JAMES H HUDGENS (1811-1880)

JAMES H.3 HUDGENS (GABRIEL2, JAMES1) was born 1811, and died Aft. 1880.

He married EMILY WALKER in Robertson Co.TN, daughter of HARDRIDGE WALKER and CINTHIA SHEARON.  She was born 09 Sep 1815, and died 14 Oct 1847 in Robertson Co.TN..


i.       ANGERONA4 HUDGENS, b. 1833, Cheatham Co.TN.; Married James OWEN b.1829.

ii.     THOMAS HARDRIDGE4 HUDGENS, b. 12 Oct 1838, Cheatham Co.TN.; d. 30 Aug 1914, Cheatham Co.TN..

iii.    ELIZABETH SINTHIA HUDGENS, b. 04 Mar 1841, Robertson Co.TN.; d. 28 Apr 1877, McCracken Co KY.

iv.    BENJAMIN WARREN HUDGENS, b. 17 Feb 1842, Robertson Co.TN. died 1880

v.     JAMES JOSEPH HUDGENS, b. 1843, died 1870 Cheatham Co.TN..

vi.    ALLEN HUDGENS, b. 1845, Cheatham Co.TN..

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