CORA5 HUDGENS (JOHN ZACHARIAH4, WILLIAM LEWIS3, JAMES2, JAMES1) was born 20 Mar 1876 in Williamson Co.IL, and died 15 Feb 1963 in Victoria Texas.

She married JAY BUCHANAN.

Children of CORA HUDGENS and JAY BUCHANAN are:

i.    ALTA6 BUCHANAN, d. Yokum, TX; m. BROWN.




E J Buchanan W Main St Marion IL Hudgens Family

Cora Buchanan 1932

One Response to CORA HUDGENS (BUCHANAN) (1876-1963)

  1. Hi, Tony. The 1900 census shows Elija Buchanon along with Cora, and two other Buchanons originally from Tennessee, living in Victoria Texas. That would indicate that the first picture above would have been taken before 1900. Do you think it’s possible that the man seated on the left in the front could have been John Zachariah? William Henry Hudgens died in 1897. I wonder if the man seated on the right is him. I guess there’s no way to prove it, but if an expert could compare the 1932 reunion photo with this one taken some 30+ years earlier, we might find that this is a photo of John Zachariah, his living children, and his second wife Harriet Worthen Hall Hudgens.

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