DANIEL HUDGENS (1807-1881)

Alexander, Nancy D, Dan, Jesse, Thomas & Martha Peterson Hudgens

DANIEL3 HUDGENS (JAMES2, JAMES1) was born July 12, 1807 in Cumberland Co.Va., and died 1881 in Cheatham Co.TN..

He married NANCY DELANEY DURHAM December 23, 1841 in Robertson Co.TN, daughter of JAMES DURHAM and ELIZABETH HAMILTON.  She was born December 06, 1822 in TN., and died 1900 in Cheatham Co.TN.


First Three Sons

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Daniel and Nancy Delaney’s first three sons died in infancy. They were all buried between the house and Floyd Hudgens Road in unmarked graves across from the present Hudgens Family Cemetery.

i.    FREELINGHYSON4 HUDGENS, b. October 04, 1844, Robertson Co.TN; d. Robertson Co.TN.

ii.   WILLIAM HENRY HUDGENS, b. November 28, 1846, Robertson Co.TN; d. Robertson Co.TN.

iii.    WASHINGTON COLUMBUS HUDGENS, b. September 21, 1848, Robertson Co.TN; d. Robertson Co.TN.

iv.  WINFIELD SYLVESTER HUDGENS, b. January 26, 1852, Robertson Co.TN; d. February 24, 1911, Cheatham Co.TN..

v.    ALEXANDER “HAM” HAMILTON HUDGENS, b. August 17, 1854, Cheatham Co.TN.; d. April 01, 1934, Cheatham Co.TN..


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Ham Hudgens never married and had no known issue.

Migration from North Carolina

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It is stated in “Uncle Ham’s” Alexander Hamilton Hudgens (1854-1934) Bible which was passed to Grace Hudgens Davis, that the Durham family came to Tennessee from North Carolina in the period 1800 to 1809. It was at about the same time that the Hudgens’ clan moved from Cumberland County, Virginia to Robertson County, Tennessee. One hand-written Bible statement claims the Hudgens came in 1809; other people say they came in 1811.

vi.   MILTON RAMEY HUDGENS, b. July 22, 1858, Cheatham Co.TN.; d. May 1913, Cheatham Co.TN..

vii.  JESSE ELIAS HUDGENS, b. December 05, 1862, Cheatham Co.TN.; d. August 17, 1952, Cheatham Co.TN..

Notes on Daniel Hudgens:

Rheumatoid Arthritis


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It is said that when Daniel was old, he was unable to do any work because his fingers/hands were so “crippled.” He would often sit outside under a tree in what is now the Hudgens Family Cemetery. It would appear that he had Rheumatoid Arthritis.

 I have found many Cheatham County cemeteries online but not our Hudgens cemetery.  Today it has a lovely wrought iron gate over the entrance that reads “Hudgens Cemetery.”   It was made by a son of Donald Hudgens who was in that business.  He is deceased now, as is Donald, but Donald’s widow Katy still lives next door to the cemetery.  Donald sold some land between him and the cemetery to another family member who has built a new home there.  And a younger sister of Donald bought land on the other side of him to build a retirement home.  Sadly,  Houston, or rather his heir, sold the old home place out of the family.  It had been in the family over a hundred years.  But there are others there now to look after the cemetery and maintain Hudgens in the area.  It is my intention in the fall when the weather is cooler to go to the cemetery and catalogue all the graves so the information can go online.  The cemetery was catalogued about 25 yrs ago and published locally in a collection of Cheatham County private cemeteries.  However, this is an active cemetery and many more people have been buried there in the last 25 years.
    Daniel Hudgens who originally bought the Floyd Hudgens place which became the Houston Hudgens place was married to Nancy Delaney Durham.  She is the niece I think you are referring to and she is my great, great grandmother.  My great grandfather, Winfield Sylvester Hudgens, was her fourth child, fourth son, and the first child to survive!!  The other three babies were buried in unmarked graves on the same side of the road as the farm house, not across the road where the other graves are.
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  1. Wonderful pictures and comments on the Daniel Hudgens line. That Daniel would have rheumatoid arthitis would not surprise me. My mother who was his great-great-niece suffered with it for many years. Thank you so much for sharing.

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