JOHN ZACHARIAH4 HUDGENS (WILLIAM LEWIS3, JAMES2, JAMES1) was born 23 May 1832 in Robertson Co.TN, and died 26 May 1917 in Williamson Co.IL.

He married (1) PERMILA HARRIS 25 Sep 1856 in Cheatham Co.TN., daughter of HENRY HARRIS and LOCKEY.  She was born 22 Jul 1837 in TN., and died 04 Aug 1887 in Williamson Co.IL.



He married (2) HARRIET(WORTHEN) HALL in Williamson Co.IL.  She was born 29 Nov 1856, and died 22 Jul 1933 in Williamson Co.IL.



i.    WILLIAM HENRY5 HUDGENS, b. 29 Sep 1857, Cheatham Co.TN.; d. 09 Oct 1897, Williamson Co.IL; m. HARRIOT CLAIRE JONES, 11 Jan 1885, Williamson Co.IL; b. 11 Apr 1858, Hudgens Williamson Co.IL; d. 22 Feb 1930, Williamson Co.IL.

ii.    RICHARD C. HUDGENS, b. 17 Jul 1859, Cheatham Co.TN.; d. 22 Mar 1914, Williamson Co.IL; m. JOSEPHINE HAMPTON; b. 19 Apr 1866; d. 12 Aug 1929, Illinois.

ii.    AARON JAMES HUDGENS, b. 27 Jan 1861, Cheatham Co.TN.; d. 14 Feb 1958, Williamson Co.IL; m. LOU JONES; b. 09 Oct 1869; d. 02 Jun 1955, Williamson Co.IL.

iv.    JOHN ROBERT HUDGENS, b. 05 Feb 1863, Williamson Co.IL; d. 19 Sep 1940, Illinois; m. (1) <UNNAMED>; m. (2) MINNIE CHARLES HATHAWAY.

v.    SAMANTHA A. HUDGENS, b. 05 May 1865, Williamson Co.IL; d. 15 Jul 1887.



vi.    ANNIE LOUVENA HUDGENS, b. 28 Mar 1867, Illinois; d. 22 Jul 1887; m. BUTTS.

vii.    MARY ELLEN HUDGENS, b. 16 Mar 1871, Williamson Co.IL; d. 11 Feb 1960; m. (1) MONROE BATTS; m. (2) WILLIAM HOIL.

viii.    THOMAS A. HUDGENS, b. 29 Jan 1873, Williamson Co.IL; d. 24 Aug 1904, Williamson Co.IL.

ix.    CORA HUDGENS, b. 20 Mar 1876, Williamson Co.IL; d. 15 Feb 1963, Victoria Texas; m. JAY BUCHANAN.


x.    LEVI5 HUDGENS, b. 10 Dec 1891, Williamson Co.IL; d. 24 Jun 1965, Peoria IL.; m. BERTHA SANDERS, 14 May 1913.

  • Marion Monitor

  • July 24, 1879

    Among the solid friends of the Monitor, none are more highly esteemed than Mr. J.Z. HUDGENS. We would that we had a thousand more subscribers like unto him.” 


    October 16, 1879

    “J.H. MCKINNEY last week received his arrears of pension-some $800. He invested his money in the J.Z. HUDGENS’ farm and is now fixed to live comfortably the rest of his days. Jim was taken prisoner, and for nine months endured the horrors of Andersonville. “

    ” J.Z. HUDGENS has sold his farm in Southern, and will remove to Lake Creek precinct after the election.” 

    November 27, 1879

    “Our solid friend, Mr. J.Z. HUDGENS, last of Southern, was into see us Monday, paid for the Monitor one year in advance, changing his address to Lake Creek, whither he has moved to the past week. John is stalwart Republican, a good citizen, and Lake Creek is the gainer by he and his family becoming residents of the precinct.”

    November 21, 1881

    “Our old time friend J.Z. HUDGENS, of Lake Cree, made the Monitor office a pleasant called last week. He has our thanks for favors in the money line.”

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