EDWARD HUDGENS (1770-1841)

EDWARD2 HUDGENS (JAMES1) was born 1770 in Cumberland Co.Va., and died 1841 in Robertson Co.TN..


Will Content

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Edward divided his estate between his living children to share and share alike. He named son, William H. Hudgens, and John Forbes as executors, and stated his home was to be the shared residence of his five other, single children: Nancy, Martha, Delila, Booker and Mary. No mention is made of a spouse, so Elizabeth must have died prior to 1841. The Settlement of the Estate was recorded in court in June, 1843. Will Book 11, p.475, Robertson County, Tennessee, USA.

Purchase of 1,000 acre Land Grant

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On 11 August, 1812, Edward Hudgens, the eldest son of James Hudgens, Sr., purchased a 1,000 acre land grant in Robertson County, TN for $1,500 which had been conveyed to John Nichols by the State of North Carolina and registered in 1791 in Robertson County, TN. Later, Edward’s father James, Sr. purchased half of the grant from Edward for $750.00


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Edward was a slave holder and in his will, he divided his slaves equally among his children with the exception of Mahalia who was specifically given to William H. Hudgens.

Guardianship of half sisters

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Feb,1817, Susannah Hudgens was released from her guardianship of her two daughters, Sarah and Rebecca, and Edward Hudgens, her deceased husband’s oldest son, is appointed guardian of the two minor orphans. County Court Minute Book 4, pp 286-287, Robertson County.

Married (1) Elizabeth Unknown

Children of EDWARD HUDGENS and Elizabeth Unknown are:

i.         WILLIAM H. HUDGENS, b. 1805, Cumberland Co.VA died 1860 Cheatham County Tennessee

Children of EDWARD HUDGENS and (2) Elizabeth Unknown are:

ii.        MOSES3 HUDGENS. b.____ died 1843 Robertson County Tennessee

iii.       NANCY L. HUDGENS, b. 1805, VA or TN; d. 1850, TN.; m. SAMUEL KING; b. Abt. 1805, NC..

iv.        J.T. HUDGENS, b. 1807, Cumberland Co.VA..

v.         MARTHA HUDGENS, b. 1814, Robertson Co.TN.; d. 1875.

vi.        MARY HUDGENS, b. 1814, d. 1835 Robertson Co.TN.

vii.       DELILAH HUDGENS, b. 1817, Robertson Co.TN; d. Aft. 1880; m. GAD BLANKENSHIP; b. Abt. 1815.

viii.      BOOKER HUDGENS, b. 1819, Robertson Co.TN; d. 1883, Williamson Co.IL?; m. EMILY LILE; b. 1826, Robertson Co.TN.

B. B.

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Often referred to as B. B. Hudgens in wills and deed transactions or purchases at auctions.

3 Responses to EDWARD HUDGENS (1770-1841)

  1. cmarks says:

    According to the records compiled by my G Grandfather Edward Hudgens was married to Judith Miles, daughter of Isham Miles and Judith Hatcher.

  2. Linda Martino says:

    I believe that Delilah never married. You see her in census 1860, 1870, 1880 census with her sisters and once a cousin (varies with the census) but she has her maiden name the whole time. Now there was a Gad Blankenship who married to a Delilah. I do not know if she was a Hudgens Their ages based on census was Gad b. ca 1786 and Delilah ca 1780-1790 so if she was a Hudgens its the wrong generation. Gad’s brother John H Blankenship had a son William H Blankenship who married Elizabeth Susan Hudgens the daughter of William L Hudgens.

  3. Linda Martino says:

    I just noticed my belief Delilah never married is support by a comment under James3 by Mary Kathy Russell says:
    September 4, 2016 at 7:23 am

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