JAMES SAMUEL4 HUDGENS (WILLIAM LEWIS3, JAMES2, JAMES1) was born 17 Aug 1830 in Robertson Co.TN., and died 16 Jan 1917 in Williamson Co.IL.

He married ANGELINE MALLORY STEWART in Montgomery Co.TN..SEE PAGE 6 She was born 10 Nov 1835 in TN., and died 29 Mar 1917 in Williamson Co.IL.



ii.      GEORGE M. HUDGENS, b. 1852, Robertson Co.TN; d. 1926, Williamson Co.IL; m. (1) FRANCIS PHILLIPS; b. 1858; d. 1896, Williamson Co.IL; m. (2) JANE BEASLEY.

iii.     R.THOMAS HUDGENS, b. 1853, Robertson Co.TN; d. 1911, Illinois.

iv.     MILDRED HUDGENS, b. 1856 Williamson Co.IL; d. 1888, Williamson Co.IL; m. MOAKE.

v.      MELVINA HUDGENS, b. 1859, Robertson Co.TN; d. Illinois; m. TALLEY.

vi.     NANNY BELLE HUDGENS, b. 27 Dec 1861 in Williamson, Illinois; d. 11 Jan 1945 in Cherokee, Texas,

vii.    FRANKLIN C. HUDGENS, b. 1 Feb 1864, Williamson Co.IL; d. 23 May 1926, Williamson Co.IL; m. LOVINIA FLY ; b. 1863; d. 1912.

viii.   ADELINE “ADDA” HUDGENS, b. May 1867 Williamson Co.IL; d. 12 Apr 1904, Illinois; m. WILLIAM HOIL.

ix.      HARRIOT C. HUDGENS, b. 06 Oct 1869, Williamson Co.IL; d. 18 Aug 1872, Williamson Co.IL.

x.       ELLA STEWART “ELER” HUDGENS, b. 09 Jul 1872, Williamson Co.IL; d. 24 Sep 1944, Williamson Co.IL; m. EHUD DEMPSEY JR. WATSON,SEE PG 8 17 Nov 1895, Williamson Co.IL; b. 02 Nov 1865, Williamson Co.IL; d. 13 Apr 1945, Williamson Co.IL.

xi.      EMMA HUDGENS, b. 09 Jul 1872, Williamson Co.IL; d. 1899, Williamson Co.IL; m. DAVIS.

xii.     JAMES THEODORE HUDGENS, b. 1875, Williamson Co.IL; d. Feb 1965, Williamson Co.IL; m. ALBERTA GULLEDGE; b. 1877; d. 1945, Williamson Co.IL.

xiii.   NANCY ELLEN HUDGENS, b. Oct 1869, Johnson Co Il; d. 1944; m. (1) HORACE MONROE FOSTER; m. (2) PRITCHETT.

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