SAMMIE MAY5 SMITH (JAMES MARION”NICK”4, SARAH”SALLY”ANN3 HUDGENS, HOLLOWAY2, JAMES1) was born 15 Feb 1888 in Tennessee, and died 17 Jun 1970 in Tennessee.

She married JAMES THOMAS SHEARRON, son of THOMAS SHEARRON and MARTHA VENTRESS.  He was born 22 Nov 1886 in Cheatham Co Tn, and died 19 Mar 1943 in Cheatham Co Tn.

Burial: Will Smith Cem Cheatham Co TN


i.    HILLIARD MELONEE6 SHEARRON, b. 13 Jul 1906, Tennessee; d. 03 Jun 1907.

ii.    ZORA SMITH SHEARRON, b. 09 Dec 1907, Cheatham Co Tn; d. 15 Dec 1972, Tennessee; m. SAMUEL HENRY ADKISSON JR, 15 Feb 1932; b. 29 Jun 1907, Tennessee; d. 12 Dec 1988, Tennessee.

iii.    MARION EDWARD SHEARRON, b. 05 Jul 1911, Cheatham Co Tn; d. 06 Oct 1963; m. HELEN NICHOLSON.

iv.    WILLIAM BENJAMIN SHEARRON, b. 15 Mar 1913, Cheatham Co Tn; d. 12 Dec 1996; m. JEWELL B LNU, 20 Jan 1937; b. 14 Aug 1919.

v.    DOROTHY EVELYN SHEARRON, b. 11 Apr 1917, Cheatham Co Tn; d. 15 Oct 1990; m. (1) PHILLIP HEATON JR DUKE; b. 23 Aug 1913, Cheatham Co TN; d. 31 Mar 1945; m. (2) WARREN NABORS.

vi.    JAMES T SHEARRON JR, b. 10 Dec 1925, Cheatham Co Tn; d. 23 Jan 1994; m. VIRGINIA E LNU, 30 Aug 1958; b. 06 Oct 1932; d. 22 Jan 1991.

vii.    JEAN MALLOY SHEARRON, b. 22 Nov 1929, Cheatham Co Tn; m. WREN HOOPER, 08 Apr 1950; b. 12 Dec 1925, Cheatham Co Tn.

viii.    SAMUEL STERLING SHEARRON, b. 30 Mar 1932, Cheatham Co Tn; d. 04 Dec 1954, Tennessee.

2 Responses to SAMMIE MAY SMITH (SHEARRON) (1888-1970)

  1. jknabors says:

    Sammie M Smith Shearron was my maternal grandmother. I am Evelyn Shearron Nabors son. The spelled their last name with an a and 2 r’s.

  2. Corky Shearron says:

    I am Mama Sammie’s paternal grandson. My father was Jimmy Shearron

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