ELIZABETH3 HUDGENS (JAMES2, ROBERT1) was born Abt. 1807 in Cumberland Co.Va., and died Aft. 1860 in NC..

She married THOMAS JOHN MILES Born 1780 in Bedford, Bedford, Virginia,
Died 1860 inCheatham, Tennessee, Son of Isham Johnson Miles (1748-1810) and Elizabeth Carter

Half Brother of Sister in Law

mkater11added this on 27 Aug 2011

Thomas J. Miles was the half brother of Elizabeth Miles, wife of Gabriel Hudgens. They shared the same father Isham Johnson Miles, but had different mothers. They were married to siblings, Elizabeth Hudgens and Gabriel Hudgens, children of James Hudgens, Sr.


     i.       WILLIAM HENRY MILES, b. 1803 died 16 Sept. 1872

     ii.      NANCY H MILES, b. 1805VA  died May 1866 TN.

     iii.     SARA ELIZABETH MILES, b. 1816 Robertson Co TN died 1880.

    iv.      DELILA MILES, b. 22 Nov 1818, Robertson, Tennessee; d. 18 Jul 1883.

    v.       MARY D MILES, b. 1824, Robertson, Tennessee,

    vi.      MARTHA MILES, b. 1830; m. TOM PACE.

    vii.     LOUISA MILES, b. 1836.

    viii.    ELIZABETH MILES, b. 1839.

     ix.      EDWARD H.4 MILES, d. 1840.

    x.        JAMES J MILES, b. 1841.

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