VAL JEAN HUDGENS (1898-1973)


VAL JEAN6 HUDGENS (JOHN BELL5, ZACHARIAH4, JOHN THOMAS3, JAMES2, JAMES1) was born 15 Dec 1898 in Pulley’s Mill IL, and died 23 May 1973 in San Leandro CA.

He married IRMA LEE BERRY 01 Jun 1929 in Salem IL.  She was born 27 Feb 1906 in Fayetteville AR.

Children of VAL HUDGENS and IRMA BERRY are:

i.     ARBA LEE7 HUDGENS, b. 28 Nov 1932, Goreville Johnson Co.IL; d. 25 Jul 2009, Oakland Alameda Co CA; m. MARY “SALLEE” ANN SUELTZ, 22 Aug 1953, CALIF.

ii.    LOIS EMILY HUDGENS, b. 08 Sep 1937, Goreville Johnson Co.IL; m. WINSLOW WHITMAN, 1960, CALIF; b. 28 Jul 1939.

iii.    ROBERT EARL HUDGENS, b. 02 May 1945, San Leandro CA.

3 Responses to VAL JEAN HUDGENS (1898-1973)

  1. Mary S Hudgens says:

    Arba Lee Hudgens was married to Mary Ann Sueltz not Sally Ann Sueltz. Sallee was a nickname for Mary Ann.

  2. Mary S Hudgens says:

    Arba Lee Hudgens and Mary Ann Sueltz were married on the 22nd of August in 1953 not on 02 August in 1955.

  3. Mary S. Hudgens says:

    The nickname for Mary Ann Sueltz Hudgens is NOT spelled “Sally” BUT is spelled “SALLEE”.

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