Misc Burgess, Green, Golden Info

Census of Jackson County Alabama

Jackson County Alabama Cemetery Listings Links

Family Group Sheets of J C Clemons

Letter from J C Clemons Feb 17, 1982

Letter From J C Clemons Apr 7, 1982

Misc Census Records

Richard B Green Family Bible

Diary Of Thomas A Parks

Family Group Sheets Of Thomas A Parks/Hudgins

Scottsboro Library

Burgess Cemetery

McAnelly Cemetery

McAnelly Cemetary Jackson County Alabama


2 Responses to Misc Burgess, Green, Golden Info

  1. Brenda Loew says:

    I tend to agree that the Hudgens and the Hudgins were probably the same family at some point, but the difference in spelling seems to have taken place way, way back which makes it a little easier to track our line. So are the Greens who are mentioned in this new post your mother’s family?

  2. Jennifer Page says:

    I downloaded these things you listed and nothing showed up. I don’t know what happened.

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