JOHN L HUDGENS (born 1805)

JOHN L.4 HUDGENS (GABRIEL3,JAMES2, ROBERT1) was born 1805 in Cumberland Co.Va., and died in Ky.

He married HENRIETTE CARLIN 02 Apr 1844 in Franklin Ct. Hse., Franklin, La., daughter of HONORE CARLIN and MARGUERITE BOURGEOIS.  She was born 1803 in St. Martin Of Tours Ch., St. Martinville, La.

Arlington, Sugar Plantation, Franklin, St. Mary, Louisiana

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Honore Carlin built Arlington, an antebellum mansion on the Bayou Teche, as his home on his large sugar cane plantation in Louisiana in 1830. The Carlin family had been in the area for some years already. The town of Franklin grew up around his family’s home there. The land originated from a land grant to Joseph Vincent Carlin,Jr, Honore’s father,from the Spanish government. Arlington was not destroyed during the Civil War, although the area did come under Union control, and still exists today.

First Husband was also First Cousin

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Henriette’s first husband was Fleuroy Carlin, her first cousin, and son of Celestin Carlin, her father’s brother. They had six children before he died. Not long after, Henriette married John L. Hudgens and they had two sons, Lucilis and Louis.

Children of JOHN HUDGENS and ?? are:

i.        SUSAN4 HUDGENS, b. 1830.

ii.       VIRGINIA HUDGENS, b. 1832.

iii.      ALBERT HUDGENS, b. 1835.

iv.       BENJAMIN HUDGENS, b. 1836.


v.         LUCILIS HUDGENS, b. 1846.

vi.        LOUIS HUDGENS, b. 1848. died 1920


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The first three children were fathered by Henriett’s first husband F. Carlin. These names are Anglicized. Their original names were French. Benjamin is not shown in any other records. He might have been John’s by a previous marriage, or Henriett’s by F. Carlin. Only the last two children were hers and John L. Hudgens’.



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Son Lucilius was a clerk in a store, and his brother Louis was a clerk in a saloon in the 1870 Census. Both were living with their parents, and John L. Hudgens was listed as a retired merchant. Were they working in the businesses he owned? Later, probably after John’s death, they and their mother Henriett returned to LA. Both brothers married Carlin women who were their first cousins.

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