CHARLES GENT (1752-1844)

Charles Gent – GA to TN ca 1815
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I am not a genealogist, but I am a sentimental historical geographer of the Sycamore Creek Basin of Middle Tennessee. Charles Gent was a early settler in the Sycamore Creek Basin. The land he purchased was adjacent to that of James Hudgins who was one of my ancestors. Can someone tell how Thomas Gent may have been related to Charles?
Here are some notes I have made

CHARLES GENT (GA) of Washington County, Georgia was born about 1752 and died in Robertson County, Tennessee in 1844 (124- ). His parents were Charles Gent and Alice Carter. After Charles (Sr.) passed away, Alice married Alexander Mills.

This makes sense – since one of Charles and Sarah Gent’s daughters was named “Ailsey” – possibly another form of Alice.

He was a private in the Georgia Line in the Revolutionary War. In 1815 he
purchased 640 acres of land, contained in the North Carolina grant 3407 to Robert Weakley, from William and Jipi Gainer. In 1829 Charles bought 12 1/2 acres from John and Lucretia Perry.

Charles began to divide his land among his children in 1821. That year he sold 10 acres on the east side of Spring Creek to James Maxey and James Sanders for $27. Next he deeded 125 + acres to Zachariah Gent. He deeded 125+ acres to his grandson, Thomas Gent, along with a negro girl named Matilda in April 1822. In December 1823 Charles deeded 88 acres on Spring Creek to J.C. Sanders and a negro named Richard who was about 4 or 5 years old to Catherine Gent Sanders (5-R-160). At the same time he deeded 101 acres to his daughter, Ailsey who was married to Holloway Hudgins. He also deeded a negro boy named Palmetto to her. And to Margaret “Peggy” Gent Harris he
deeded 100 acres.

A Ailsey 1789 in GA, Hollway Hudgins
B Unity d. b/4 1844 Harvel Harris (5-4-373)
C Margaret “Peggy” , Ezra Harris
D Zachariah
E Catherine, FNU Sanders (Poss. James C.) (121-94)
f Cynthia , James Sanders (Are Catherine and Cythia the same?
g Deliah, Isaac Sanders


AILSEY GENT (GAA) was born in 1789 in Georgia. She married Holloway Hudgins.

UNITY GENT (GAB) married Harvel Harris and died before 1844. Moved to Kentucky (124-96).

A Lewis P. before 1844 (5-4-373)

MARGARET “PEGGY” GENT (GAC) married Ezra Harris.

ZACHARIAH GENT (GAD) was born between 1790 and 1800 (2- ). In 1830 he had three sons and two daughters in his house hold (124-137). who married Sallie Reid, Sallie apparently died young, because Zachariah then married Martha Selkirk. Zach and Martha had a son David Alexander Selkirk Gent.

A FNU (m) 1800<1810 Thomas
B FNU (m) 1815<1820 James M.
C FNU (m) 1820<1825
D FNU (f) 1820<1830
E FNU (f) 1820<1830

CATHERINE GENT (GAE) married FNU Sanders, possibly James C.

CYNTHIA GENT (GAf) James Sanders (Same as Catherine?)

DELIAH GENT (GAg) married Isaac Sanders.

JAMES M. GENT (GADb) was born in 1817 in Tennessee and married Sarah “Sally” LNU who was born in 1823 (R15249). James was assessed for 184 acres on Spring Creek adjacent to J. Sanders and Eagle Mill Tract
in 1856 (99). He was appointed to a jury of view in June 1856 to lay off a road from Spring Creek to Ashland City (20-33).

A Martha 1839
B William 1841
C Sally 1843
D Susan 1845
E James 1846


LEWIS P. HARRIS (GABA) was born before 1844 (5-4-373).

THOMAS GENT (GADa) was a grandson of Charles Gent who deeded Thomas 125+ acres in April 1822. He was probably the oldest child of Zachariah Gent.

3 Responses to CHARLES GENT (1752-1844)

  1. John Clampett says:

    I am a great, great grandson of Thomas Gent. I have a little information on him and his son ,my grandfather, William Carter Gent.

  2. Charla Schroeder Murphy says:

    Thomas J. Gent was the son of Dilly/Delila Gent and unknown. In Robertson County, TN Deed Book O, page 391 – 393 dated 13 Apr 1822 Charles Gent gives to “beloved Grandson known by the name of Thomas Gent which is the son of Delila Ghent…” Dilly/Delila married Isaac Sanders Jr. and they moved to Graves County, KY after a huge Supreme Court case over the slaves of Charles Gent. Thomas J. Gent married 1) Elizabeth Felts and they were McCracken County, KY and in 1853 Thomas J. Gent married Mrs. Matilda Craig. It appears he moved with his mother and stepfather Isaac Sanders when they moved to KY.

    • John Clampett says:

      Thank you for the information. In your opinion , was Delila Gent the daughter of Charles Gent or the wife of an unknown son of his who died ?
      Thomas J. Gent was the father of William Carter Gent ,who married Nora Adams .They are the parents of Margie Gent , who married my grandfather John T. Clampett . My fathers name is Charles Ghent Clampett.
      John C. Clampett .

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