GABRIEL3 HUDGENS (JAMES2, ROBERT1) was born 1780 in Cumberland Co.Va., and died 1839 in Robertson Co.TN.

He married ELIZABETH MILES, daughter of ISHAM MILES and JUDITH HATCHER.  She was born 1772 in Virginia, and died 1860.


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Elizabeth Miles married Gabriel Hudgens and was the mother of Edward G. “Ned” Hudgens. When she was widowed, she lived with “Ned” the rest of her life. Elizabeth’s half brother, Thomas J. Miles, married Gabriel’s sister, Elizabeth Hudgens, before the Hudgens’ family migrated from Cumberland County, VA to Robertson County, Ky. Thus, Elizabeth M. and Thomas M. were not only half brother and sister, but also brother and sister-in-law!


i.       JUDITH3 HUDGENS, b. 1800, VA.; m. WILLIAMS.

ii.      THOMAS G. HUDGENS, b. 1800, d.1875

iii.     EDWARD “NED” HUDGENS, b. 1802,  d. 1872. Robertson Co.TN;

iv.     JOHN L. HUDGENS, b. 1805, Cumberland Co.Va.; d. Ky.

v.      JAMES H. HUDGENS, b. 1811; d. Aft. 1880.

vi.    HOLDER H HUDGENS, b. 1818, Robertson Co.TN. died 1880

vii.    NANCY H.OR M. HUDGENS, b. 1819, Robertson Co.TN; m. CHARLES MURRAY, 30 Dec 1840.

Grand daughter

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Granddaughter Angerone Hudgens is mentioned in Gabriel’s will for a full share of his final estate. The will does not state who were her parents. Later she marries J. W. Owens.


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Gabriel mentioned a number of slaves by names in his will and gave various ones to different heirs. He stated specifically that he did not want certain ones to be sold out of the family.


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Gabriel named his two sons, Edward G. “Ned” Hudgens and John L. Hudgens, as his executors in his will dated 22 Oct 1838. His will is recorded in the Springfield Courthouse, Robertson, Tennessee. His assets were to be divided equally between his his two daughters, Judith and Nancy Hudgens; five sons: Edward G., John L., James. H., Thomas G., and Holder H. Hudgens; and his granddaughter, Angerone Hudgens.

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