LEROY MOSES5 HUDGENS (THOMAS BENTON4, WILLIAM LEWIS3, JAMES2, JAMES1) was born 03 Jun 1874 in Williamson Co.IL, and died 09 Oct 1931 in Williamson Co. IL.

He married (1) LAURA. ORA PULLEY 20 Dec 1899 in Illinois, daughter of SAMUEL E.PULLEY and ELLEN SCOBEY.  She was born 03 Mar 1871 in Illinois, and died 09 Oct 1930 in Williamson Co.IL.

He married (2) CLARA WARDEN 26 Feb 1931 in Williamson Co. IL.


Burial: Lake Creek Williamson Co IL

Children of LEROY HUDGENS and LAURA. PULLEY are:

i.       FORREST6 HUDGENS,was born 2 OCT 1900 in Illinois, and died 8 APR 1980 in Williamson Co., IL. He married Zada D DAVIS 30 MAR 1922, daughter of Josiah DAVIS and Sarah EVERETT. She was born 4 JAN 1902 in Illinois, and died 22 MAR 1994 in Williamson Co., IL.

ii.      GLADYS HUDGENS, b. 19 Jan 1902, Johnson Co.IL; d. 25 Aug 1971, Williamson Co.IL.

iii.    HELEN GAY HUDGENS, b. 28 Jul 1903, Illinois; d. 29 Oct 1971, Illinois.

iv.     KENNETH HUDGENS, was born 1906 in Illinois, and died 22 MAY 1967. He married Virginia K KIRBY. She was born 28 NOV 1904 in Illinois, and died 25 DEC 2002 in Carmichael, Sacramento Co., CA

v.      SAMUEL T. HUDGENS, b. 08 Jun 1908, Illinois; d. 24 Sep 1968; m. HELEN ARNOLD.

vi.     SYLVIA L.HUDGENS, b. 14 Dec 1911, Illinois; d. 01 Nov 1988

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