JOHN THOMAS3 HUDGENS (JAMES2, JAMES1) was born June 08, 1804 in Cumberland Co.Va., and died December 29, 1878 in Williamson Co.IL.

Jacky Hudgens Obituary

He married (1) NANCY ANN DURHAM in Robertson Co.TN, daughter of SAMUEL DURHAM and SALLY MORRIS.  She was born 1809 in Iredell or Surry Co.N.C., and died 1842 in Robertson Co.TN.

Continued Migration

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John Thomas and his family migrated on to Williamson County, Illinois in 1852. Sometime in the 1850’s or 1860’s his brother William L. Hudgens and his family also migrated to Illinois.


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John Thomas and his brother William were married to sisters, Nancy and Anna L. Durham, respectively. It is possible the sisters were first cousins to Nancy Delaney Durham, the wife of Daniel Hudgens, the brother of John Thomas and William.

Other children

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John Thomas Hudgens had three children with his second wife, Delilah Farmer.

He married (2) DELILAH FARMER 1846 in Robertson Co.TN.  She was born 1820 in TN., and died in Williamson Co.IL.

More on John T Hudgens

Children of JOHN HUDGENS and NANCY DURHAM are:

i.    ZACHARIAH4 HUDGENS, b. April 03, 1833, Robertson Co.TN; d. September 20, 1902, Williamson           Co.IL.

ii.    ALEXANDER HUDGENS, b. August 03, 1834, Robertson Co.TN; d. February 18, 1894, Williamson Co.IL.

iii.    INDIA ANNE HUDGENS, b. January 05, 1836, Robertson Co.TN; d. September 24, 1906, Williamson Co.IL.

iv.    JOHN JR. HUDGENS, b. 1837, Robertson Co.TN; d. Missouri.

v.    SARAH ANNE HUDGENS, b. December 29, 1838, Robertson Co.TN; d. May 21, 1928, Williamson Co.IL.

vi.    NANCY D. HUDGENS, b. September 09, 1840, Robertson Co.TN; d. April 10, 1906, Rector Clay Co.AR.


vii.    JAMES4 HUDGENS, b. October 07, 1847, Robertson Co.TN; d. March 11, 1904, Williamson Co.IL.

viii.    WILLIAM THOMAS HUDGENS, b. January 16, 1849, Robertson Co.TN; d. June 1919, Williamson       Co.IL.

ix.    HENRY HUDGENS, b. February 04, 1851, Robertson Co.TN; d. October 07, 1918, Williamson Co.IL.



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