope we can find the connection.

  2. Morgan Hudgens says:

    That is very interesting re: John Morgan Hudgens ! Tony Hudgens is correct in that Ambrose Hudgens did start our linage coming into Virginia in the late 1700’s. I think possibly from Kent, England but the spelling in England was Hudgins , so not sure. If I remember correctly , Ambrose Hudgens had 11 – 12 children and each one of the children had 11 or so children with the exception of one or two that never married but it’s been a while since I’ve looked at my info.

    Here is where my info. hits a snag. My info. indicates that James Hudgens, my gg grandfather, your ggg, had a son by the name of Robert A. (Ambrose, I suppose) my g grandfather and he married Mary ( Molly) Wharton Hudgens and they had one son William Henry Hudgens, my grandfather and for whom I was named. Now, gg grandfather James was married to Eliza ( I think?) They had more children than just Robert A. , as it is my understanding due to Mr. Thornwell Dunlap, Jr. ( now deceased) telling me before his death that his g grandfather was James Hudgens , CSA veteran that lived off Stage Coach Rd., Maddens Sta. , SC ( that’s our James ) . Mr. Dunlap’s grandmother was Annie Hudgens Dunlap , daughter of James and that James died July, 1893 ( I think) in a home that still stands that belongs to the Dunlap family in Mountville, SC. Dad and Mom were always riding down to Mountville on Sunday afternoons to visit with Cousin Annie Dunlap. So, this all fits in. Here is what I would like to know , if the info. that you get from Tony Hudgens eludes to this in any way, please forward on . I would love to fill in the gap as to how many children James Hudgens did have . Also, if our James did have a daughter by the name of Annie that married a Dunlap then I would like to pursue the possibility of the Dunlap family having a photo of James that we might be able to copy , etc.

    Thanks Morgan and please advise back if anything interesting crops up!

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