Emma Augusta Hudgens Greenway 1896

EMMA AUGUSTA5 HUDGENS (JOHN JR.4, JOHN THOMAS3, JAMES2, JAMES1) was born 13 Mar 1873 in Illinois or Missouri, died 15 May 1946 Kennett Dunkin Co MO

She married 26 Oct 1896 Kennett Dunkin Co MO to JOHN WILEY GREENWAY  He was born 6 Aug 1873

John Wiley Greenway 1896

in  Decatur/Perry Co TN. died 14 Feb 1950 in Kennett Dunkin Co MO. Both buried Pine City Cem Holcomb MO

Their Children;

i.      Mary Greenway, b. (1897-1897)

ii.     John Greenway, b. (1899-1901)

iii.    Thomas Greenway, b. (1902-1902)

iv.     Virgil Folk Greenway, b. 6 Jan 1904 Kennett Dunkin Co MO., died Sept 1967 Doniphan Ripley Co MO married Elizabeth Hatcher

v.      Flossie Ethel Greenway b 17 Nov 1907 Dunkin Co MO d. Flint MI married Ora Caldwell

vi      Barney Losson Greenway b 17 Nov 1907 Dunkin Co MO d. 16 Apr 1971 Poplar Bluff MO married Anna Docena James (1916-2003)

vii.    Charles Leonard Greenway b (1909-1981) Dunkin Co MO married Ada Walker married Jean Campbell

viii.     William R Greenway, b. 1910 Holcomb Dunkin Co MO., died 8 Sept 1968 Flint MI married Eve Dekalia

ix.      Mary Margaret “Melvina”  Greenway b 1 Jan 1913 Dunkin Co MO d. 17 Sept 1974 Villa Park CA married (1) Claude Bennett Pritchard (b.1908) died MO married (2) Joseph Mastery (1900-1985) Los Angeles CA

x.      Russell  L Adell Greenway b 9 Nov 1918 Dunkin Co MO d. 20 Aug 1974 Flint MI married (1) Janell Evans married (2) Thelma Mae Davis in 1939 Dunkin Co MO

Back Row; William, Virgil, Charles "Jo" & Barney Front Row; Russell, Flossie & Mary Melvina 1955

3 Responses to EMMA AUGUSTA HUDGENS (GREENWAY) (1873-1946)

  1. Hello! Thank you so much for this information! My paternal grandmother is Mary M. Greenway. My maiden name is Pritchard. This is the first time I’ve seen any of these photos/portraits. I was wondering if you would mind if I copied them for my files? Thanks!

  2. Thanks so much! I am hoping my aunt will send me some photos of my grandparents (Mary Greenway and Claude Pritchard). I have a photo of my dad (Victor Dale Pritchard – b 1936, d 2004) who is Mary and Claude’s son when he was in Missouri Military Academy.

    I just started my research last year — but plan a research trip to MO and IL this fall to see what I can find. I live in NE currently.

  3. Jan Mutzl says:

    My name is Jan Mutzl …My grand mother is Flossie Greenway …I met aunt mary she drove from Ca to us …in Michigan I remember it very well I really loved her and Grandma was like my own mother.

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