HARVEY LEE HUDGENS (JAMES MARSHALL, JOHN SANDERSON, JAMES ) was born 10 Dec 1889 in Johnson Co.IL., and died 19 May 1948 in Cartersville Johnson Co IL.

He married LOUELLA JONES.  She was born 09 Jul 1891 in Johnson Co.IL., and died 5 Feb 1972 in Johnson Co.IL..


i.        LLOYD RAY7 HUDGENS, b. 30 Jan 1909; m. DEAN GRAVES.

ii.      CECIL CLINE HUDGENS, b. 25 Jul 1912, Goreville Johnson Co IL; d. Apr 1985; m. LULA MILDRED RAGSDALE, 15 Mar 1931; b. 04 Mar 1913, Williamson Co IL.

iii.     VAL JEAN HUDGENS, b. 15 Nov 1918; d. 10 Dec 1996, Macomb Co MI; m. GENEVA GURTMAN.

iv.     DON FOSTER HUDGENS, b. 17 Jul 1919, Goreville Johnson Co IL; d. 27 Dec 1991, Imlay City MI;m.                  KATHERINE MARGARET SEARS, 25 Jul 1947, Pontiac MI; b. 17 Nov 1927, Pontiac MI.

v.      REBA HUDGENS, b. 02 Oct 1927; m. WILLIAM R MCPEEK.

One Response to HARVEY LEE HUDGENS (1890-1948)

  1. Rodney White says:

    KATHERINE MARGARET SEARS. Catherine is spelled with a “C” Catherine was my wife’s mother.

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