RUFUS AARON5 HARRIS (REBECCA DELILAH4 HUDGENS, WILLIAM LEWIS3, JAMES2, JAMES1) was born 22 Dec 1862 in Williamson Co.IL, and died 17 Dec 1915 in Monticello Piatt Co.IL.

He married LOU ELLA BARHAM Jul 1884 in Springfield TN.  She was born 10 Oct 1868 in Johnson Co.IL, and died 26 Sep 1935 in Decatur, Macon Co.IL.

Children of RUFUS HARRIS and LOU BARHAM are:

i.    LORA VIDA6 HARRIS, b. 10 Apr 1886, Williamson Co.IL; d. 16 May 1968; m. SHERMAN MERRITT.

ii.    LEMAN LLOYD HARRIS, b. 27 Jun 1887, Johnson Co.IL; d. 29 Dec 1953.

iii.    BERTON OTTO HARRIS, b. 10 Nov 1888, Williamson Co.IL; d. 10 Oct 1972.

v.    HARLEY ALVA HARRIS, b. 13 Feb 1890, Williamson Co.IL; d. 27 Oct 1917.

v.    TROY RANDALL HARRIS, b. 13 Jun 1891, Williamson Co.IL; m. (1) ELIZABETH PARKS; m. (2) ANN BLOOMINGDALE.

vi.    EVA LENA HARRIS, b. 31 Oct 1892, Williamson Co.IL., died 1976

vii.    ARTHUR EARL HARRIS, b. 05 Apr 1894, Williamson Co.IL; m. ETHEL NOLOTT.

ii.    EDDIE HARRIS, b. 31 Mar 1895, Johnson Co.IL; d. 06 Jul 1895.

ix.    IRA RANSOME HARRIS, b. 31 Mar 1895, Johnson Co.IL; m. CATHERINE PETTY.

x.    MINNIE ETHEL HARRIS, b. 26 May 1898, Dexter Clay Co.MO; d. 22 Dec 1970; m. PAUL FRYE.

xi.    RAYMOND WESLEY HARRIS, b. 05 Jul 1906, Carterville, Illinois; d. 19 Feb 1963; m. GOLDIE WIGGINS.

ii.    RALPH BARHAM HARRIS, b. 07 Jul 1910, Monticello Piatt Co.IL; d. 31 May 1953, Monticello Piatt Co.IL; m. OLIVE ALRICH; d. 1980.

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