DANIEL HUDGENS (1764-1836)

DANIEL3 HUDGENS (MOSE2, ROBERT1) was born 1764 in Cumberland County Virginia, and died 1836 in Ray County MO.  He married DOROTHY “DOLLY” MCNEELEY 12 Oct 1789 in Lincoln County KY.


i.    MARTHA “PATSEY”4 HUDGENS, b. 1792; m. WILLIAM LOGAN, 25 Mar 1812, Lincoln County KY.

ii.    ROBERT HUDGENS, b. 1800; m. SUSANNA BOTTOM, 19 Dec 1820, Lincoln County KY.

iii.    KATHERINE “KITTY ANNE” HUDGENS, b. 1790; d. 1860; m. JAMES D TUCKER, 21 Nov 1815, Lincoln County KY.

iv.    ELIZABETH “BETSY” HUDGENS, b. 10 Apr 1796, Lincoln County KY; d. 1866, Ray County MO; m. WILLIAM L JACKSON, 30 Dec 1820, Lincoln County KY.

v.    BALLARD A HUDGENS, b. 06 Mar 1801, Lincoln County KY; d. 20 Nov 1871, Ray County MO.

vi.    ANNA P HUDGENS, b. 1802, Lincoln County KY; d. 1896.

vii.    SUSANNAH HUDGENS, b. 08 Apr 1803, Lincoln County KY; d. 17 Dec 1875, Ray County MO; m. JOHN ANDERSON JACKSON, 27 Nov 1822, Lincoln County KY.

viii.    PRINCE S HUDGENS, b. 1805. Married 1835 Ray Co MO to Nancy LOGAN

ix.    CYRENE “SERENA” HUDGENS, b. 12 Jan 1812, Lincoln County KY; d. 19 Oct 1865, Ray County MO; m. JONATHAN HUBBARD SNOWDEN, 07 Oct 1830, Ray County MO.


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