Miss Pinky Hudgens 1931

DOCIA ILA HUDGENS (JESSE ELIAS4 DANIEL3, JAMES2, JAMES1) b. 22 Jan 1909, Cheatham Co.TN. died 1994



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Pinky taught many of the students of Ashland City for decades. She was a high school English teacher for many years and well known in the community.


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Pinky’s only child, William Kerwin Christian (1944-1959), died of Leukemia while a teenager to his parents’ great sorrow. They divorced.

4 Responses to DOCIA ILA “PINKY” HUDGENS (CHRISTIAN) (1909-1994)

  1. Robert L. Hand says:

    I don’t know if you value input from former students, or not, but “Miss Pinky” was my favorite teacher in high school in Cheatham County as my English teacher in 1960-61 and 1961-62. I met her son, Bill, in 1958, when she transferred him back from Battle Ground Academy to Cheatham County Central High School. He and I almost immediately became close friends, and I didn’t realize that he was sick. I still recall the shock of hearing of Bill’s death, and I learned, for the very first time, of Leukemia. Miss Pinky put up with a lot of my foolishness, simply because she knew that Bill and I had loved each other. I have a regret of sorts that touches me still, in that I never became the Pastor/Preacher she was determined I should and would be, but she definitely touched and blessed my life. I love you and miss you, Miss Pinky!

    • Hudgee says:

      Value very much Sir, thank you

      • Robert L. Hand (Bill liked to call me "Cowboy Bob" says:

        My thanks to you for your kind reply! Miss Pinky was an absolute treasure, a credit, not only to her family, but to all of Cheatham County. She stands as an icon for me, and for many, and I think of her often. Her amazing sense of humor was certainly shared by Bill, and I feel his loss still today. I find great solace in knowing that they’re now together forever, and I genuinely look forward to seeing them again. G-d bless you, and thank you again for your kindness. I wish you and yours a blessed holiday season!

  2. Robert Hand says:

    I just wanted to add that, as of late 2016, I became, and remain, the associate pastor of Kerem Adonai, a little Messianic Jewish congregation in Clarksville, TN. None of this is written to boast, but simply to say that, in a very small way, I’ve finally accomplished Miss Pinky’s hope and desire for my life. I like to think that this beautiful lady is smiling at that little bit of news in her well-deserved heavenly home. I love you so much, Miss Pinky, and you and Bill have a huge hug coming when we meet again in that better world!

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