HANNAH HUDGENS (FORD) (was born 1750)

HANNAH2 HUDGENS (ROBERT1) was born 1750 in Cumberland County Virginia, and died 1780.

She married BOAZ FORD.  He was born 02 Jun 1749, and died 1810 in Green County KY.

Notes for BOAZ FORD:

Deposition of Nathan Ayers 24 November 1821 at Buckingham County, Virginia, tavern of Hezekiah Lipscomb at Buckingham Courthouse.

“I knew John Hudgens who was the reputed father of Salley Cummonger, a natural born child who married William Vest is now dead. John Hudgens went from this county to Kentucky where I heard he married and had a child, John, and then died. John Hudgens had the following brothers and sisters: Holloway Hudgens, Rebecca Fuqua who married Joseph Fuqua, Hannah who married Boaz Ford, Delila who married William Gibson and Moses Hudgens. Ford and wife are both dead and have the following decendents: The children of their son Luke, Patsy, the daughter of Boaz Ford and wife, Ambrose the son married a Mauppen, Samuel, William, Ballard, and Boaz Ford and Maria who married John Ayers. The said Delila who married William Gibson is dead and also her husband and have left the following descendants: Mary who married Joseph Childress, Betsey who married William Reese, William Gibson, the plaintiff, Thomas Gibson, Asa Gibson and Rebecca who married Allen Taylor. I know Daniel Hudgens and I do not think he is a brother of John Hudgens who went to Kentucky. He was the son of Moses Hudgens, the brother of John Hudgens.

Statement of William Gibson, Amherst County, Virginia (Stated before Charles Munday, Justice of the Peace in Amherst Co., Virginia on April 11, 1820:

William Gibson states that the allegations are not true. The several deeds were signed by several persons therein. Those persons were legally entitled to the land in contest as heirs of claimants under John Hudgens, Senior and John Hudgens, Junior (both at this time deceased). He knows of no other will. He denies that Boaz Ford or any other executor had any power to make any contract in relation to the sale of the land in contest. He believes Boaz Ford never did exercise or attempt to exercise that power. He doesn’t believe Ford gave Carson any assurance whatever that Carson should have land. He believes that Boaz Ford is dead (as well as James and Moses Hudgens, but how long he doesn’t recollect). Boaz Ford had a son who lived in Green COunty and the son is dead. He knows nothing of the heirs of Boaz Ford now living in Green County. If there be 7 heirs, then defendant can show them. He further states that James Hudgens was alive on the 16th day of July 1810 and made a deed and he knows nothing of his death since. The tract is small and not conveniently divisible.

Boaz Ford’s residence was located where Buckingham Baptist Church now stands. Boaz Ford was the son of James Faure, Sr. and Anne Bondurant. Boaz Ford’s birth is recorded in the King William Parish Register, Virginia

Robert Hudgens grantor to John Hudgens, five shillings, 110 acres, adj. Alexander Trent, Horn Quarter Run, Witness: Moses Hudgens, Holloway Hudgens, Boaz Ford, Kiddyan Hudgens, 3 August 1772, Cumberland County, Virginia, Deed Book 5, pp. 143.

Robert Hudgens: grantor, to Holloway Hudgens, five shillings, 115 ac. “Being part of the said plantation whereon I (Robert) now live,” Horn Quarter Run, adj. Morris Langhorne and Alexander Trent, Wit: Moses Hudgens, John Hudgens, Kiddyan Hudgens, Boaz Ford, 3 August 1772, Cumberland County, Virginia, Deed Book 5, pp. 142

John Hudgens: of Powhatan County, Virginia, and Boaz Ford of Buckingham County, grantor, 110 ac., adjoining lands of Holloway Hudgens, 25 March 1799, Cumberland County, Virginia, Deed Book 8, pp. 240-241, 380. (This is a curious record. Who is this John Hudgens?)

Children of HANNAH HUDGENS and BOAZ FORD are:


ii.    SAMUEL FORD, b. 30 Oct 1790; d. 02 Apr 1846.

iii.    LUKE FORD.


v.    AMBROSE FORD, d. 1814, Buckingham County VA.



viii.    BOAZ FORD.

ix.    MARIE FORD, b. 23 May 1797, Buckingham County VA; d. 1846; m. JOHN AYERS.

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