WILLIAM GENE8 HUDGENS (WALTER ROSCOE7, DANIEL BOONE6, WILLIAM THOMAS5, JOHN THOMAS4, JAMES3, JAMES SR2, ROBERT1) was born 07 Sep 1935 in Marion  Williamson Co.IL, and died 20 Dec 1987 in CALIFORNIA..

Children of WILLIAM HUDGENS and LIVING are:



Billy 1939

Roscoe Jr, Sue Ellen, William T 1939


1955 Bill with Jim Johnson

Roscoe Jr, Louise, WalterRoscoe, Betty, Bill 1974

One Response to WILLIAM GENE HUDGENS (1935-1987)

  1. Claudia Watson says:

    You must be a relative. My father was born in Hudgens and was raised in West Frankfort and Marion. He died in Dayton, Ohio in 2006 and is buried in Fountain Cemetery. He was Claude Ray Hudgens (father, Claude Bryan and mother, Elsie). My mother, Virginia, and brother, Bruce, is buried in Fountain, too.

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