WALTER SCOTT5 HUDGENS (THOMAS HARDRIDGE4, JAMES H.3, GABRIEL2, JAMES1) was born 06 Apr 1881 in Cheatham Co.TN, and died 09 Aug 1961 in Cheatham Co.TN.

He married LELA HARRIS, daughter of BURGESS HARRIS and SARAH POOL.  She was born 1883 in Cheatham Co.TN, and died 1965 in Cheatham Co.TN.



i.     LEONARD6 HUDGENS, b. 10 Dec 1901, Tennessee; d. 14 Jun 1984, Cheatham Co.TN; m. EMMA ROBERTA PERRY, 08 Oct 1922; b. 11 Apr 1902, Cheatham Co.TN; d. 03 Mar 1984, Cheatham Co.TN.  Burial: Bethel Free Will Bapt Cem Cheatham Co TN

ii.    VOLLIE HUDGENS, b. 18 Feb 1904, TN.; d. 29 Nov 1925, Cheatham Co.TN.  Burial: Hudgens Cem.Cheatham Co.Tn

iii.    SOPHIE MAI HUDGENS, b. 20 Sep 1909, Tennessee; d. 1998; m. CHARLES JEROME MORRIS; b. 1916; d. Aft. 1978.

iv.    SADIE LEE HUDGENS, b. 03 Apr 1911, Tennessee; d. 22 Jul 1995; m. RAYMOND N HARRIS; b. 24 Jul 1904; d. 11 Dec 1990.

v.     JAMES HERSHEL HUDGENS, b. 11 Oct 1913, Cheatham Co TN; d. 26 Nov 1968, Davidson Co.TN; m. JANE IDELL PERRY; b. 10 Dec 1910, Cheatham Co TN; d. 03 Jun 2004, Cheatham Co TN. Burial: Hudgens Cem Cheatham Co Tn

vi.    BEULAH HUDGENS, b. 14 Mar 1916, Cheatham Co TN; d. 14 Mar 1994; m. (1) CLARENCE DEWEY KRANTZ; b. 17 Nov 1912, Cheatham Co TN; d. 27 Jan 1952; m. (2) BERT DEAL.   Burial: Sterling Walker Cem Cheatham Co TN

vii.   EMMITT MARVIN HUDGENS, b. 16 Oct 1918, Tennessee; d. 20 Sep 1976; m. DOROTHY NELL LNU; b. 1921; d. 20 Jan 2003, Nashville Davidson Co TN.

viii.   WALTER ALVIN HUDGENS, b. 07 May 1921, Cheatham Co.TN; d. 02 Jan 1990, Davidson Co.TN; m. ARMILLA NICHOLSON; b. 02 Aug 1925, Cheatham Co.TN; d. 06 Jan 2006, Tennessee  Burial: 07 Jan 2006, Felts Cem Cheatham Co TN

ix.    ARLEY RODOLPH HUDGENS, b. 19 Nov 1923; d. 18 Nov 1959.

x.             ANNA LOUISE HUDGENS, b. 04 Apr 1927; d. 23 Sep 2006, Nashville Davidson Co TN; m. STANTON POOLE

One Response to WALTER SCOTT HUDGENS (1881-1961)

  1. Brian Hudgens says:

    Emmitt Hudgens was my grandfather my grandmother was Dorothy her maiden name was Graham.

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