Descendants of Phillip Cooksey

Generation No. 1

1.  PHILLIP1 COOKSEY was born 1639 in Norwich England, and died 28 Jun 1697 in Charles, Maryland.

He married (1) ELIZABETH DELAROCHE.  She was born in Calvert, Maryland, and died 1681 in Calvert Maryland.

He married (2) SARAH SMITH 1688 in Charles Maryland, daughter of THOMAS SMITH and ELIZABETH ACTON.  She was born 1666 in Anne Anundel Maryland, and died 1698 in Charles, Maryland.


John Wright, Calvert County, Maryland Will dated 6 Feb 1673-24 Feb 1673

To William Eyles, Philip Cooksey, and godson John Alwell, personalty( I do not know the relationship of John Wright and Philip Cooksey)( Also I assume John had no children or wife to mention in the will)

Thomas Trueman ex. and residuary legatee( Thomas married the sister of Philip Cooksey’s first wife)

Test: Robert Phillips, Eliza: Price 1.591

Will of Elizabeth Lashley. “What I have received of Capt. Ninian Beall more than comes to my third of the estate of my late husband Robert Lashley, is to be returned to Capt. Beall, executor of my late husband…”, for appropriate disposition per Robert’s will. “My son Trueman to be saved harmless from his Engagement to Capt. Beall in my behalf.” Daughters Mary Truman (executrix), Katherine Brightwell. Son-in-law Philip Cooksey to receive a servant for the servant’s ensuing years of work, for the use of “ daughter’s children.” Grandchildren Henry Cooksey, Richard Southerne.

Test: Jno. Burras, Thomas Trottman, Thomas Trueman. (Prerog Court Wills 2:196, Calvert Co., MD, 1681.11.13, Proved 1682.05.15)

Citation to sheriff of St. Mary’s Co. to summon Richard Brightwell and Richard Southerne administrators of Mary Truman to show cause why they should not account to Mary, Elizabeth, Ann & Catherine Cooksey, children of Phillip Cooksey & Elizabeth his wife, now deceased, a sister of Mary Truman, their share of the estate of Mary Truman. (Test Proc 13:468, St. Mary’s Co., MD, 1687.03.21) This was in 1686 and Henry is not mentioned. I assume he was dead by then.

Came Robert Carville Procurator of Mary, Elizabeth, Katherine & Ann Cooksey children of Phillip Cooksey of Calvert Co. and exha. their libel against Richard Brightwell & Richard Southern, administrators of the estate of Mary Truman. Prays an answer to the libel. (Test Proc 13:492, 1687.07.18)

The Sheriff made return he has summoned Richard Brightwell & Richard Southern to answer Cooksey’s libel. (Test Proc 13:519, 1687.09.13)

Appeared Richard Brightwell & Richard Southern of Calvert Co. & executed their answers to the libel of Phillip Cookseyes children. (Test Proc 14:4, Calvert Co., MD, 1687.09.17)

Mary, Elizabeth, Anne, Katherine Cooksey the children of Philip Cooksey agt continued to January next Richard Southerne & Richard Brightwell administrators Mary Truman deceased (Test Proc 14:117, 1688.11.05)

Mary, Elizabeth, Anne, Katherine Cooksey dismissed, costs to be paid by claimant. the children of Philip Cooksey agt Estate to pass to next of blood kin (not Richard Southerne & Richard Brightwell named). administrators Mary Truman deceased (Test Proc 14:146, Maryland, 1689.04.16)

Phillip Cooksey 16,91 A CH £30.8.8 £29.8.5 Jun 28 1697

Payments to: Joseph Hearsly, Richard Evenes, Jonas Parker, Charles Walson, Thomas Hutchinson, Captain. John Bayne.

Administratrix: Sarah Cooksey.


Sarah Cooksey 11B.57 A £19.19.0 [in 1698]

Mentions: estate of Phillip Cooksey Payments to: Thomas Taney, Phillip Park, Timothy Reyler & Company

Administrator: William Smith.


Sarah Cooksey 17.22 I £19.4.0 Apr 26 1698

Appraisers: Thomas Price, John Hunt,


Sarah Cooksey 11B.57 A £19.19.0 (1700)

Mentions: estate of Phillip Cooksey, Payments to: Thomas Taney, Phillip Park, Timothy Reyler & Company.

Administrator: William Smith.

Hall of Records, Annapolis MD, Liber 4 Folio 198

Came to the colonies Dec 8 1659

Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s Record about Philip Cooksey

Name:Philip Cooksey



Source Publication


Primary Immigrant:Cooksey, Philip

Annotation: Index from manuscript by Arthur Trader, Chief Clerk in the Maryland Land Commission, 1917. And see nos. 4507-4511,

Land Notes Sourcee Bibliography :SKORDAS, GUST, editor. The Early Settlers of Maryland: an Index to Names of Immigrants, Compiled from Records of Land Patents, 1633-1680, in the Hall of Records, Annapolis, Maryland. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1968. 525p. Repr. 1986. Page:105

Maryland was established as a province in 1632 and the first settlers came in 1634 on The Ark and The Dove. No one can claim to have relatives born in Maryland before 1634. The very first people to have been born in the USA would have been after 1607 in Virginia. The first Cooksey found in America from England was William Cooksey found in 1619 on the banks of the James River at Edwine VA. He is found again in 1625 but not after that. He was said to have had a son named John and a daughter named Ann.

Futher rescearch finds Philip Cooksey being listed as coming from England 8 Dec 1659. He was b . @ 1640 and d. 1697, He married Elizabeth Lashley(actual surname is Delaroch, Lashley is the name of her stepfather) by 1666. She d. by 1682. Philip m. Sarah Smith by 1688. Undocumented family history shows children of Elizabeth and Philip being Elizabeth, Mary, Catherine, Ann, and Henry(see notes for Henry and Phillip,named by Elizabeth’s mother in her will). Child of Phillip and Sarah was “Old Thomas” b:1689 d: aft 1776 (See notes on “Old Thomas” listed in Sarah’s will to live with and serve Richard Estep until he turned 21).

The real question is if there is a generation left out between “Old Thomas” and the 4 sons listed as belonging to him.Was William related to Philip? I assume by his birth date he is probably a nephew or cousin of William. As of now, no direct connection can be made to William, the original Cooksey, or the Samuel Cooksey and Christian Tennyson line of Cookseys.

Old Thomas appears to be the only child of Phillip and Sarah.

Most of Philip Cooksey’s descendency is not documented, but can be learned with a careful study of old Calvert, Charles and Prince Georges County records from 1680 until the late 1700’s. Sibling matchups are not always easy, but when you see male names like Andrew, Philip, Isaac, Enoch, Josiah, Jonathan and Zachariah, you are on the right track. These names are not duplicated in the Samuel Cooksey line.

Genealogist Ralph Smith has written and self-published a worthwhile study entitled “Philip Cooksey (died 1696/7) of Calvert Co., Later Charles Co. Md., and Descendents”

This is a study of all published records surrounding Philip Cooksey, who immigrated from England 8 Dec 1659, and his immediate family. The time line is from the late 17th

Century to the early 19th century. Ralph found some records from the old un-indexed, un-abstraced Charles County Court records that I had never seen, mainly involving Thomas Cooksey, Philip’s son. All Cookseys who trace their lineage back to Philip must go through Thomas, since he is the only known “path”, and the only child of Philip of whom we have records.

Unfortunately, there are no copies of this book for sale. Ralph has given the book to the following libraries: St. Mary’s Co. (Md.) Historical Society, Southern Maryland Studies Center (Charles Co.), Prince George’s Co. (Md) Genealogy Society and Allen Co. Public Library in Fort Wayne, Ind.

Philip Cooksey who immigrated from England to Maryland 8 Dec 1659, the info said a John Bateman brought him, I don’t know who John Bateman was. There was a thing known as the head-right of each immigrant to a certain amount of land. They got this when they landed in the colony. Many times people who could not afford the ship fare to come to America would agree to sign over their head-right in exchange for passage. This is possibly what Philip did, and the person he signed it over to, John Bateman, may have been the captain of the ship or he may have been just a previous colonist, with money, who was amassing land in this fashion.


              i.   MARY2 COOKSEY, b. 1666, Calvert Maryland.

             ii.   ELIZABETH COOKSEY, b. 1668, Calvert Maryland.

            iii.   CATHERINE COOKSEY, b. 1670, Calvert Maryland.

            iv.   ANN COOKSEY, b. 1672, Calvert Maryland.

             v.   HENRY COOKSEY, b. 1664, Calvert Maryland; d. 1689, Calvert Maryland.


2.         vi.   THOMAS2 COOKSEY, b. 1689, Charles, Maryland; d. Nov 1776, Charles, Maryland.

Generation No. 2

2.  THOMAS2 COOKSEY (PHILLIP1) was born 1689 in Charles, Maryland, and died Nov 1776 in Charles, Maryland.

He married ELIZABETH 1729.  She was born 1707 in Maryland, and died 1775 in Maryland.


Thomas Cooksey, son of Philip Cooksey, late of Charles County, was ordered to serve Richard Estep until he became 21 years old. This deed was dated April 19 1698 and Thomas will become 9 years old in August. He was to lodge with Richard who would take care of him and his needs”.

There is a strong possibilty that the four boys I have listed are either a second marriage of “Old” Thomas or they are his grandchildren because they are born after he turns 40, therefore, either he married a much younger woman or was married to a younger woman around 1729. One other possibility is that the boys are much older than their birth years would indicate, making them much older when they had children.

Thomas might have a son named Benjamin born about 1714 married in 1735 Pennsylvania

Thomas was named in a will for Thomas Lawson as a testetrix on 10 Dec 1716. Page 80 Volume 4 of The Maryland Calendar of Wills, Volumes 3,4. He also signed a bond for Elizabeth Lawson the executrix as providing surety on 12 Mar 1716(probably is 1717) on page 68 in the Abstracts of the Testamentary Proceedings of the Prerogative Court of Maryland, Volume 14, 1716 – 1719; Liber 23 (pp. 44-402)

Mar. 1759 Charles Co. Md. Deeds. A land record in which Thomas deeds to Nathanial Truman Greenfield a tract of land. “…..Thomas’ father Philip Cooksey had patented “Cooksey’s Hope” in Sept. 1670….”

Nov. 1776 Charles Co. Md. Court and Land records Liber X No. 3 page 528. “Thomas Cooksey,son of Philip, is by this court here set levy free for the future


3.           i.   JOHN3 COOKSEY, b. 1738, Charles, Maryland; d. Jun 1800, Shenandoah, Virginia.

             ii.   PHILLIP COOKSEY, b. 1730, Charles, Maryland; d. 1793, Charles, Maryland.

            iii.   THOMAS COOKSEY, b. 1734, Charles, Maryland; d. 1764, Charles, Maryland.

            iv.   ANDREW COOKSEY, b. 1735, Charles, Maryland; d. 1825, Charles, Maryland.

Generation No. 3

3.  JOHN3 COOKSEY (THOMAS2, PHILLIP1) was born 1738 in Charles, Maryland, and died Jun 1800 in Shenandoah, Virginia.

He married ELIZABETH KELLY2.  She was born 1740 in Charles, Maryland, United States, and died 1805 in Shenandoah, Virginia, United States.


This John is from the Philip Cooksey line, descended from the immigrant Philip Cooksey, who came to Maryland from London in 1659. The other line, the “Samuel” line, descended from Samuel Cooksey of St. Mary’s and Charles County, Maryland, is well documented with Maryland and Virginia wills.

Most of Philip Cooksey’s descendency is not documented, but can be learned with a careful study of old Calvert, Charles and Prince Georges County records from 1680 until the late 1700’s. Sibling matchups are not always easy, but when you see male names like Andrew, Philip, Isaac, Enoch, Josiah, Jonathan and Zachariah, you are on the right track. These names are not duplicated in the Samuel Cooksey line.

The best bet for John is that he was the son of old Thomas Cooksey b. Md. 1689 and died after 1776 likely in Charles County. There is no other candidate for John’s father, as all other Cookseys in the colonies at that time were proven descendents of Samuel Cooksey. Thomas apparently had at least three sons, who were John, Andrew, and Philip.

There was almost certainly one more son, probably Thomas.

The son Philip remained in Prince Georges County until his death. He had sons Philip, Josiah, Isaac, Jonathan and Leven.

John and Elizabeth bought land in June of 1800 in Shenandoah, Virginia


4.           i.   JOHN4 COOKSEY, b. 1754, Shenandoah, Virginia; d. 1822, Rome, Smith, Tennessee.

             ii.   SARAH COOKSEY, b. 1772, Shenandoah Virginia.

            iii.   MARGARET ANN COOKSEY, b. 1776, Shenandoah Virginia.

            iv.   DOLLY COOKSEY, b. 1780, Shenandoah Virginia.

Generation No. 4

4.  JOHN4 COOKSEY (JOHN3, THOMAS2, PHILLIP1)was born 1754 in Shenandoah, Virginia, and died 1822 in Rome, Smith, Tennessee.

He married (1) ISABELLA HOLMES 1779 in Virginia, daughter of EDMUND HOLMES and SYBILLA HALLEY.  She was born 1763, and died 1800 in Shenandoah, Virginia.

He married (2) GILLIANA FLOWERS  1800 in Virginia.  She was born 1775 in Shenandoah, Virginia, and died 1840 in Rome, Smith, Tennessee.


              i.   JOHN THOMAS5 COOKSEY, b. 1780, Charles, Maryland; d. Bef. 1850; m. MARTHA BASBURY 13 Jan 1803, Shenandoah, Virginia; b. 1782, Shenandoah Virginia; d. 1850, Smith County TN.


             ii.   JOHN T5 COOKSEY, b. 1801, Shenandoah, Virginia.

            iii.   ELIZABETH COOKSEY b. 1803, Shenandoah, Virginia; d. 1830; m. (1) WILLIAM MASSEY, 1822, Virginia; b. 1799; d. 1822; m. (2) WHALEY NEWBY, 1825, Wilson County TN; b. 1803.

            iv.   MARTHA COOKSEY, b. 1809, Tennessee.

             v.   PATSEY BURROSS COOKSEY, b. 1809, Tennessee, United States.

            vi.   BENJAMIN COOKSEY, b. 25 Mar 1810, Tennessee; d. 08 Feb 1883, Allen KY; m. LYDIA WEIR, 21 Feb 1838, Wilson County TN; b. 1816, Tennessee; d. Bef. 1860, Tennessee.


Note: Age 40, South Division, Smith county, TN, 1850 census. Age 50, District 12, Rome, Smith county, TN, 1860 census. Living next door to Joseph, his brother. 22 April 1872 in Smith Co., TN is an alternate death date. Possible twin to Joseph

           vii.   JOSEPH COOKSEY , b. 25 Mar 1810, Tennessee; d. 1880, Barren KY; m. LUCINDA SATTERFIELD, 02 Mar 1835, Wilson County TN; b. 1810, Wilson County TN; d. 1840, Smith County TN.

          viii.   NANCY EDDIN COOKSEY b. 1811, Tennessee, United States.

            ix.   DAVID THOMAS COOKSEY, b. 1815, Tennessee.

             x.   SAMUEL HOGE COOKSEY, b. 1815, Tennessee, United States.

            xi.   NANCY COOKSEY, b. 1817, Tennessee.

           xii.   HIRAM CASEY COOKSEY, b. 27 Jul 1819, Rome Smith County TN.; d. 14 Apr 1876, Effingham Illinois; m. MARY JANE MARTIN 15 Feb 1845, Effingham, Effingham, Illinois; b. 1825, Smith, Tennessee, d. 04 May 1898, Effingham, Effingham, Illinois.

          xiii.   EPHRAIM JOHN COOKSEY, b. 10 Mar 1821, Rome, Smith, Tennessee; d. 15 Jan 1890, Parker City, Johnson, Illinois; m. (1) ELIZABETH PHILLIPS, 30 Oct 1841, Tennessee; b. 1816, VA.; d. 1891, Williamson Co.IL; m. (2) LUVICA RUMMAGE MAY, 18 May 1866, Williamson, Illinois; b. 1838, Kentucky


4 Responses to PHILLIP COOKSEY (1639-1697)

  1. Mel Cooksey says:

    Congratulations on a splendid genealogy site, documenting your family. I am a Cooksey researcher, and have some questions re: the Cooksey info… At the very top of the Cooksey ancestor page you list the immigrant Philip Cooksey’s birthdate as 1638. Also, that his second wife was Sarah Smith, with date of birth and parents’ names; Thomas Smith and Elizabeth Acton. Can you tell me where this info came from?
    Best Regards,
    Mel Cooksey

  2. Very good information. Do you have any information on Phillip’s parents?
    Gerald Cooksey

  3. Vicki Cooley says:

    I am just getting started research on Cooksey. My grandmother was Ava Cooksey from Illinois. Her father was Samuel Marshall Cooksey & mother Mary Frey

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