Martin Family 1900

The Martini Family ByDeliaHudgensBridges1982

John Jacob & Lucinda Katherine(Lehr)Martin married 1860

Lucinda Katherine(Lehr)Martin

2 Responses to MARTINI/MARTIN

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  2. Kathy Grindstaff says:

    What a wonderful genealogy resource! However, the child of Johan Martin listed here as Jacson Lender was actually Jacob Leander. I know this because my brother-in-law is a Ggrandson and has heard the name many times. Johan served with the 101st Ohio Infantry during the Civil War under Col. Leander Stem. It is high likely that this is were the name came from. Also, just for accuracy sake….Lone Elm is in Cooper County Missouri not Boone as listed in this wonderful genealogy.

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