Ada Eldora Hudgens

ADA ELDORA6 HUDGENS (WINFIELD SYLVESTER5, DANIEL4, JAMES3, JAMES SR2, ROBERT1)was born 21 Nov 1883 in Cheatham Co.TN., and died 06 Feb 1945 in Cheatham Co.TN.

Work with Children and First Marriage

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Ada was known all her life to be very good with children. Before her first marriage, she worked with Miss Fanny Battle, a renowned early social worker who had a Day Home for children in Nashville. Later, she worked for a year at the Tennessee Baptist Orphanage, the first orphanage in Nashville. While at the orphanage, she took the children to church at Park Avenue Baptist Church. It was there that she met her first husband, Clarence Hughes. They were married in March, 1912, but she was tragically widowed in Nov.,1912, when Clarence died from rabies contracted through a dog bite. After she had given birth to her first child, Mary Frances Hughes, in Feb.,1913, the orphanage wanted her to return, and bring her daughter as she had a special talent for working with children. However, by then she had met Albert Green, a widower, and they were married in Oct.,1914. Thus, she declined.

Clarence Ada Hughes1912

She married (1) CLARENCE HUGHES 10 Mar 1912 in Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee,  son of ROBERT HUGHES and KATE PUCKETT.  He was born Jan 1876 in Nashville Davidson County TN, and died 17 Nov 1912 in Nashville Davidson County TN.



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Clarence had been working in construction in Florida when he was injured. He returned to Nashville to recuperate and received letters from his employer that they were holding his job for him there. However, he had met Ada Eldora Hudgens at the Park Avenue Baptist Church and decided to remain in Nashville. They were married in March, 1912, and Clarence delivered groceries. While delivering one day, he was bitten by a rabid dog, and died in Nov.,1912, not having been notified to start treatment quickly enough to be saved. A little girl bitten after Clarence was saved by the vaccine. Earlier, he had helped construct the first Parthenon for Nashville’s Bicentennial.


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Clarence’s parents married Feb. 25, 1875 in Nashville,when they were quite young, much to the distress of their parents. In Jan., 1876, Clarence, their only child, was born. His father died young, and his mother remarried twice, first to a Mr. Munch, then to a Mr. Hayes.



She married (2) ALBERT GREEN18 Oct 1914 in Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee,  son of PLEASANT GREEN and MALINDA CHILDRESS.  He was born 11 Feb 1872 in Rutherford County Tennessee, and died 12 Jul 1935 in Nashville Davidson County TN.

Burial: Hudgens Cemetary Cheatham Co.TN.


          i.    MARY FRANCIS6 HUGHES born 23 February, 1913 in Cheatham County, Tennessee and died 11 December, 2000 in Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee, m. PAUL MAXWELL (1901-1972)

Notes on Ada Eldora Hudgens:

My mother was Mary Frances Hughes Maxwell.  He mother was Ada Eldora Hudgens Hughes Green, the only surviving adult daughter of Winfield S. Hudgens and Mary Houston Boyd Hudgens.  Ada’s first marriage ended tragically.  Her husband, Clarence Hughes, was bitten by a rabid dog and did not start the antidote injections in time to be saved.  He died in Nov, 1912 and my mother was born in Feb, 1913 on her grandmother’s farm in Cheatham County where her mother returned after the death.  When mother was less than 2 yrs old, her mother remarried a widower with no children, Albert Green.  They had 4 children, and he was the only father my mother could remember.  She always called him Daddy.  He never made any difference between her and his other children.  Ada did not allow him to adopt my mother because she said this was Clarence’s only offspring and she wanted that to remain for his sake.  Today, she is buried in the Hudgens’ cemetery across from the old Hudgens farmhouse between both husbands!

Kathy Russell 8/15/2011 (Mary Katherine Maxwell Russell)



Children of ADA HUDGENS and ALBERT GREEN are:

Albert Green with Nina

         ii.  NINA FLORENCE7 GREEN, b. 13 Sep 1915, Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee; d. 24 Jul 2005, Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee; m. JAMES ROSS JR HOPKINS; b. 25 Oct 1910, Nashville Davidson County TN; d. 06 Oct 1998, Nashville Davidson County TN.

14.   iii.  ALBERT WINFIELD GREEN, b. 04 Jun 1917, Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee; d. 20 Mar 1996, St. Petersburg, Pinellas, Florida, United States.

        iv.  PERCY HENDERSON GREEN, b. 02 Oct 1919, Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee; d. 17 Apr 2005, Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee; m. MARY ELIZABETH POLK; b. 1912; d. 1996.

15.    v.  LIVING GREEN, b. 28 Apr 1921, Nashville Davidson County TN.


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