LILY GABRIELLE4 HUDGENS (HOLDER H., GABRIEL2, JAMES1) was born 08 Jan 1862 in Pleasant View, Robertson Co., Tennessee, and died 24 Jul 1948 in Pleasant View, Cheatham Co., Tennessee

She married JOHN THOMAS WILLIAMS.  He was born 22 Jul 1849 in Robertson County TN, and died 6 Feb 1910

Notes: If you noticed Lilly G. was not buried same place as her husband (John T.) is because when their granddaughter Inez died at age 14 Lilly promised her she would be buried same place as her.    Cynthia 8/19/11



             i.        ALEXANDER HAMILTON WILLIAMS, b. 14 Apr 1883, Pleasant View, Cheatham Co., Tennessee; d. 28 Oct 1955, Pleasant View, Robertson Co., Tennessee, married 25 Oct 1914  to Alice Vivian REDDING

            ii.        CHARLES BIDWELL WILLIAMS, b. 14 Apr 1883; d. 31 Jan 1942, Tennessee

           iii.        MILLARD FILMORE7 WILLIAMS, b. Jul 1885, Cheatham Co., Tennessee

            iv.        OPHELIA WILLIAMS, b. 27 Apr 1887, Tennessee; d. 23 Oct 1921, Tennessee

              v.       ANDREW JACKSON WILLIAMS, b. 30 Jul 1890, Pleasant View, Cheatham Co., Tennessee USA; d. 07 Sep 1969, Tennessee

            vi.        JAMES HENRY WILLIAMS, b. 06 Sep 1892, Pleasant View, Cheatham Co., Tennessee

           vii.       WILLIAM BELL WILLIAMS, b. 16 May 1895, Tennessee; d. 09 Sep 1961, Tennessee.

          viii.       THOMAS JEFFERSON WILLIAMS    b. 31 Dec 1898, Tennessee; d. 18 Mar 1960, Tennessee

             ix.       MARY “LUNIE” LUNA WILLIAMS    b.  23 Jun 1902 Cheatham, Tennessee,  d.10 Oct 1990




One Response to LILY GABRIELLE HUDGENS (WILLIAMS) (1862-1948)

  1. Cynthia says:

    Alexander Hamilton Williams & Charles Bidwell Williams were twins & born on April 14, 1883. Alexander (Alex) Hamilton Williams married Alice Vivian Reding on Oct, 25, 1914, he died Oct.25, 1955 (their wedding anniversary)

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