HOLDER H HUDGENS (1818-1880)

HOLDER H.4 HUDGENS (GABRIEL3,JAMES2, ROBERT1) was born 1818 in Robertson Co.TN, and died 1870s in Cheatham, Tennessee, United States.

various older relatives told stories about John L and Holder H.  An aunt told her that Holder served in the Civil War, was wounded, and ultimately died in the early 1870’s from the after effects

He married EMILY MARGARET CARLIN 13 Nov 1846 in St Mary, Franklin, Louisiana

Death in Tennessee

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Emily lived in Louisiana initially, then she and her second husband moved to Tennessee. They also lived in Graves County, Kentucky for a while, near her husband’s brother John L. Hudgens. But ultimately, they returned to Cheatham County, TN where Emily died. Her mother, Henriette Carlin Hudgens, ultimately returned to Louisiana where she died, but it is not known exactly where or when.

He married MARGARIETTE EMILEY CARLIN.  She was born 22 Jun 1826 in Louisianna, and died 18 Aug 1901 in Cheatham Co.TN..

She married (1) WASHINGTON HUDGENS 12 Jan 1843, son of WILLIAM HUDGENS and ANNA P.  He was born 1826 in Robertson Co.TN, and died Sep 1843 in St.Mary’s Parish, LA..


i.      LAURA4 HUDGENS, b. 1846, LA..

ii.     JEFFERSON DAVIS HUDGENS, b. 1849, LA..

iii.    THOMAS MARSHALL HUDGENS, b. 1851, LA..

iv.     LUCILLA H. HUDGENS, b. Feb 1855, TN.. Married Melvin McCall

v.      FRANKLIN C. HUDGENS, b. Sep 1858, TN..

vi.     LILY GABRIELLE HUDGENS, b. 1862, TN..died 1948

vii.    JOHN MORGAN HUDGENS, b. 04 Aug 1867, Graves County KY; d. 12 Apr 1928, Davidson Co.TN.

viii.   STERLING PRICE HUDGENS, b. Nov 1868, Graves County KY; m. 1900 Age: 32 Residence Civil District 14, Cheatham, Tennessee  wife: REBECCA JANE BOKER; b. 1870.

ix.     WADE H. HUDGENS, b. 05 Nov 1866; d. 04 Jul 1935, Graves County KY; m. CORA HUDGENS, dau of    CHRISTIAN A HUDGENS (1825-1894) 24 Dec 1896; b. 22 Dec 1870.

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