JOHN HUDGENS (1752-1781)

JOHN2 HUDGENS (ROBERT1) was born 1752 in Cumberland County Virginia, and died 08 Oct 1781 in Green County KY.

He married ANN GLOVER, daughter of JOHN GLOVER.

The Source For This Material By Ran Raider


On August 28, 1780, John Hudgens sold Boaz Ford 110 acres, Bk. 6, pg 76, Cumberland County Deeds. The 110 acres equals the deed of gift that Robert Hudgens sold him: Robert Hudgens: grantor, to John Hudgens, five shillings, 110 ac. adj. Alexander Trent, Horn Quarter Run, Wit: Moses Hudgens, Holloway Hudgens, Boaz Ford, Kiddyan Hudgens, 3 August 1772, Cumberland County, Virginia, Deed Book 5, pp. 143. The sale of the land to Boaz Ford was right before John Hudgens moved to Green County, Kentucky in 1780. He was killed by Natives there in October 1781.

Will of John Hudgens of Buckingham County, Virginia

I give to Salley Cumminger, first daughter of Margaret Cumminger, at age 18, all my estate consisting of land, stock, house, furniture, cash, plantation, utensils. If Salley should die before 18, I give my estate to Ambrose Ford, the son of Boaz Ford. I appoint Boaz Ford as my executor. Signed John Hudgens Wit: Boaz Ford, Hannah Ford, Fanney Bondurant. Proven 8 October 1781 by Boaz Ford and Fanney Bondurant. Recorded in Buckingham County, Virginia

From Green County, Kentucky Circuit Case no.5850, 23 May 1820, William Gibson vs. Alexander Carson, et al. “William Gibson states that on July 3, 1799 John Hudgens of Buckingham County, Virginia made a will in Buckingham County. He left his estate to Salley Cumminger, first daughter of Margaret Cumminger, when she became age 16. Salley is yet living and married to William Vest. Sone few years after making the will, John Hudgens died, having first married and had one son, John Hudgens, Jr. which he left as his sole heir being the only issue of the marriage aforesaid. John Hudgens, Junior died early infancy without being married or having issue, in 17–. John Hudgens procured a land office treasury warrant for 200 acres. Since the death of John Hudgens, a survey has been made and a patent obtained for 200 acres in the name of his son John Hudgens, Jr. The land lyes in Green County, Kentucky, a short distance from Greensburg, being the 200 acres on which Alexander Carson now lives. John Hudgens, Jr.’s heirs were his aunts and uncles on his father’s sides and brothers and sisters of the father. The 200 acres either passed to Salley Cumminger by the will, or passed to the brothers and sisters of John Hudgens.”

March 8, 1810

“I, Moses Hudgens of Wayne County, Kentucky, in consideration to me moving but more especially to prevent litigation and future disturbance and full compliance with the intention of the will of John Hudgens, my brother, who bequeathed to his natural daughter, Sarah Cumminger, all of his real and personal estate. I relinquish any claims for myself. Signed Moses Hudgens, Wit: Thomas Gibson, Joseph Hudgens. July 23, 1811: Deed of relinquishment proven and recorded in Wayne County, Kentucky

July 16, 1810

“I, James Hudgens of Davidson County, Tennessee in consideration to me moving but more to prevent litigation and further disturbance and full compliance with the intention of the will of John Hudgens, my brother, who bequeathed to his natural daughter, Sarah Cumminger by his will all of his real and personal estate. Signed: James Hudgens, Wit: Samuel Carson. July 17, 1810: Deed of relinquishment proven and recorded in Davidson County, Tennessee

“On January 14, 1811, Holloway Hudgens, Joseph Fuqua and wife, Rebekah, Boaz Ford, Ballard Ford, Samuel Ford, William Gibson, Joseph Childress, and Mary Childress execute a deed of conveyance to William and Salley Vest for 200 acres. On February 11, 1811, William and Salley Vest sold the 200 acres to William Gibson. On March 8, 1810, Moses Hudgens executed a deed of relinquishment and on July 10, 1810, James Hudgens executed a deed of relinquishment. They are both brothers of John Hudgens, Sr.

Buckingham County, Virginia, March 11, 1811

“This day William Gibson, Sr. of this county came before me and made oath that Salley Vest, wife of William Vest, late Salley Cumminger, named in the last will of John Hudgens, deceased and to whom Hudgens gave his estate, was born in this affiants house and that he is intimately acquainted with her from birth and to the present day. Signed Anthony Dibrell, Justice of the Peace.”

Deed: February 11, 1811, Buckingham County, Virginia

“William Vest and wife, Salley, late Salley Cumminger of Buckingham County, Virginia to William Gibson of same county, 1000 dollars for 200 acres entered in the name of John Hudgens lying in Green County, Kentucky on Green River, about 1/2 mile from Greensburg, adjoining the lands of Levi Baldock, William Barnett and John Hutchason, described in the patent issued therefore which tract Alexander Carson now lives and on which William Vest and wife, Salley claim under the will of John Hudgens deceased. Hudgens made her a devisee by the name Salley Cumminger and which they also claim as heir at law and by purchase. They sell this tract to William Gibson. Wit: A. Debrill, Price Perkins, Polly Shepard. Holloway Hudgens, Jos. Fuqua and wife Reb’k, Ed and Boaz Ford, Ballard Ford, Samuel Ford, William Matthews and wife, Martha, William Gibson who married Delila Hudgens, Joseph Childers and wife to William Gibson write a deed for the land ment’d within.”

Answer of Alexander Carson:

“He states there are many errors exhibited against him. It is true that he is married to the widow of John Hudgens, deceased, and when he married, the Hudgens were greatly in debt and left a son a small child. All which debts this defendant paid….”

Deposition of Nathan Ayers 24 November 1821 at Buckingham County, Virginia, tavern of Hezekiah Lipscomb at Buckingham Courthouse.

“I knew John Hudgens who was the reputed father of Salley Cummonger, a natural born child who married William Vest is now dead. John Hudgens went from this county to Kentucky where I heard he married and had a child, John, and then died. John Hudgens had the following brothers and sisters: Holloway Hudgens, Rebecca Fuqua who married Joseph Fuqua, Hannah who married Boaz Ford, Delila who married William Gibson and Moses Hudgens. Ford and wife are both dead and have the following decendents: The children of their son Luke, Patsy, the daughter of Boaz Ford and wife, Ambrose the son married a Mauppen, Samuel, William, Ballard, and Boaz Ford and Maria who married John Ayers. The said Delila who married William Gibson is dead and also her husband and have left the following descendants: Mary who married Joseph Childress, Betsey who married William Reese, William Gibson, the plaintiff, Thomas Gibson, Asa Gibson and Rebecca who married Allen Taylor. I know Daniel Hudgens and I do not think he is a brother of John Hudgens who went to Kentucky. He was the son of Moses Hudgens, the brother of John Hudgens.

From the book, The Long Hunters ofd Skin House Branch, by Ruth Paull Buirdette and Nancy Montgomery Berley. “Depositions in the Green County Circuit court records tell that Daniel and John Hudgens were there with Glover in 1780. There is evidence to support the belief that John Gibson, Alexander Carson and other members of their families were also along. They seem to have spent much of their time hunting and locating land, making tomahawk claims along the Green River where they lived. The Indians discovered that the three stations – Pitman’s Skaggs’ and Glover’s- were very weak, so they made a raid on them in March of 1781. Several houses were captured and John Hudgens was killed at Glover’s. It seems likely that John Gibson was killed or fatally injured also because an Order Book of Lincoln County, Kentucky, lists John Hudgens deceased, and Ann Hudgens the widow. It also lists John Gibson deceased, with Ann Hudgens the administrator. A few years later she married Alexander Carson in Lincoln County.”

Family composition and documents supplied by Anna Seaton. Anna supplied the Green County, Kentucky court cases that greatly helped in documenting the Robert Hudgens family.

Mother: Margaret Cumminger

Salley Cumminger was born out-of-wedlock to John Hudgens and Margaret Cumminger.

1.     Sarah “Salley” Cumminger, b. at Buckingham County, Virginia


Notes for ANN GLOVER:

She married Alexander Carson after the death of John Hudgens, Sr. Her father was John Glover who founded Glover Station in Green County, Kentucky



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  1. Mary K. Russell says:

    Tony, It was interesting to me that in the Deposition of Nathan Ayers, 24 Nov 1821, Buckingham County, VA, he named the brothers and sisters of John Hudgens and did NOT include James Hudgens! He mentions brothers, Holloway and Moses, and sisters, Rebekah, Hannah, and Delilah—but no James. Yet, the Deed of Relinquishment James Hudgens signed in Davidson County, TN, 1810 states John Hudgens, “my brother.” Do not know what to make of it.

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